Our Tenents:

This Humanity Healing Network:

A Healing Project with no denomination.
We are and we embrace people from different backgrounds and all walks of life. We recognize the necessity of maintaining the integrity and dignity of Human Life in every stage of its existence: from the beginning until the end.
* Meet and share your direct experiences on the spiritual path
* Exchange views and information that will help you on the path * ask each other questions
* offer inspiration
*generally support one another in the expansion of consciousness in the world. In the spirit of sharing the essence of personal and planetary transformation, let..s welcome each other to this sacred space of open-hearted connectedness.
Please join with us in inviting Goodness and Kindness through Humanity Healing Network building a Sisterhood/Brotherhood to over light the Global Network and assist us in fulfilling our work in the World through Light weaving.

Let us invoke the qualities of graceful and uplifting, mutually supportive communication. Let us celebrate together our common purpose as well as our unique unfolding on our spiritual journey, being always attuned to the highest and the best for our evolving planetary network of light.
By entering at the Humanity Healing Network Network, you agree to aspire to these guidelines and to be willing to assist each other in your learning and growth when needed.


General Guidelines:

1. Spiritual Practice
I commit myself to active spiritual practice and to align with spirit to work for the greatest good.

2. Service
Icommit myself to the service of others and to our planet, recognizingthat I must also serve myself in order to practice this effectively.

3. Personal Growth
Icommit myself to the expansion of human consciousness, including myown, and I recognize and change any of my personal attitudes orbehavior patterns which do not serve this aim. I take fullresponsibility for the spiritual, environmental and human effects ofall my activities.

4. Personal Integrity
I commit to maintain high standards of personal integrity, embodying congruence of thought, word and action.

5. Respecting Others
Icommit wholeheartedly to respect other people (their differences, theirviews, their origins, backgrounds and issues), other people's and thecommunity's property, and all forms of life, holding these all to besacred and aspects of the divine.

6. Direct Communication
Icommit to using clear and honest communication with open-listening,heart-felt responses, loving acceptance and straightforwardness. Inpublic and in private I will not speak in a way that maligns or demeansothers. I will talk to people rather than about them. I may seekhelpful advice, but will not seek to collude.

7. Reflection
Irecognize that anything I see outside myself - any criticisms,irritations or appreciations - may also be the reflections of what isinside me. I commit to looking at these within myself before reflectingthem to others.

8. Responsibility
Itake responsibility for my actions and for my mistakes. I am willing tolisten to constructive criticism and to offer constructive feedback toothers in a caring and appropriate fashion, to challenge and supporteach other to grow.

9. Non-violence
Iagree not to inflict my attitudes or desires (including sexual) onothers. I agree to step in and stop, or at least say that I would likestopped, actions (including manipulation or intimidation) that I feelmay be abusive to myself or others in this online community.

10. Perspective
Itake responsibility to work through and put aside my personal issuesfor the benefit of the whole Global Network. I will resolve allpersonal conflicts as soon as possible. I acknowledge that there may bewider perspectives than my own and deeper issues than those that mayimmediately concern me.

11. Cooperation
Irecognize that this is a spiritual community and that it functions onlythrough my cooperation and my good communication. I agree tocommunicate my decisions clearly. I agree to communicate with otherswho may be affected by my actions and decisions and to consider theirviews carefully and respectfully. I recognize that others may makedecisions which affect me and I agree to respect the care, integrityand wisdom that they have put into their decision-making process.

12. Resolution
Icommit to make every effort to resolve disputes. At any time in adispute I may call for an advocate, friend, independent observer ormediator to be involved.

13. Agreements
Icommit to keeping agreements I have made and not to break or try toevade any laws, rules, or guidelines; to have honest dealings with allbodies.

14. Commitment
I commit to exercising the spirit of this statement of Common Ground in all my dealings.

Oneof the gifts we offer one another when we connect through the networkof light is to share our transformative experiences. The intent of ourHumanity healing forum and its Projects is to help bring each of youtogether to share, learn, and develop new ways to expand and send manydifferent forms of healing to the World.


Many people face huge trials in life and we, as individuals should stand by them as one, in solidarity and compassion.

Networking Community of Conscious Beings committed to Holistic Healing, Education & Spiritual Activism

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"We do not run a service to make money. We raise money to run our service"

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