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Lightbody Activation Live! International Tele-Session

Saturday - November 10,  2018,  9:00 AM  (Pacific Time) $37

Come join us for this exciting ‘Lightbody Phasing’ session which will initiate a merging of your ethereal lightbody with your earthly human vessel, using the advanced holographic mapping and energy transference technologies of the Ashtar Command.  Through its encoded…


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Earth Star Energy Academy Live! International Tele-Session

Earth Star Energy  Academy Live! International  Tele-Session

Saturday - October 27,  2018,  9:00 AM  (Pacific Time) $35

This exciting new session…


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Free Language of Light Class!

Available from Saturday 10:00 AM (Pacific time) to 10:00 AM Sunday (Pacific Time)


Enjoy this preholiday gift for you...Bryan & the LightQuest Team


Learn to Speak and Sign the Language of Light!  Come join Bryan, the Angelic Legions and the Ashtar Command for this fun, experiential exploration into the history and artistry of the multidimensional language of light. During this session, Bryan will share his personal…


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5D Paramagnetic Alignments Live! International Tele-Session

Saturday - October 13,  2018,  9:00 AM  (Pacific Time) $75

Introducing the New

"Paramagnetic Energy Screen"

This revolutionary holographic protection filter-screen was created by…


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Matrix Fusion Live! International Tele-Session

Saturday - September 29,  2018,  9:00 AM  (Pacific Time) $22

Everyone has the ability to shape their reality and influence the behavior, perceptions and beliefs of the un-awakened masses on a profound yet unspoken level.  Join Bryan as…


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Dream Magic Live! International Tele-Session

Saturday - September 15,  2018,  9:00 AM  (Pacific Time) $22

Enter the world of ethereal dreams and magical visions.   Let us guide you on this wonderful journey to explore & decode your personal dreams, night time visitations and waking…


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Earth Star Live International Tele-Session

Earthstar Live! International  Tele-Session

Saturday - September 1,  2018,  9:00 AM  (Pacific Time) $25  

Focusing on the Positive!

Calling all Starseeds, Earth Angels and Ambassadors of Light!  Join us to hear the Ashtar Command's perspective on what is happening to…


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Shine your Love Lights

Welcome. Please, have a seat while I make us some coffee. Sorry, I do not do tea. I have been busy working on my own body by moving the energy to where it needs to go to heal inside my body. For me it is my liver/pancreas. No matter what issue you are going through with your health; it is first of important to cleanse your blood, liver, adrenals, colon, and lymph nodes. Then changing your diet to eat only healthy organic/non GMO foods. Any thing…


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Psychic Medium Training Live International Tele-Session

Psychic Medium Training Live International Tele-Session

Saturday & Sunday- August 18 & 19,  2018 

9:00 AM - 12 PM each day. (Pacific Time)  


"Within hours of taking this course, you will be able to do readings and receive messages from departed loved ones like never…


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Mysteries of Camelot Live International Tele-Session

Saturday - August 4,  2018  9:00 AM  (Pacific Time) $20

The legends abound from this mythical, yet strangely familiar and fantastic realm which continues to stimulate imaginations all over our planet. Experience the wonder and majesty of the Arthurian world through the eyes of the…


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Summer Lightwave Party Live International Tele-Session

Summer Lightwave Party Live International Tele-Session

Saturday - July 21,  2018  9:00 AM  (Pacific Time) $25

Join us for this summer celebration, as we send luminous streams of light-energy into your body and home.  During this session over…


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FREE Journey to Atlantis International Tele-Session!

Join us for an amazing multidimensional journey to ancient Atlanis!  This session will expand your mind, open your heart and enhance your visionary and psychic abilities.  You may access the session from Saturday July 14 at  6AM Pacific Time through Monday July 16 at 6AM. 


Go to this…


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...the signifying Monkey says: for Billy's band in the Blues Blast Music Awards.

signifying monkey.jpg

..the signifying Monkey says: for the Billy Jones Band.

Funky Blues & Southern Soul - volume 1
for the 2018 Blues Blast Magazine Music Awards.…

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Om Times EgyptॐThe Depths of Egypt

  Depths of Egypt…


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Intuitive Art to help children in palliative care with complex medical conditions

Hello All,

I am an intuitive artist trying to make a difference in helping children with complex medical conditions.

A percentage of all sales will be donated to Magnolia Pediatrics to help Dr. Linda Del Vecchio-Gilbert provide palliative care to children with complex, chronic conditions.…


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Magical Music!

Check out these uplifting music tracks designed to upgrade your energy and your space!

LightQuest International…


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Just In case you received one of these emails


I am coming today to tell you all what has been happening with me. I am very sorry I have to notify everyone about this.

Many years ago when I divorced my second husband and moved to the East Coast, one of my stepsons went crazy.  He could not accept the fact I could not live with his dad anymore.

Both of the stepsons are schizophrenics and both have been in the Mental health system for a while. One is completely…


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Zen and the Art of Mushroom Cultivation : An Inquiry into Morels

once, there was a guy named Gus. and although Gus was without a passion, Gus's head liked to think that Gus was a passionate guy. Gus's head also liked to think that it was bright. in fact, Gus's head just liked to…


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Album Review by JOHN MITCHELL…

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Lightwave Live! International Tele-Session

Lightwave Energy Technology


Experience the Latest Miracle in Healing & Transformation!

Welcome! Come join us for this new expanded Lightwave Training session and learn one of the newest and most powerful energy healing processes on the…


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