The truth about Elshara

If you are familiar with NING Networks, specially the ones that tend to gather spiritual individuals, you must have come across an individual that lacks any spiritual platitude and is very used to underhanded behaviors.

He calls himself Elshara, (His name is Josh O'Brian, he lives in a small city close to Vancouver-Canada)  he is a young individual with no experience in community outreach, no bedside manners, and no sense of ethics, morals or social rules of engagement.

A questionable character at best. His bad reputation follows him everywhere, despite the fact that he "clothes" himself as a white wolf. If he is inside your network, just give him time to explode there and suddenly start spamming your network for his own "benefit'.

Beware of this character, if you have a network, do not even allow him inside.

He seems to be very knowledgeable in "getting" access to the communities e-mails to immediately start spamming everyone.

 His practice throughout all the NING networks have found no resistance, despite of the outcry of many networks. It really is puzzling is impunity and disregard for rules of privacy,and ICANN for spamming. He should be stopped By NING administration and also reported to google, and even the FBI for getting into a Private network to gather information, there is such a thing as Cyber crimes.

I have no doubt that KARMA will stop him, sooner than later.

 If you still don't believe how someone so senseless can still captivate with his claim for innocence while he is recklessly trying to destroy other's networks while  slandering their creators,  check some other links bellow:


 Click below and read what he wrote on his own words.The guy is a Looser.

He is not a nice person, he lies, he slanders, he creates disharmony, he uses shady practices, he is highly unethical and manipulative, beware, just beware.

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