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Solfeggio Ascension Frequencies


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YOU HAVE THE RIGHT!! (loved this and had to share it)


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Rebirthing.... A Healing Process

I already went through the rebirthing process. Some of the authors called it holotropic breath or conscious energy breathing. That means that with or through breath you can connect with your conscious and un conscious thoughts some of them from the conception, birth, past lives (although, this is not a regression because you're consciously breathing), your younger days, as a baby or toddler. It cames up those thoughts with the feelings your been… Continue

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Be in the Knowing

When we were told that we must stay in contact with them to stay awakened, for when we are asleep, there is no knowing……

Believe We Are Awake. We must stay Awake, for when we fall asleep we are not in the Knowing. When we do not Know, we falter. Our path seems more difficult. Things do not come as quickly as we desire.

No one person is Chosen, it is so that each of us is Awake. We Know. We Are. And we must Wake each other up each day. Our Journey will flow… Continue

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Because We Are

I had felt all my life that I was alone, that I was different. I knew there was more.........

I understand now that I do not have to die in my human self to be a part of existence, because I AM. I am of God, with God, around God and in God. I am God, but……….. to keep the ego, arrogance and fear in check for “this human”, I will say….. I am, We are, You are and This Is So.

Apologies are not needed if we live with acceptance. Accepting of what we are doing at all times.… Continue

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Feel the LOVE <3

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donate button/link does not work!

i just wanted to point out that I tried using the justgiving feature (on the right column of the page, by the blog posts) and it wouldn't work. The MENU button, however, did work. Just thought I'd draw some attention to that cause I imagined many people wanting to donate, clicking on the DONATE! link and then being disappointed when it didn't work...lol HELP! MUST FIX THAT ASAP!
Hope that is of help!
Love and light to all,
"alice wonderful"

Added by Alice Wonderful on February 24, 2009 at 1:21am — 1 Comment

A message of the change in technology for peace on earth.

I must reveal this info to the world will you help me?

To aquire renewable energy you can go about it two ways either directly or indirectly.

There are 4 generations of renewable energy winning devices known to man.

The first generation since the early1900's the winning of energy from the incineration of bio mass like agricultural wast products. Hydro electric dams and geothermal power.

The second generation is from heat pumps, special buildings or solar cells, bio… Continue

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February 9, 2009


Blessed Be Dearest Ones as we send you Blessings of the Highest Light of Love as

We gather together in the Light of Love and Oneness.

Welcome Dearest Ones, Welcome! It is our Passion, Our Joy and Divine Intention to reunite with Spiritual Family here each month.

It is with our Greatest Love that we come in this day to bring forward another message for your discernment and enjoyment. It is…

Added by Wendy-Marie Collins on February 23, 2009 at 11:57pm — No Comments

Things I Learned From Dying, Preface and Chapter 1

Things I Learned from Dying

By grace



I Wonder, Do you Believe?

When i was very ill, in great suffering - such pain that even my skin hurt - i gave up. Surrendered is not the right word. It is much more appropriate to say “i quit”. It wasn’t so much the physical pain that caused this state… Continue

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Spirit Guides ~ Plus ~ How to Protect Yourself From Energy Vamps


by Dr.

Bruce Goldberg

alchemyrealm. com/guides

Guides are usually other beings who have incarnated as humans before. They are just like us accept they are not incarnated while they are your guide. They may or may…


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The Seven Rays

The Seven Rays

Seven great energies or streams of force demonstrate the qualities of Deity. The Wisdom Teachings speak of them as the Seven Rays and they are dominant conditioning and qualifying factors in our lives. But not only this; they are, we understand, cosmic elements, reaching us from the unknown spheres of other systems, and no part of the life of our planet is unaffected by them.

In the…

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BIG HUG 2012 starts inscriptions now

Hi my loving angels.

BIG HUG is now online on www.bighug.ning.com.

At this step of the project we are collecting all interested persons who want to be in the human chain from Alaska to Chile.

Once we have a few thousand persons in, we can talk to the authorities.

Please look at BIG HUG and sign in, if you like to be with us on the Pan American Highways the 1st of May 2012.

By the way, maybe there are some mistakes in my English expressions on the… Continue

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Stop the Warble ~ Remain in the 5th dimension

Do you know how powerful and divine you are? Can you hear a soft inner voice that provides guidance and are you are listening? Do you value your vibrational level? Are you aware of what your own personal thoughts are energizing? Do you know how your vibration can contribute to world peace?

Peace begins with each of us. To be able to contribute to peace and make an impact on social consciousness, you must first have a foundation of… Continue

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Our Purpose Here...

Oceans of Love and Gratitude to you Waid


"The human race is a stage though which various forms of consciousness travel... Before you can be allowed into systems of reality that are more extensive and open, you must first learn to handle energy and see, through physical materialization, the concrete result of thought and…

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I hope you will allow me to introduce you all to my writing partner Elfreda Pretorius. Between us, we wrote The Meadow and now Elfreda has found some time from somewhere to post a few articles on to the networks.

Elfreda is a life skills coach and her slant on life is more than just an explanation of what happens to us in the physical world. There is another world happening at the same time and Elfreda graphically and skillfully explains how certain natural laws… Continue

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Are You Aware of This?

Oceans of Love and Gratitude to Waid


The Creation of the Entity Consciousness!

From out of the spirit-essence of Source Intelligence, flowing from First Source, each of you is born. As particles of light…

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Grail Living Legends Goddesses Gods

Grail Living Legends Goddesses Gods

Many living myth Grail goddesses and gods are serving the peoples of the

planet and the British Isles today. They have Sacred Sites focal points at Earth

Mysteries, Stone Circle, Henges, and Megaliths.

Storytelling and narrative mythos follows about Gwenhwyfar, Gwyddion,

Galahad, Nolwenn, Lancelot, Gwalchmei (Gawain), and Condwiramur, as well as,…

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Q: My wife has cold hands all the time it seems. Is this something I should be worried about or is it just normal for women (that’s what she says)?

A: While I wouldn’t be so cavalier as to say that all women have cold hands, the complaint is a common one and much more often than not does not indicate that there’s ice flowing through the veins or anything else as cold-hearted or sinister.

When our bodies are exposed to cooler temperatures, the natural defense mechanism is… Continue

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Helping Your Left Brain

If there are others who like me find it useful to satisfy our left brain as well , I have found the work by Nassim Haramein very useful. You can find video clips on you tube and google video.

With gratitude and blessings,

Added by Dru on February 23, 2009 at 9:45am — No Comments

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