In the Christian mythology, I love that Mary Magdalene was the first one to see Jesus on the road. That’s interesting to me. It wasn’t his mother, it wasn’t any of the male disciples. It was the one who so loved him. And I think the meaning here is that there’s a deep meaning in the romantic consciousness. It wasn’t just that Jesus appeared to Magdalene, it was that Magdalene had the eyes to SEE him. The level of which she loved him and so adored him made it possible for her to see his resurrected body.

And I think that’s what deep love does. It’s says: I’m able to see the beauty in you even when you have made a mistake today. I’m able to see what you’re capable of and focus on what I know your dreams to be and to share those dreams with you and to support you, even on the days when you fall flat on your face and they don’t want you for the job and they’re not going to give you the promotion. I want to be the person today who still believes in your strength even though you spent the entire day around people who concentrated on your inadequacies. THAT to me is love.

That is a spiritual, mental, emotional, personal strength that I’ve developed in myself to REFUSE to see you as other people might have chosen to see you today. That’s commitment to me. That’s what the commitment is. Otherwise, what am I doing? I’m waiting to see whether you strike me as good enough today. And what? I’m going to take my cues from how other people have perceived you today? Heck no.

To me, that’s the sanctuary of love. That’s the sanctuary of intimacy. That in THIS place, you’re seen in your glory. In this place, you’re seen in your potential at all times even when you haven’t actualized it on any given day▼

Marianne Williamson 

 Letters to my Twin Flame

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Now THAT is amazing! Out of all the deceptive work and so-called channeled messages out there, here we find something that really hits the nail on the head. And why was Magdalena able to SEE him that way? Because she is his Twin-Flame! But we can all SEE other people that way every day, all the time.


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