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All things by immortal power,
Near and Far
To each other linked are,
That thou canst not stir a flower
Without troubling of a star.

Francis Thompson

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Accepting Yourself

Posted on May 5, 2008 at 12:06pm 0 Comments

A Dynamic Choice-Maker

There is no such thing as a good person or a bad person. There are choices and actions that lead us in different directions, and it is through those choices and actions that we create our realities. Sometimes we choose or do something that takes us in the opposite direction of the reality we want to create for ourselves. When we do this, we feel bad—uneasy, unhappy, unsure. We might go so far as to label ourselves “bad” when a situation like this arises.… Continue


Posted on April 7, 2008 at 1:47pm 0 Comments

It's very important to understand that everything that exists—the whole universe, including each and every one of us, is a manifest or material expression of that which does not exist. From nothing came something. The unmanifest became the manifest. From emptiness, from the void, this whole material universe, which eventually gave rise to life, emerged. So everything that exists came from nothing. Nothing is the source of everything that is. That which became everything is that nonmaterial… Continue

Permission To Forgive Ourselves

Posted on April 5, 2008 at 2:34am 0 Comments

Releasing Guilt

Learning to accept the things that we perceive as wrong can be a difficult task for many of us. Often we have been brought up to accept that it is normal to feel guilty about our actions and that by doing so we will make everything seem alright within ourselves. Even though we might feel that we have a reason to make up for the choices we have made, it is much more important for us to learn how to deal with them in a healthy and positive way, such as through… Continue

Dealing with Anger

Posted on March 31, 2008 at 7:50am 0 Comments

Unblocking The Ally

Sometimes when we feel anger, it is coming from a deep place that demands acknowledgment and expression. At these times, it is important that we find healthy ways to honor our anger, remembering how dangerous it is to repress it. However, anger can also become a habit, our go-to emotion whenever things go wrong. Often this is because, for whatever reason, we feel more comfortable expressing anger than we do other emotions, like sadness. It can also be that… Continue

Fear is the greatest enemy

Posted on March 28, 2008 at 8:15am 0 Comments

Banish all fear. Never be drawn into the whirlpool or you will be unable to pull yourselves out of it. Know that all is very, very well and concentrate on all of the best in life. Realise what a truly wonderful life it is and be everlastingly grateful. Be thankful that you are a part of it, and what is more, have an important part to play in it.

The more you concentrate on all the chaos and confusion in the world the more life-force you give it. You are not to do that, for your work is to… Continue

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At 6:45pm on November 18, 2010, Val said…

At 4:50am on November 17, 2010, Charlie said…
Dropping by to wish you a very Happy Birthday! May your day be filled with Love and Laughter :)
Many Blessings of Peace, Love, Joy and Abundance to you

At 4:49am on November 17, 2010, Richard Levasseur said…
"Happy Birthday!"
At 8:44pm on October 15, 2008, Rene Wadlow said…
16 October — World Food Day — The Three Fs

Rene Wadlow

“determined to promote the common welfare by furthering separate and collective action for the purpose of raising levels of nutrition and standards of living”
Preamble of the FAO Constitution

The current financial crisis joins those of food and fuel to challenge the world economy. The three crises are inter-related and impact each other. Paying hundreds of billions of dollars to rescue the world’s financial industry looks likely to cut both humanitarian aid and development spending. The price of oil has dropped but is still high and is a drain on the funds of developing countries.

Foreign development issues may be the first victims of the financial crisis as government officials focus on domestic issues, especially if there is the predicted slowdown in the economy and a rise in unemployment in North America and Europe.

At a recent funding meeting in Geneva, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Antonio Guterres recognized that the financial crisis would raise challenges for those who have traditionally financed UNHCR programs. “At the same time, I must point out that the resources required to support the 31 million people we care for are very modest indeed when compared to the sums being spent to bring stability to the international financial system. It would be tragic if the funds available to the humanitarian community were to decline at the very time when demands upon us are increasingly so dramatically.”

Yet the decline in governmental aid to the developing world is probably inevitable. Thus an emphasis must be placed on creating a world food policy which draws upon improving local self-reliance while not creating nationalistic policies which harm neighbours. Food is a key aspect of deep structural issues in the world society and thus must be seen in a wholistic framework.

Jean Ping, the chairman of the African Union Commission noted recently that “The sharp increase in basic food prices has had a particularly negative effect on African countries. In the medium and long term, the Commission proposes measures to regulate speculation, the sharing of public cereal stocks, strengthening the financing of imports and reliable food aid, promoting investment in social protection and increased investment to boost agricultural production.” The African Union has 53 state-members with some 750 million people, over half of which are in what is now called “the bottom billion” — people living on $1.25 a day or less. While there is something artificial in poverty lines based on buying-power, such poverty statistics give an indication of the challenges faced.

While constant improvements in technology, mechanization, plant breeding and farm chemicals have steadily increased food production per acre in much of the world, African food production per acre has stagnated, and in some areas has gone down. Likewise, the portion of development assistance in Africa dedicated to agriculture has declined from 15 per cent in the 1980s to 4 per cent in 2006.

Thus the first need in Africa is to develop the local economies: Currently, poverty, lack of adapted technology, population pressure on ecologically fragile areas, a growth of urban slums due to rapid rural to urban migration is the lot of many Sub-Saharan African countries.

Increased action to improve rural life needs to be taken quickly. As the recent UN-sponsored Millennium Ecosystem Assessment notes “Human activity is putting such strain on the natural functions of Earth that the ability of the planet’s ecosystem to sustain future generations can no longer be taken for granted. It is becoming ever more apparent that human society has a rapidly shrinking window of opportunity to alter its path.”

World Food Day needs to be marked by a sharper analysis of the causes of rural stagnation and a renewed dedication to cooperative action.

Rene Wadlow, Representative to the UN, Geneva, Association of World Citizens
At 6:57am on July 3, 2008, Angel Feathers Tickle Me said…

At 6:56am on July 3, 2008, Angel Feathers Tickle Me said…

At 1:04am on July 2, 2008, Serene said…
What a poetic sound your name has. I can not place it to any Latin or Greek name that may be the roots to it. How did you get to this magical name?

I have read 1/3 of what you present in the digital world and see that you are very happy with who you are today and that you wear your heart well :> I find you a comfortable person by first impression.

How did you spend your weekend? I was with a very large LGBT family in S.F. and walked and talked very peacefully and enjoyed a cup of latte in a very LGBT popular place and perfect weather. I saw so many of my family members that need a lot of healing.

It would be pleasure getting to know you.

At 10:13pm on June 29, 2008, Me said…

Thanks for adding me. I look forward to reading your blogs. Have a wonderful day. ;)
At 6:41am on May 12, 2008, AREVEDA said…
Thanks Angel Feathers !
With love
At 6:44pm on May 9, 2008, Angel Feathers Tickle Me said…

That from which this world manifests, That in which it dissolves,

That by which it sustains itself, That is the Self of all.

That is Eternal, That is Knowledge, and is full of Bliss,

That Truth, I know, from which nothing is far off.

That’s splendor sung by sages,

That meditated upon by the seers,

That evading all comprehension, the great ruler That Self is.

That fails the speech in telling, That fails the mind to reveal,

The grandeur of That is so, beyond any expressive means.

With blessings Divine the scriptural knowledge,

stands completely revealed when,

In depth and profundity, will I be satisfied then.

Angel Feathers Tickle Me


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