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The Game of Angels, Two Become ONE

Check out my new Ebook... This is the new paradigm on Earth School...Accessing spiritual from the terrestrial to get to the celestial...



The Game of Angels, Two Become ONE  by JC Sigurdson

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Think on This...6/30/13

Think on This...
More individuals become so anxious about their own troubles, and yet helping others is the best way to rid yourself of your own troubles. For what is the pattern? He gave up Heaven and entered physical being that ye might have access to the Father.

Edgar Cayce Reading 5081-1

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Update on Chris Anderson_Onefeather From Chris Witecki

Update on Christopher OneFeather - (special thanks to…

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A Gentle Look at Life



                  ** Our hearts become weak if we don't exercise them with the energy of Love.  **

                        Carrying Love within our Hearts for All who we come across in our day is

                                      emitting a beautiful radiance that reaches far and…


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A Careless Word

A careless word may kindle strife. A cruel word may wreck a life. A timely word may level stress. But a loving word may heal and bless. Have a blessed day. ~Unknown

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Think on This...6/29/13

Think on This...
. . . happiness is love of something outside of self! It may never be obtained, may never be known by loving only things within self or self's own domain!

Edgar Cayce Reading 281-30

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Spirituality is supreme

At the risk of my membership not getting approved, I didn't select the "sort of human" option :) but I am a spiritual being living the human experience.

Passion and light to all xx  

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The Intensity of the Moon's Influence Written by Daniel Pharr

daniel pharr The intensity of the Moon's influence on us varies. The Moon's phase determines the strength of its involvement in our lives, while the twelve signs of the Zodiac determine its breadth.

For our purposes, the three Moon phases are the waxing Moon, the waning Moon, and the dark Moon.

Waxing Moon

The new Moon is a time to acknowledge…


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Undoing Our Judgments and Prejudices...


Undoing Our Judgments and Prejudices: Discovering Peace

Those who hope to better themselves and humanity constantly aim for an attitude of mind that is a blessing to themselves and others. To accomplish this, we put ourselves mentally and sympathetically in the place of others, learning about their experience, understanding their particular frame of mind, and feeling for them instead of harshly and falsely judging them, since judging others makes us unhappy and takes away their…


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Chimeras: Two People in One Body, Not Just Science Fiction Anymore

History is littered with legends and folklore of Chimeras, a mysterious creature…

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HAARP/ weather conspiracy theory

Have you notice a change in the weather. i have been really, really looking at our disasters in the last 2 years. I cannot believe what I am seeing, and now they had 2 more EarthQuakes ..One in Italy and the other over-seas some-where.. and than just this week, it as raining. I had to put the heather on and the very next day, it was 105... What the heck is going on. Well, let me tell you what i have discovered. i was shocked when I saw This: Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory. Now you need to…


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What Is a Miracle? The Future and Our Potential




What Is a Miracle? The Future and Our Potential


Written by Neale Donald Walsch



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Think on This...6/28/13

Think on This...
(Q) Please explain for me what is meant by "soul-mate" . . . (A) Those of any sect or group where there is the answering of one to another; as would be the tongue to the groove, the tenon to the mortise; or in any such where they are a complement one of another--that is what is meant by "soul-mate." Not that as from physical attraction, but from the mental and spiritual help.

Edgar Cayce Reading 1556-2

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Anuloma Viloma practice with Dr. Nalini Sahay - part 1 and 2

After a small story about awareness, Dr. Nalini Sahay leads you to a practice

called Anuloma Viloma. To benefit optimally bring all your awareness and attention

to this practice.…


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Jacque Fresco is a genius! We need to know his work! If we knew just a little bit of what is. Resource-Based economy and what is the Venus Project we can start moving forward!

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Click here to support Cancer Warrior Transformation Fund by Jaye Hughes

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Think on This...6/27/13

Think on This...
The love of life, or the continuity of love, of life, as expresses itself in a creative force or God, that shows its manifestations in the manner in which such an individual treats his fellow man, is such that makes for the advancement, the stabilizing of individuals... For, as is expressed, the love of God as it expresses itself in the manner of mien of an individual towards his fellow man is only a practical thing.

Edgar Cayce Reading 520-4

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Prayer request for Chris Anderson

I just heard that our dear Chris had a heart attack and it is in critical condition right now. Please let's gather together to bring  healing, light and good vibes, imagine Chris whole and healed and  filled with vibrant light again. May his body, mind and soul be restored to perfection and purity  as  God's original desire. May God send forth his angels to assist him unfolding this situation, with grace, love and healing. And so it is...

THank you God.

Added by Humanity Healing International on June 26, 2013 at 11:30pm — 31 Comments

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