I recently wrote a discussion about all the many possibilities of how others and the dark forces can interfere with Twin-Flames coming together. This is an add-on to that due to more that I've recently found out. Since writing that piece, I have also become very aware of more black magic and such that has been done and the powerful knowledge of "3" that those doing it are using to strengthen their spells & such. They gather in 3's to do the work. Also, in more than one Twin-Flame case now, there has been an incidence of someone putting forth threats or paying someone to put out a threat to keep the Twins apart. Knowing that the karma they are creating for themselves is extremely intense does not always help us to feel better, though, nor should their threats be allowed to keep us from entering into our Divine Plans. This is exactly why Spirit is bringing it to people's attention now that these things are happening so that we can learn the truth and find out what we need to do on our end to bring the interference to an end. People can go down a very dark road, even people we know and least suspect. Usually, it is someone right under our nose and closest to us that we see the truth about the least. Take my case where we have been kept apart for almost 4 years now due to the interference of his so-called best friend and manager. This person is the one doing the black magic on me, and is also the one who paid a guy to threaten my Twin that if he doesn't stay away from me, they would hurt my children, all 3. They did this knowing that my Twin loves the children so much and would give up anything to protect them.

The thing is, I never knew about the threat or that he was protecting us, so his total lack of response to me all this time seemed like he just didn't care or didn't want a relationship, or that he was just too scared of the energies, etc. We have all been there with the thoughts, "If he feels what I feel,  how can he act the way he does." I hear it from people daily, along with many other common questions and doubts. Despite the fact that I have had less interest, acknowledgement, communication, etc. than anyone else that I guide in Twin-Flames groups, I did always manage to hang on to my faith in God and what I was told to be true. I never gave up on him, I never got angry with him, and I never just assumed that he is heartless or mean. I never figured he would just never step into it, and when I didn't get anything from him down here to help, I relied on what God/Spirit told me. As long as I was told to hang on, I did. It was tough, and I'll never say it hasn't been really hard to hang on at times, but I'm glad I did. I remember one of the first things Gary told us at the retreat where we met was not to ever give up on the dream that God shows you because you must have faith, and if you give up, it just might be right before it was going to come to fruition. Twin-Flame relationships will test you to the hilt, and are always about lessons in faith and in patience. God never said it would be easy; he did say it would be worth it. Now, thanks to the information, faith, and the new gifts I've been given, I have learned how to counteract the influence and effects of any interference so that we can heal from all this and move forward. We WILL be together, just as I was always told, but due to this person's extreme jealousy and obsession, it comes with a great price. How bad do you want it? Are we strong enough? Of course we are, but we need to know that and believe it with every cell of our being. 

Truly, now more than ever, we need to draw our strength from within and learn how to step up and take on all the power that has been bestowed upon us to help win this battle and not just sit and expect Spirit or someone else to do all the work for us. It is wonderful for us to pray for help and ask that Spirit help us, but we also need to be very willing and diligent in helping ourselves. We are part of this spiritual battle and they need us to do our part also and not just ask for it to be done all the time or look for the quick fix. This is a serious time of learning our power, standing in our own truth, staying our course no matter what comes, learning new gifts and things that can help, and be very diligent in our work & mission. Too many are just standing by looking to the psychics to answer all their questions and the healers to rid all the illness and don't seem to want to learn how to do these things themselves even when offered. Many don't want the responsibility, as with great power comes great responsibility, and we are always afraid of our true power and what we are capable of. Many are just looking for the quick fix and bouncing around from psychic or guide to another with questions when we need to be heightening our own connection to Spirit to receive our own guidance.

We ALL have these abilities. Spirit is working over-time these days to sort through those who are willing to really step-up and those who are taking advantage of others' time and energy & gifts, but are not doing their own work on themselves. We all have inner work to do and although we can ask for guidance and help with it, we need to handle a lot of it ourselves or at least be proactive in the process of learning, growing, healing, and releasing. I couldn't have done this without all the tons of help and protection from Spirit or without the information they have given me, but I also couldn't have done it without myself and my willingness to do the work and to have faith. There really is so much more going on than we see on the surface, so before we think that we know how someone feels or why they are acting the way they are, think again because your Twin just might be doing it for your own protection or something else that you are unaware of. I do hope this helps some of you to realize the many-faceted possibilities and ways that this journey can go, and I hope it gives you strength to take a stand for your own Twin-Flame relationship and do everything you can to help it move forward. Please don't hesitate to ask any questions, or to comment or share your thoughts. Blessings in abundance to all!

Love, Light, and Blessings, Brenda

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thank you for this Brenda!

Brenda, this is very powerful stuff indeed! You have been 'spot on' about all of us reclaiming our power and not relying on outside Spirit help. We do need to go much deeper within and be far more proactive ourselves. As far as Gary and you are concerned, I think that, despite every wish to the contrary, maybe it just hasn't been the right time until now - or imminently. You both (One) will now be an even greater force to be reckoned with. Even with Twin Flames it is crucial to know that your (family) children are of such paramount importance.

I like these words :

…’ because you must have faith, and if you give up, it just might be right before it was going to come to fruition’

Love, Light and Blessings to you, too, Brenda -


Thank you for your sharing, Chandi, we all learn from each about Twin Flames in this group.

I know I speak for others here when I say, do keep us up-to-date with any changes in your personal circumstances. Hopefully, you and your Twin will be able to fulfil your Divine purpose in this life and be together as One without any interference. It could well happen - as 8 months is not so long in your soul's purpose.


Pauline xox

Dear Pauline,

You are beautiful! I will certainly let you know.Yes, 8 months is nothing...we barely got started...we have so much to do, but unless he awakens from the maya that surrounds him, There is nothing much I can do. except to go on with my life and send him unconditional love.

I appreciate your support. Thank you so much.

In Love and Bliss, 


Thank you Chandi xox

** ♥ ** Pauline

I'm sorry to hear of your situation, Chandi. Yes, 8 months is rather short as Twin things go, and I'm sure he will come around in time. I had always assumed also that it was about timing with mine until Spirit told me plainly that it was interference and we were already supposed to have been reunited, according to Spirit, not me. What I have learned is that part of a lesson now is for him to be assertive and take back control of his life/business some from the person who has infiltrated every aspect and whom he had become too dependent on. Perhaps that will be the lesson for yours is to stand up to his brother and the dark forces and make his life what he came here for it to be. Since I wrote this post, things have intensified much more. The black attacks and such continued over the summer and into the fall. To date, I have countered and survived 12 death threats/curses and tons of other curses, spells, hexes, voodoo, hoodoo, and more. I have had to stop satanic rituals & sacrifices, and have had to retrieve back the souls of 3 people from live human sacrifices where they give up the person's soul while they are tied up awake and aware. The guy did this to my Twin 2 times, his daughter and another member of his family. For my Twin both times, the devil himself showed up thinking I guess that it was his lucky day. When the guy couldn't get to us that way and I got him blocked from anything further, he decided to try attacking in the physcial. He drove all the way here from Florida to try to kill me when Gary was in another town. He was within 2 minutes of my home the 1st time when Spirit stopped him; the second time Gary drove here himself and made him leave. The event that was supposed to happen on Sept. 9th to remove this person from his life has been delayed, but will happen eventually. Altogether, with the curses and death threats I have removed, there would be 9 of us dead right now if I hadn't been given the gifts to counter all this. This is all just to let people know what can happen and just how serious it can get. It has been quite taxing for me, and now I am helping Gary spiritually/telepathically with health & other issues. I will try to get a chance to ask questions about your situation and what interference is there that can be removed. As with this response, please bear with me as I have more than full-time college classes, a business to run, and am a single parent of 3. As soon as I know something, I will get back to you. In the mean time, please stay strong for both of you and know that you are both in all our prayers. I will do whatever I can, and any that interfere with ya'll will be stripped of their gifts & blocked. Blessings, ladies and all else!!  Namaste!!!

Wow! Thank you Brenda for your input. Absolutely mind-boggling. We read (sometimes) about happenings such as this but, they all seem dim and distant. Your account has brought it home to us because of you and your family's experiences. Chandi,thank you, too.  Blessings and Light to you both and your loved ones.
Pauline ~ an Angel to protect you both  ...

You know, it's funny! I used to be so into Halloween before all this. I decorated to the hilt, even won contests in it, coffin, fog machine, scary music, etc., dressed up every year as the grim reaper. Some how it has lost its appeal. Someone asked me the other day about it and I told them, "I think my life has quite enough paranormal activity in it already; I don't need to add anything more!!"

Thank you, Chandi, for your words of support and offer of prayer. I seem to have him pretty well shut down now. I'm very concerned about my Twin right now, though, for several reasons. 

As  for your dreams, I was told that the persons in the dream are *** and another helping ***. The dream will not actually play out, but was meant to let you know that this person is working against you and is a threat, and that your Twin is there to protect you. It isn't good though, as I was told that he has placed curses of death on you, your Twin, and your kids, which I will remove. The curses don't entail love, communication or anything else. I will clear those away and drive wedges between you & ***, your Twin & ***, and your kids & ***, and then have *** & helper stripped of their gifts. I was told that is all that needs to be done at this time, but as things progress and break open, sometimes more gets revealed later. This is why I still check on this for us all daily. Now that I know how these people work and can anticipate his next steps, I can block him before he gets there. I think a group prayer for all of us is a great idea, as all true Twins are under attacks like these at this time unless already together, but even they get attacked to try to pull them back apart.

Yes, Pauline, it has really brought it home for me too. I can't help but feel like I have stepped into one of those horror movies people watch. I keep thinking maybe I'll wake up & find it all a dream, but no such luck. I just feel very blessed to have been granted the gifts and heavy responsibility of taking care of these things. As for buckling under the pressure and emotions of it all, I have had moments of straight-up fear and other things that I have had to work constantly to let go and return to faith. It hasn't been easy. When my Angels told me to stop fixating on it all, I told them, "If you can guarantee his safety and ours, I won't say another word." Not like me to go at it; stress does that, but I still await that guarantee. The silence that greets is a bit unsettling, but I just do what I can to stay on top of things and don't have any time to worry or think too much. Yes, I always protect all my correspondence so the people that do harm cannot see it. Love & light to all of you.

Blessings in abundance!!

Dear Brenda,

Something definitely happened in the past two days. There seems to be shift. You have removed some of their curses, and the wedges that that separated us. Never would I have ever imagined this could happen to anyone, much less to me! I will be on alert and keep you informed! Happy Halloween and many, many thanks! 

Blessings and Abundant Love,


Yesterday there was a shift,as I wrote, with my twin and me, and I wrote the previous  post. And less than 12 hours later another interference. This is pretty creepy.

I am very lucid as anyone who knows me will swear, and I hesitate to talk so openly about this, for many reasons, but I will say what I can...

Last night,  a man came into my dream again (I have never ever seen his face clearly) and this time he actually said he was going to kill me!!  This is the first time in two years they have actually talked.... but I woke up before I could scream.  Once I get up, the spell is broken...they cannot scare me.  In my waking state I am generally at peace. The dark forces apparently try to take advantage of my vulnerability when I am asleep. The point is every time my twin and I take a step, something like this happens. It seems they are hell bent on keeping us apart. I'm  trying to figure out why I/we are such a threat to "them" and who they are.



Reading your reply, Brenda, I couldn’t help thinking these words:

‘With great gifts come great responsibilities’

Therefore the following words of yours, resonate deeply with me:

‘I just feel very blessed to have been granted the gifts and heavy responsibility

of taking care of these things’

Personally, I feel you are indeed, blessed, Brenda, blessed to be of such service to those souls who need you so much. Your personality has recognised the path of its soul.

Pauline xox


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