This is a really good article that corroborates a lot with what I teach about Twin-Flames, love-bites, false Twins, etc. I think there are just a couple of things she listed that are not necessarily correct, but as a whole, she does seem to understand how the false Twin works, but she needs to use the term love-bite because there is a difference between love-bites & false Twins. Love-bites sound more like what she describes & are much more common; I think this is what she is speaking of but doesn't know of the love-bite term. ~Brenda

True vs False Twin Flame: Soul Toxicity Energy Theft
Posted on September 29, 2015 by crystallifecoach
Many of the traits are mirrored with the false and true twin flame unions. The reason for this is the higher vibrations supporting the union of true twin flames is not reflected in the lower vibrations of false twin flames. There is a certain degree of self-evolution that must be attained in order to promote the union between true twin flames. This requires inner-work, higher states of consciousness and self-reflection. The avoidance of the deep inner-work will not bring about a reunion with a twin flame but could subconsciously attract a lower vibration “replica” version that will attach to the more evolved individual and an energy exchange is initiated.

The magnetism and chemistry would be intense and the desire would be unmistakable for the victim. Love is such a powerful emotion and is capable of creating grand illusions in the object of our affection. The heart will tell the mind whatever it wants to think. There may be similarities or signs that resonate with a twin flame union such as shared interests, similar experiences, interests, objectives and so on and so forth. The understanding displayed in the beginning may be hard to beat because of these telltale signs. However, these signs are simply not substantial enough to provide irrefutable evidence of a true twin flame. It doesn’t matter how many similar experiences were shared or how many shared interests and goals are found. The intensity of the connection and love could be unrequited and discernment is imperative for protection against an emotionally painful encounter with a false twin flame.

The false twin flame will mirror many of the qualities anticipated from a true twin flame and in the process gain a level of control over the more evolved individual. This is in order to maintain the connection but is usually not sustainable in distance or upon a drop in communication. The true twin flame connection is able to withstand distance, disconnection, karmic obstacles and challenges in spirit. This is because the true twin flame connection is guided and maintained with divine light whereas the false twin flame is not.

The reason the false twin flame poses such danger to a more evolved person is due to the diversions and distractions that it creates on the path. An ability to “feed” off of the higher vibrations resonating with the more evolved partner could cause much damage by draining the vitality on emotional, physical, mental and spiritual levels. A true twin flame would not cause the depletion of energy but rather provide therapeutic and healing energy to assist in restoration of vitality. There is also a revitalizing aspect to the physical intimacy that transpires with true twin flames that illuminates all aspects of one another’s lives.

A false twin flame usually has an alternative motive for the relationship and is likely to be consciously unaware of the spiritual elements surrounding their involvement with their victim. The conscious state resonates with more primal instincts and earth bound relationships that include codependency, personal gain, social advancement or enhancement to their personal aspirations completely independent of the welfare of the other party. The person of higher vibration usually gains an emotional attachment from compassion; effort to be understanding or due to empathy for the frontage.

This complete disregard is often painfully noted after the false twin flame has grown secure in their standing in the relationship or has gained their objective and no longer desires involvement. Suddenly, the fake twin that had been dearly loved is dismissive to the other person and has little to no time for them. The fake twin may become easily agitated and aggressive, abusive or visibly withdrawn and disinterested. The energy to sustain the rapport simply is no longer accessible to them because it wasn’t genuine to begin with.
Are you in a relationship with a fake twin flame or an energy thief?



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