I want to share with you all some possibilities that have come to light for Twin-Flames. There are many things I have learned the last year or so in regards to Twins, though, that many of the Twin people are not teaching or letting anyone know about. Yes, there is Divine Timing; there is a definate appropriate time for everything to happen and we have soul plans/contracts before we come into this life. What is typically said is that when the timing is right, you will reunite and that's all there is to it. The truth is, sometimes the timing comes and goes and they don't step into their true path. To say that every person or every Twin here is totally stepping into their soul plan and fulfilling it would be a lie. There are many reasons why some of them haven't. When the correct timing goes by and the reunion doesn't happen it is delayed, which affects not only the Twins and the soul plan, but also affects the Divine Plan for everyone and the entire soul family we are from. There are many ways Spirit can and will assist with this situation, and some aren't pretty or desirable, but become necessary. They can do walk-ins, or soul transfers, where the soul in the person's Twin is taken and put into another body of someone who is in their heart and ready to move forward and another soul comes into the Twins body. They can also do soul braids to help the Twin get through the transition. Sometimes when the person is really stuck in physical world ways, ego, contol, greed, etc. Spirit will do things that seem harsh, but will bring them into their heart. These can include the loss of loved ones, near-death experiences, health scares, loss of all material wealth, etc. It is at these times when we lose everything that we typically find our true faith and who we really are. It brings a level of humility, appreciation, for things and for life, modesty, survival on very little and a need for less, concentration on the more important things. Now, there are dark forces also and other ways in which people can block the Twins from coming together. Everyone says that nothing can stop it, but they can, at least for a time until removed. I have been put in a place lately of having to help remove much of the interference that has prevented many Twins from coming together. I, like many, thought it was about the timing, and do I just kept going no matter what, working on myself and doing my divine work and waiting, waiting, waiting...... I thought it must be me because they tell us that whatever you see in your Twin is the mirror reflection of your own insecurities or issues and to work on yourself. That also isn't always true. Somewhere deep in my heart I knew something was wrong and I knew it had been too long, even longer than Spirit told me it would be. But, I kept doing my thing & waiting for him to come into it on his own. I figured that Spirit would just remove anyone interfering and not to worry. Then Spirit came in and told me that the reunion had been delayed, and that we were supposed to already be together. They explained the measures that would be taken or could be, and much to my dismay I was told to relay to him a message explaining what things could happen if he doesn't step into his soul plan. That broke my heart, but he needed to know and I was told it had to come from me. He continued mostly unaffected until a few months later when both his parents passed the same week, at Easter. Instead of that bringing him into his heart, he ended up turning to and confiding in/trusting the wrong person, the very one who has been keeping us apart the entire time. Now emotionally weakened and vulnerable, he is being manipulated by him at risk of his own health and life, so Spirit is stepping in again. I had some lightwork they had me do involving karmic ties, cord cutting, spiritual wedges to begin the separation between them, prayers, healing, etc. but I have been clearly told that I will NOT be in the scene until the other person is out, that he would have to be completely removed from Gary's life. I thought they meant daily life and work-wise, but then they showed me an accident and that he would be leaving the earth plane totally. When people use dark forces, entities, blocks, black magic, voodoo, spells, etc. to stand between Twins they are standing in the way of God's plan. They are given many warnings and messages to step away and stop interfering, but when they don't do it, they must be removed for the highest good of all. Once all interference is removed, the Twins can grow and see the truth and heal; they can see their plan more clearly and the pure love and connection they've resisted will not be resistable anymore. I'm telling you this because so many Twins are being taught on other Twin groups that we must always look at ourselves and work on ourselves no matter what, and that anything else we think is going on is just our insecurities or lack of faith. They are refusing to teach the rest of the possibilities, and all of humanity suffers. I have had groups for this on FB that I have tried to bring it to their attention or message the group creator about things. I got no response, and when I post in the group, they remove it or counter it with an attack, so few people are getting the information. I will answer any questions regarding karma and such or anything else, and will add anything else that comes to mind as we go. If you truly feel in your heart that one of these blocks may be preventing you from reunion, please do pray and meditate on it and ask to be shown what is going on and what needs to be done to clear it. I have a group on facebook where I do free events weekly for healing, karma clearings, and money/abundance energies. If anyone would like to join the group and be part of these events to help themselves and their Twins, please friend me on FB under Brenda Smith Tenerelli and ask for the group link. Please don't hesitate to ask anything. Namaste all !!!!!

Love, Light, & Blessings, Brenda

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Another powerful posting, Brenda. You are an amazing person, as I said originally when we first made contact. I admire you enormously. I agree that there comes a point in time when 'dark forces' have to be and ARE removed by Spirit and Divine intervention (for want of a better word). All is not (or Ever Has Been) 'sweetness and light' in the world, and so I like these words of yours :


'They are given many warnings and messages to step away and stop interfering, but when they don't do it,

they must be removed for the highest good of all.'




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