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PHILOSOPHY AND TEACHINGS - Parable Of The King’s Dream

Dear All,

Good evening to all of you and have a divine blessed day ahead......

Parable Of The King’s Dream

A king went to bed in his palace, which was guarded on all sides by sentries.

Not even a fly could enter it and disturb the king. The bed-room was

equipped with every kind of comfort and there was nothing lacking which

enabled the monarch to enjoy the bliss of deep sleep.Soon after he… Continue

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Think on This 4/30/10

Think on This ...
(Q) Please explain for me what is meant by "soul-mate" . . .
(A) Those of any sect or group where there is the answering of one to another; as would be the tongue to the groove, the tenon to the mortise; or in any such where they are a complement one of another--that is what is meant by "soul-mate." Not that as from physical attraction, but from the mental and spiritual help.

Edgar Cayce Reading 1556-2

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Marty in the Merry Month of May!

He's back! Just in time for May Day, yep yep, by Golly!

Gotta love a squirrel who loves his mum...

Happy Mother's Day, May…

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On The Wings Of My Guardian Angel

("Guardian Angel," sculpture by Josep Llimona, photography by P. B. Obregón)

Do you remember when

Things would…


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Ancient Egypt, Edgar Cayce, & the lost Lands of Atlantis

Atlantis, Cayce, & The Artifacts

An Excellent Series, Provided to "Us" By: Our "Friends @…


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Think on This 4/29/10

Think on This ...
Keep the mental forces in accord with own higher self, and rise above the conditions that would beset the mind, for if we would give of our best to those who depend upon us we must have bodies physically fit, and minds above the lower level. Do that!

Edgar Cayce Reading 3991-1

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Think on This 4/28/10

Think on This ...

Ye, too, oft doubt; ye, too, oft fear. Yet He is surely with thee. And when ye at this glad season rededicate thy life, thy body, thy mind to His service, ye--too--may know, as they, that He lives--and is at the right hand of God to make intercession for you--if ye will believe; if ye will believe that He is, ye may experience. For as many as have named the name, and that do unto their brethren the deeds that bring to them (to you) that closeness, oneness of purpose with… Continue

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Embrace Life -- DON'T DRIVE [cars]

right now, even only pollution of air from cars is killing considerably more people than accidents (and someof the environmental destruction will cause suffering for quite a while...)

-- --

The automobile has not merely taken over the street, it has dissolved the living tissue of the city ...

Gas-filled, noisy and hazardous, our streets have become the most inhumane landscape in the world.

-- James M. Fitch

-- --

So wie man im Wagen sitzt, hat man sich sogleich… Continue

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Im Allex Branson aka RB Jesus Jones Town

Jesus Jones …


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Nei Kung

1. Nei Kung is internal chi kung.

Chi is the Taoist word for the primal energy of Nature which permeates all of creation. It is the vital life force within each of us. Long ago the great sages of China sought to cultivate chi in all of its manifestations. Kung means "training". Hence, chi kung is a generic term roughly translated as "energy training".

Chi kung is also referred to as qigong, but don’t be confused. Both terms are merely different phonetic… Continue

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Think on This 4/27/10

Think on This ...

But the entity should know there is more to life than to live, and a success must be one in which the entity may grow in understanding and in knowledge. It must be one in which grace and mercy and truth have been and are the directing activities; else regrets, in the home, in the associations, may be the part of the entity's experience.

Keep self, then, well balanced. Budget thy time more . . .

For he that makes material gains at the expense of home or of… Continue

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Protecting yourself from / dealing with psychic vampires


Cutting energy cords, shielding, identifying, not blaming, healing.

Some of this is helpful. Some of it seemed a bit over the top, to me, ex. indicating to burn everything that reminds you of the person!!! Often people don't know they are doing it, and might be our friends. All of us are on a journey. We are all Creatures of the Light and…


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National Fertility Week: Alternative Answers to Fertility

National Fertility Week: Alternative Answers to Fertility

This week is National Fertility Awarenss Week. Especially close to my heart, helping woman get pregnant naturally has been my specialty for many years. This week, I will review the many ways to help increase fertility in both woman and men.

Infertility is often defined when a couple has 1 year of regular intercourse without contraception and has been unable to conceive.… Continue

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You are powerful. You have the right and the power to be completely in charge of your own life. You have all the options. You and only you have the right to decide what emotions you will feel, what thoughts you will think. YOU ARE THE DETERMINING ENERGY OF YOUR LIFE.

Let’s talk about habits for a minute. Habits can be very helpful. For instance you don’t bother to think where the light switch is in the bathroom because you have turned it on hundreds of times. You can find a spoon for… Continue

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Please help the people of Arizona. We need to stand on the side of justice, fairness and equal treatment for all.

Maria Gomez Murphy has sent you an invitation to sign the petition "Tell Arizona Governor Brewer that S.B.1070 encourages racial profiling and must never be enforced" on Change.org. IT'S VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU MAKE YOUR VOICES HEARD

Click the link below to view the petition. …


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Is ESA Planning to Announce Phobos is an ET Base?


David Wilcock on Disclosure and more!!!

"Everyone knew they had crashed here, and that much of our modern technology owes itself to this 'inheritance' -- including solid-state transistors, fiber optics, LED lights, Teflon, bullet-proof vests,

infrared night vision, lasers, holograms, Velcro and, of…


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Child Of The Sky

("Aurora Borealis" by Frederic Edwin Church)

I am a child

Of the Sky and the Stars

Loving and sweet as Venus

And fierce as Mars

I'm lucky as…


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Change Your Perception Of Time

Change Your Perception Of Time

To reverse the aging process you need to change your perception of time because how you perceive time regulates your biological clock.

To do this, you need to risk a crucial question: What is time? In the

physical world we use time to measure the flow of events in our lives.

And yet we know that our experience of time is fluid.

Dreamtime, for example, is very different from waking time. When you are… Continue

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