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Spiritual Life Coach, Intuitive Counselor, Empath, BaZi and Feng Shui Master Consultant. With a lifetime of Divination work I am ready for Ascension. Available to facilitate all those who seek guidance with their Life Journey.
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Great Shift Happens

Like a giant Christmas tree ornament, Humanity is hanging by a single thread: the fragile thread of the current collapsing “Monetary System”.

The westernized version of the Human Condition is going through a Giant Shift. It is visible and palpable for some, yet many are so lost in the swirl of this tornado hoping that it will touch down soon, that they are unable to realize: it all will NOT be back to ‘normal’ as it was ‘before’.

The naked Truth is that it is impossible for the beautiful ‘Swirl’ of Consciousness to swirl backwards! Humanity is a part of the Giant Swirl of the Cosmos, the Giant Wave, endlessly rolling forward and inward.

The endless Ocean of Cosmic Consciousness is reaching a crest here and now: we, Humans are surfing on its crest. What a ride! If we resist, we surely get swept under, but if we flow with it, it is the most exhilarating experience: it was worth visiting Planet Earth!

Our Divine Mother, expressing herself as Gaea – Earth, has offered herself to be the canvas: to bring us into the closest connection with the Self – The Holy Self! This is IT!

What are you painting on your canvas? Are you hanging to the fraying thread like the Christmas ornament, or are you letting go to accept this Shift, wherever it may take you?


“I say unto you, my child, your time will come, as feathers fall from the sky, so will my Grace descend and embrace you… You have stood the test of ‘time’ and Salvation is at hand: for I say unto you, my sweet Child: we are truly ONE”. George Kavassilas

This is the message of our Loving Mother, holding us in Unconditional Love, as we must realize, we are a part of the Giant Swirl of the Cosmos, the Cosmic Wave is expressing itself through us, or we are expressing Ourselves through IT.

The systems created by our Left Brained Half -the Masculine – are falling because the Two Halves Duality Consciousness of Left/Right Brain, Yin/Yang, Feminine/ Masculine, Good/Evil, Right/Wrong…etc .are UNITING during this Crest at this time: Right NOW. Humans lost their twin Selves while on Earth and after the Great Shift the Twin Selves will be ONE again.

Reuniting with your Twin Flame

It is no wonder, that the final noise or the Finale of the Cosmic Symphony is getting louder and nosier by the second. Words: constructs of the Left-Brain are losing their meaning. All that Humanity has built on our Planet for billions of linear years now have reached the Finale in the Symphony: the cultures, the languages, the architecture, the law and order, governments, wars, money, industry, art, national pride, science, …etc.: all this is now becoming convoluted, shouted at best.

There is only one more task left: to look in the mirror and get familiar with the Self – the Holy High Self. Not the Ego, the outer layer but the True Self. That is going to be the greatest Thrill yet, and for those who resist it, it may be a painful journey ahead. To move into the deepest, most Sacred part of the Self and express the purest Love Essence and emerge cleansed – that is our only Journey now.

Currently our DNA is being restored. We are about to remember who we truly are – Cosmic Vibrations- as we share the same Essence particles with that of the Sun and the Stars! There are photons in our heart tissues perfectly matching those particles of the Galaxies and the Stars. Some of us are already awake and getting impatient, others are waking slowly now, others refuse to wake up, yet it is a Time of ‘Awake-ning’ NOW.

“To all whom now face 2012 with understandable trepidation but also, it is to be hoped, with a degree of positivity and a sense of adventure, I say this: remember the power of Love.

Just as the Sun draws from the stellar worlds and distributes to the planetary world, so a man with his heart open can draw from the higher realms and distribute to the kingdoms on Earth.

He can draw in all that he needs to strengthen his Spirit so that he can form a relationship with this physical world which is one of responsibility, respect and cooperation.

Then he will lose his fear of death in his love for life and in the recognition of opportunities and human possibilities.

He will align with the reality that the future ethereic body of the planet will only accommodate human beings who have an open Heart Centre.” From David Wilcock

“When a caterpillar reaches a certain point in its own evolution, it becomes over-consumptive, a voracious eater and it eats everything in sight.

At that same time, in the molecular structure of the caterpillar, the “imaginal cells” become active.

While all this gorging is going on, those imaginal cells wake up, and they look for each other inside of the caterpillar’s body.

When enough of them connect (they don’t need to be in the majority) they become the genetic directors of the future of the caterpillar.

At that point the other cells begin to putrefy and become what’s called the nutritive soup—out of which the imaginal cells create the absolute unpredictable miracle of the butterfly.

What’s possible is that we are the imaginal cells on the planet right now.” Inspired by Elisabet Sahtouris

The latest crop circle found in the Netherlands in July 2009 reflecting our last step of Evolution in Consciousness: the fully developed Hu-Man! Hu=God.

From ‘H*** sapiens’ we are evolving into Hu-Mans!

Stay TRUE to the SELF !

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