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Profile Information

Please tell us a little more about yourself.
Dr. Melanie J. Myers L.Ac.,O.M.
is a Nationally Board Certified and State Licensed Acupuncturist, Natural Healthcare Practitioner, Teacher and Healing Minister.
By invitation, Dr.Myers conducts workshops and classes on natural healthcare,self-care, structural re-integration exercise, Energy healing, Meditation and Conscious Awareness. She will also perform occasional weddings.
Melanie Myers received her formal training from

The Florida College of Integrative Medicine

Bachelors Degree in Health Sciences

Masters Degree in Oriental Medicine

Spiritual Training out of Hawaii from a Hawaian Kahuna and Grand Reiki Master

Virginia State Licensed by Medical Board

National Board Certified Diplomate in Acupuncture

Ordained Healing Minister and Doctor of Metaphysics

Continued research and keeping up to date in her field.

"My commitment is to enlighten others about their own health, spirituality and well being, and to help make it a pleasant experience in personal growth."
Are there any other web sites where you can be found? (This can include other personal and/or business web sites, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Skype addresses.)
I have read and agree to the guidelines set forth by Humanity Healing International (These can be found under the 'Guidelines' tab at the top of the page.).

My Story

Through the spiritual process, the enfoldment of consciousness we become the healer.
Below is a short version of my own experience.
May it be an inspiration to your own healing process.

My first experience with vibrational (energy) healing was
in 1978, when I was 16 years old. (27 years ago)
My neighbor had terrible neck pain, and stiffness.
She was not able to turn her head to one side.
Nancy was the first person I ever gave a healing to.
One day while visiting at her house, my hands began tingling very strongly and I somehow just knew what to do.
I placed my hands along her head, back and then neck.
Within minutes she was moving and hollering at how excited she was for being pain free and able to move
for the first time in two years!

After that experience, I began reading everything I could get my hands on about energy from theoretical physics to theology, spiritual studies and yoga.
It wasnt till I was in my last year of Acupuncture school that I met my spiritual master teacher or rather he found me.

You know the ole saying, When the student is ready, the teacher will appear?

well, thats how it happened!
He contacted me through an internet board we were both members of. Asking what the abbreviations STS(service to self) and STO(service to others) stood for. Said he didnt want to ask on the message board out of embarrassment. Well, of course that was an excuse to reach me by private email.
By the second email, I was telling one of my friends that I dont know how, that I knew he was my spiritual teacher or guide. Believe me, I was so very excited!

I began having dreams and day visions that told me this was for REAL and what I had been asking for for years.
I wanted to know the spiritual enlightenment process first hand! One initial event that was very special happened just upon waking. I was lying with my eyes closed and I saw the words written as if in the night sky,

Some things are written in the stars and a contract was signed long ago, then, THEN I saw ALOHA55; (which is his email user name) actually GLOWING back and forth from big to small!
I opened my eyes and KNEW for sure this was supposed to be. It was never mentioned (his teacher status initially) and instead we quickly worked into an intensive teacher/student relationship.
I began studying, meditating and practicing certain exercises that he gave me all day and night.
I could afford to do this since it was over the summer time.
No job yet, and no school as well as my car completely breaking down (engine needed rebuilt) so i couldnt go anywhere or do anything.

no distractions what so ever.

These practices through conscious effort greatly expanded my awareness; an unconditional love and humbleness toward life and the healing process, as well as accelerating my healing skills.

I could write books of miraculous occurrences which took place over a period of several years.
Perhaps I will eventually write about them as this blessed experience was a truly remarkable.

These experiences have opened up a whole new world within this one in which miracles are everyday occurrences and in which I feel truly blessed.
I now combine my Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine experience with these uniquely developed skills to help others succeed in truly getting well.

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At 3:46am on February 23, 2009, Elisa said…

Hi Dr. Melanie:

How are you? Have a peaceful week!
At 6:21am on February 7, 2009, Intricate Cosmogeny said…
Blessings, Peace, Love & Light ..... Thank you for being such a wonderful person!

At 11:21pm on January 29, 2009, Elisa said…
Dear Dr. Melanie:

I belong to a group called We practice the LOA which is the Law of Attraction. We think our thoughts become true.You are what you think. In this community we put in challenge the law of attraction by seasons. We put our intentions and goals and We practice through meditation, blogs, vlogs, prayers, reading books, etc.

All of these in order to live a better life and change our world to a better place.

I love also this site. If you like you can change the page:

Love and light!
At 10:59pm on January 28, 2009, Elisa said…
Dear Dr. Melanie:

Thanks for your friend's request and your lovely message. It has been three years since I started studying the LOA. I can say I have got a little progress and I continue working on my spiritual growth in spite of having some ups and downs.
One of the things I practice everyday is not judging, everytime when I realize I am judging I stop and send blessings.

I enjoy my job as a teacher and I feel very grateful for having my family.

I feel very blessed to be part of this community and share my path with everyone on this site.

At 5:08pm on January 28, 2009, D. Scott Arant said…
Hi Dr. Melanie,
Yes, very interesting my transformation process. Actually I have been married almost 37 years to my high school sweetheart...Sharon. We were born again Christians since I was 17. We had a home church in Arvada, CO where we live and were involved in every ministry the church had. I actually did missionary work in Spain for a couple of years.
I returned from Spain to marry my wife thinking I would return to the mission field some day...hah hah...God had I guess different plans. We have three beautiful children...all married now and four grandchildren...they are wonderful.
I became a lay pastor of my church...known as an Elder.
The church was authoritarian and autocratic and very inclusive if you know what I mean.
We had a falling out with the pastor and the others leaders over it and for all intensive purposes was excumunicated from the church...although the leadership would not use that wording. :)
We had our whole life in this church and the ministries of the church only to be outsted. We lost our closest friends because of it and that of course hurt deeply.
We decided to exile to my home state where I was born in Medford, Oregon.
We spent two years there and decided to move back.
All my family and my wife's family were part of the church there in Arvada CO too and they were excited to see us "back in the fold" so to speak...we contacted the pastor and the leaders and they refused us entrance...which floored us...but as you know God has different plans...right... :)
So we were quite dejected by the whole thing and I got quite dissolusioned by the organized church. I actually have not gone back to a church unless for reasons of a funeral to this day some 30 years later.
I owned my own mortgage company which I started some 7 years ago and gave up on the church.
Sharon and I were handed the book by Neale Donald Walsch called Conversations with God and it sparked me...even though I was not sure of some of the things in the book we did not understand like...there is no hell...devil...or judgment.
I shared it with my lovely wife and she was also intrigrigued by what it said...Was it really possible to love God without fearing God...if you know what I mean?
So, we read more and we started to get the only religion I teach is...LOVE.
This has angered my family and my wife's family and they think we are on the short train to you know where because their words...have abandoned the faith.
Sharon and I started active, daily meditation and prayer and actually set aside a room in our home for this.
It has been one of the best things we have ever done.
Our meditation and prayer time has opened up our hearts to this unbounded love.
I have always felt I was a healer of sorts and pursued a concept given by the Book by Brandon Bays of the UK called The Journey.
My business coach, Sheri DeCoste in Denver introduced me to a few journeys as she saw some personal sabotage in my own life.
It totally changed me and I decided I wanted to pursue this powerful, lifechanging, healing modality.
The power of The Journey process has its roots in forgiveness and release. My wife and I have gotten a tremendous amount of healing from our old wounds and past.
It has helped us immensely in dealing with our judgmental families who think of us as lost sheep.
Anyway, I hope this helps you see where we have come from.
Our day to day journey is absolutely wonderful now and one we look forward to every day.
It has brought a brand new zest and joy to us and we are so excited about our new path.

Blessings of Love and Light,

D. Scott Arant
At 4:46am on January 28, 2009, Tammy, Life Coach said…
Thank you for the friend invite! If ever I can assist you in your travel through life, please dont hesitate to contact me.
Blessings, Tammy, Life Coach
At 6:57pm on January 26, 2009, D. Scott Arant said…
Hi Melanie,
I welcome you as my friend.

At 7:33am on January 25, 2009, Amanda Falcon said…
Hola and Gracias for your request! I'm glad we could join this path the human experience has provided for our Souls.

Lak'esh Ala K'in
At 12:10pm on January 21, 2009, Pranayama said…

It's so lovely to see you here in this wonderful space!

Thank you for everything you do and for all of the love that you share :)

Peace, Love and Compassion

Much Metta,
At 8:43pm on January 20, 2009, Humanity Healing International said…


Much Metta,
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