I wrote this one first before the Updates discussion, and thought it was posted here, but it wasn't. This one is much more detailed, though. Blessings!

Hello, Beloveds! Now again we find ourselves in the midst of great changes and the many physical symptoms that go with them. As our beautiful Gaia undergoes tremendous energetic changes, so too will we go through this with her. We are awakening further to our true Core Beings and our DNA is being restructured. The old belief systems, ingrained thought-patterns, and karmic ties are falling away, and as they are being release, our emotions and bodies are feeling the pangs.

This is also very true for Twin-Flames, and many are finding it very difficult to be positive, and stay in a hearty-centered focus. The feelings of sorrow, loneliness, etc. are causing many Twins to feel unloved, to think about giving up, to doubt the love of their Twin, to question their Twins and show less understanding, or even become angry with them. We don’t want to be consumed by this or allow these thoughts to create these situations, which will push our Twins even further away from us.

At this time, there needs to be an understanding that what is taking place is needed. It’s all part of the path, the journey to wholeness, and is helping clear away old patterns. There are so many old patterns in relationships for both the men and the women that are outdated and not heart-centered. These old patterns are ego-based and created within the physical world. As we each grow and learn, and have the “expectations” released, we will see ourselves and our Twins in a whole new light.

Although there are many cultural differences on our planet, many things are similar. The women have always been expected to run the home and care for the children while being a supportive and often submissive partner to her husband. We are expected to be nurturing, modest, loving, un-opinionated, loyal, a good housewife, a great Mother, and a great and ever-ready lover regardless of our own thoughts, opinions, or desires.

The men carry the burden of providing for their family, being successful, being a good husband and loving father, being accepted and/or recognized socially, a good businessman, and a GREAT loves, even though that part is often kept quiet. The unspoken societal expectations for size and how a man is in bed have caused such an imbalance alone, and has drawn people completely away from what’s important and what love and intimacy are all about.

Now, with the energetic changes and the balancing of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies, we can all start moving into relationships with all heart and no physical-world expectations. These attachments will fall away, and other ego-based patterns, and we will understand our Twins through true unconditional love as we tune in more to our own core beings. All those passing thoughts of “Why doesn’t he….” or “Why didn’t he call….” or “Why is she so angry with me?” and so on will drift away, if you let them. If you insist on holding on to the old ways and the ego, you will trap yourself in these frequencies until you choose to move on to a higher vibrational way of being. We need to let go of all the “What if’s” and the past life memories or negative responses and just be in the now. The negative thoughts and criticism of our Twins and others only shows imbalances, the areas we still need to do clearing on. Remember, we are mirrors of each other, and our world is a mirror of our thought process. What we think, so we become! Much of this comes from traumas and past life issues, and you may have to dig much deeper and go back much further than you expect, but that is often where those blocks or thought patterns originated. Be prepared to be diligent in this, and put no expectations on what you think you’ll find. Ask Spirit to guide you and show you what these things are that block you, keep you and your Twin apart, and prevent you from manifesting this love into your physical life.

Now is not the time to give up or decide it isn’t worth all the pain. Remember, So true are the words that we were never told the journey would be easy, just that it would be worth it! There may be many trials now and times when we feel our faith and inner knowing being sorely tested. It may help tremendously to read my discussion from my page “Our Transforming Consciousness” to help understand also the physical affects, ascension symptoms, and how to care for ourselves & others during this time. Try to remember that we ARE LOVE and are here to walk humanity back to unconditional love and oneness; humanity needs us to help lead the way, and we need it too. Stay in your heart-center and breathe easy. Try to be as loving and supportive of others and of your twin as you can possible manage. Don’t despair, and PLEASE don’t think about suicide, because I have heard too many Twins make reference to this lately in a desperate attempt to make the pain go away. The pain will go away when you grow more and reach a vibrational alignment with your own true self. We are not victims, and no one is doing anything wrong here. We will all get there and grow at our own pace & the pace chosen in our soul-contract. Your Twin is also doing the best that they can do. Be gentle with yourself and love yourself always, for when you love yourself, it’s Love’s nature to love you!

May you each be abundantly blessed and find the coming times easier to manage as we come into alignment with our true purpose and the world we want. Namaste, all!!

Brenda Tenerelli
Shamanic & Transcendental Healer
Spiritual Teacher & Counselor
Paranormal Energy Remover

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