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Overcoming Shame: A Guided Meditation from the Carriers of Light

Let yourself go. Find peace and relaxation within. We want you to find the light inside yourself… the light in the middle of your heart. Your residence is in this light. You find yourself there. It radiates outward in all directions. You find that you are a being of light, a being of radiance. What does it mean to be radiant, to have light inside your real self? Your light shines through everything. Nothing can stop your light from shining through its… Continue

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TALK & DIE SYNDROME (and Head Injuries)

"TALK & DIE SYNDROME" is a condition where a person receives a blow (minor to severe) to the head, and dies a short time later. Through no fault of their own (shock), they'd assured everyone they were "fine", or the "bump on the head" wasn't important enough to get looked at.

TDS happens for one of several reasons. The main reason is the blood seepage/bleeding or swelling in the brain may not be detected at the time of injury, or monitored long enough.

Due to the person initially… Continue

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Living A Yogic Lifestyle: Incorporating Yoga Into Your Life

Living A Yogic Lifestyle: Incorporating Yoga Into Your Life

1. Creates Discipline: Discipline is a necessity in life. Discipline

is essential for achieving any kind of success in your life! It is

the secret to the most effective, efficient and well strategic plan

you can give yourself! Being successful, losing weight, maintaining

relationships are not tasks that come easy for most people. They are


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...Wondering if there are any other wordly artists that have composed (and had videos made) for MORE than 2 tracks to do with the healing and uniting of Earth and its inhabitants... are there?


" target="_blank">…


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The Music Of Poligraf : Leaving The Ashram part 1 & 2

(Detail from a Postcard, Unknown Artist)

“Leaving The Ashram” is the third chapter of "Entering The Stream," a trilogy describing an episode of intense introspection that will most likely open our second album.

An instrumental suite in four movements (Meditative Walk, Running The Last Stretch, The Tabla Master’s Enigma, and The…


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Journalist Files Charges against WHO and UN for Bioterrorism and Intent to Commit Mass Murder

Dear Readers,

I copied and pasted the following article. I am also including two more links. One for The Zeitgeist Movies, which I highly recommend watching. The Zeitgeist Movies and The Venus Project

Journalist Files Charges against WHO and UN for Bioterrorism and Intent to Commit Mass Murder

(Natural News) Republic… Continue

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The Health Revolution Petition

Please read The Health Revolution Petition. Thank-you!

The Health Revolution Petition

Love, Peace, & True Freedom,

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Louise L. Hay ~ You Can Heal Your Life (Full Movie)

Louise Hay ~ You Can Heal Your Life (Full Movie)…


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Power Prayer For Worthiness with Reverend Jennifer Hadley ~


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The Metaphysics of Self Power

The Metaphysics of Self Power

"Traditionally, metaphysics refers to the branch of philosophy that

attempts to understand the fundamental nature of all reality, whether

visible or invisible. It seeks a description so basic, so essentially

simple, so all-inclusive that it applies to everything, whether

divine or human or anything else. It attempts to tell what anything

must be like in order…

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Those having Lamps will pass them on to others.


In The Secret Doctrine we are told that Plato was not merely the greatest philosopher of Greece but also an Adept who belonged psychically, mentally and spiritually to the higher planes of evolution, a 'Fifth-rounder' in the Fourth Round, immensely higher than is our present humanity. He imparted spiritual truths through myths and allegories as…

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Anup Jalota.

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Power Prayer For Re-Gifting with Reverend Jennifer Hadley ~‏

Beloved Friends,

Click here to listen to the Daily Power Prayer and turbo charge your spiritual practice, aligning you with your Divine Purpose so that you clearly live and demonstrate a Masterful Life of Love!…


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Slowly detaching from all the networks

Today, June 28,09, I finally deleted my facebook and myspace accounts. I been a member of myspace since 2003 and became aware of how obsessive it can be. I became conscious of my life through myspace, uploading pictures of everyday experiences... feelings and emotions. I feel almost hurt because I did not say goodbye to all my friends and family, but in the end...I did this because I want to live a life that is not so "dependent" on emails and the world wide web. I still have an email… Continue

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Whenever you dance, wherever you dance, dance to heal the earth!

Dance to Heal the Earth

by Dee Smith

Whenever you dance, wherever you dance,

dance to heal the earth!

Dancing is power. Dancing is prayer. Some say that all is dance. Maybe. Now there's a big dance coming, a dance to heal the earth. If you're reading this, you're probably part of it. You take part whenever you do whatever you do to help heal the earth. When you recycle. When you choose to show love,…

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Giving Heartfelt Love & Thankfulness To You

To each of you who have sent your precious lovingkindness and prayers for me and

my grandson Joshua, I so thank You!

May all of us recieve the blessings, light, healing, love,protection and provision we all need.

May the desires of our hearts be manifested quickly!

May we all have a home to live in.

Even the animals and foul have homes. Much more should we and especially in such troublesome

times. Each of us need shelter full of warmth and the provision to have… Continue

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I am aware of all the attention that this ‘new-age philosophy’ is attracting. Until someone can come forward and provide proof for what is being forecast to happen in the near future, I’m afraid that I must consider this to be subjective and, in my opinion, a trend which has been manufactured in a similar way throughout history.

Is this not just another way for the Establishment to keep abreast with our evolving waves of thought and manipulate the whole thing to keep control of the… Continue

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Think on This 6/28/09

Think on This ...

An experience, then, is not only a happening, but what is the reaction in your own mind? What does it do to you to make your life, your habits, your relationships to others of a more helpful nature, with a more hopeful attitude?

These are the criterions for every individual's experience--sincerity of purpose, of desire; putting the whole law into effect in the activities--which is to love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, thy mind, thy body, and thy neighbor as… Continue

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UNIFICATION PROJECT...looking for persons who can starting TOGETHER a worldwide project/mission…

looking for persons who can starting TOGETHER a worldwide project/mission

Is time that we coming to actions and realising......

It is good to write, to speak and tell about spiritual issues, that are reminders and remembers to wake you up.

But still is missing the reality of to DO.

The missies with the specific tasks , charged with or adopts as their main purpose:

This is a mission from out our… Continue

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