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Gardening as a Sacred Art


Gardening as a Sacred Art

 By Jeremy Naydler 



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Feng Shui and Insomnia

Feng Shui and Insomnia

Insomnia is a symptom, not a disease. Insomnia can have many causes, but the biggest cause is due to stress. Stress related to work, school, health or family concerns. Depression is the second biggest cause. The use of stimulants, including caffeine, alcohol, nicotine or other over-the-counter or prescription medications will also cause insomnia. Prescription drugs, including some antidepressant, high blood pressure and steroid medications,…


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Color Therapy Through the Ages

Written by Helen Graham | Print  | …

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2012 thoughts.

2012 super moons , sunspot activity and power numbers.

There are so many prophesies relating to this year, in particular the end of the year and the winter solstice, so I’m not going to talk about those. Neither am I going to talk about the power numbers that crop up throughout the year (although I will comment as and when they appear so watch this space).

I am going to talk about energy and the shift of energy which is happening right now. Many of the prophesies speak of a…


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Ho’oponopo: Healing by Restoring Balance

Written by Alan Cohen | Print  | …

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Astro-Chakra Synergy System weekly reading


21st May to 3rd June…


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The Journey of the….Soul?

The Journey of the….Soul?

By Yogi Baba Prem Tom Beal Vedavisharada, CYI,, C.ay


For millennia, humanity has argued and struggled attempting to define the purpose of life and existence.  Often people…


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Pentecost in Present Time & Space Logo


Pentecost in Present Time & Space

This event [Pentecost] does not portray the triumph of orthodox Christianity (as the theologians believe and teach), but signifies the…


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Mind Control Explanation and Elucidation

This is a playlist telling you everything you need
to know about Mind Control

If you have any comments or ideas about it please add------

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Living in the Matrix

Namaste all.  I cannot tell you the truth, only state my perspective and let you, for yourself, feel it in your heart if it is true or not.  There is no doubt in my mind we are living within a fractal 3D holographic universe that is at it's foundation  is based on mathematics and sacred geometry at this low density or vibration.  Most everything is 99.9% nothing.  It is holographic: it is light and sound.  Why does it hurt when you fall?  Does your mind make it real?  No.  We are at the same…


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Scenes from a Journey #2

In the 1980's, I began working for a major aircraft engine manufacturer. It was the beginning of my married and family life and the job was exactly what I required, when i required it, to provide for my new family.

In the course of working, I met many new friends and co-workers. One of those was Richard, with whom I had many deep and insightful conversations. He was studying a martial art, Gohn Dagow, which I had never heard of, but which, in his sharing, piqued my interest.



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The Floating Fig Miracle

Written by Alan Cohen | Print  | …

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Our Planetary Journey: From Catastrophobia to Spiritual Awakening

Written by Barbara Hand Clow | Print  | …

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I Am Peaceman

This is the video story of peaceman from you tube

----there are three parts

and some of his videos

Its a fascinating human interest story of a man of goodwill

who wants peace---------…


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Omtimes Monthly Newsletter May

OM_banner0311 2

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The Threshold Bookcast : Chapter 14 : Silent Talking

Chapter 14 : Silent Talking

The fourteenth episode of The Threshold Series focuses on Olivia Romero, the Chief Environmental Adviser of Neo Apollonia.

At the beginning of the chapter, the former activist is walking towards the church of the Community, all the while pondering the circumstances which have led her to…


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I love Humanity Healing !!!

Hi Everyone, Can I say how delighted I am to be a part of Humanity Healing, one small cog in a great wheel of Light which encircles the globe. There is so much spirituality shining through here that there will never be enough hours in a day to enjoy it all ...


Namaste x

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Roots of Astrology

Written by Pierz Newton-John | Print  | …

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A True Perfectionist

Written by Alan Cohen | Print  | …

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