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The AstroSage for August 2010!

The Astro-Sage

Looking at the Climate for August 2010...

“All attraction is increased by the approach of the attracting body. We never find ourselves so desirous to finish as in the latter part of our work, or so impatient of delay as when we know that delay cannot be long. This unseasonable…

Added by Chris Anderson on July 31, 2010 at 11:00pm — 2 Comments

The Purpose Of Our Being (In Our Space part 1)

("Tibetan Sand Mandala" by Mary Mueller)

The central theme of « In Our Space » is the idea of building, of perhaps finding or reaching, a space where one is free to simply be themselves and do as they feel they…


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Marty Has You Covered for August!!!

Added by Chris Anderson on July 31, 2010 at 2:46pm — 2 Comments

The Ursa Major Codex

The Ursa Major Codex

"Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul. Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal."

~Pamela Vaull Starr…


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"How can you love someone that's not even the same colour as you?"

"How can you love someone that's not even the same colour as you?"

c. Rachel E. MacDonald, July 31, 2010. (names changed for privacy's sake)

I subdued the thought almost as soon as it came into my consciousness. It was as shocking and disturbing to me then as it is today. My cousins were over, and my parents and brother were somewhere else in the house with my oldest cousin and my uncle. I came around the corner, and was witness…


Added by Rachel OneLove on July 31, 2010 at 2:30pm — 2 Comments

Think on This 7/31/10

Think on This ...
Acting as if it had not been, save disregarding as if they were not.
Not animosity; for this only breeds strife. Not anger; for this only will produce mentally and physically the disturbances that become as physical reactions that prevent meeting every phase of the experience; whether in the good, the hope, the help ye mete to others, or in keeping self . . . unspotted from the cares of the world.

Edgar Cayce Reading 1402-2

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nflower seeds shared with other seedsSuch as pumpkin or sesame why nutrition is recommended for daily consumption . Such is the nutritional merit of nuts that prevention organizations and health promotion and nutrition recommend consuming 1 to 5 servings per week of these foods to natural , noting its link in the prevention of cardiovascular disease .… Continue

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El Limón (Citrus limonun Risso , Citrus limon ( L. ) Burm. , Citrus medica) is a miracle product to kill cancer…


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The Reciprocative Power of Vibration

I am in a sticky position right now. Having completely left my 9-5 job, I am now left to my own devices to sustain myself. I am a photographer....not a world-renowned one, mind you...but it is how my Soul has called me to contribute to the world.

The first couple of weeks, I let go, felt good and did not harbour any anxiety about my process whatsoever. Miraculously, calls started coming in, I was asked to submit material in a promotional book, I started putting together…


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Think on This 7/30/10

Think on This ...
Ideas may be as thoughts, made criminal or miracles. Be sure the ideal is proper. Follow that irrespective of outside influence. Know self is right, and then go straight ahead.

Edgar Cayce Reading 1739-6

Added by Mark Seebach on July 30, 2010 at 11:56am — No Comments

DO YOU BEAT UPON YOURSELF? Negative self criticism is SLOW SUICIDE!

Do you beat upon yourself?

Are you playing the game of negative self-judgment and self-condemnation?

In my experience it's one of the main causes of conflicts, confusion, suffering and health problems.

Let me tell you what I've learned both with myself and with the many people I've been working over the… Continue

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Iran Stoning Case Gets Worse – Ashtiani Convicted of Murder, Attorney in Hiding

Like the international community, over at Care2 we have been following the tragic story of Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, a mother of two sentenced to death by stoning in Iran for…


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Receive Free audio course in Emotional healing and education

In our society, we have been raised to operate primarily "inside our brains"…

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fruits -de- karite_500.jpg

We continue to stress the importance of medicinal trees to treat disease, and which have recently been several studies that have brought to light their properties. On this occasion we refer to the fruit of shea (Vitellaria paradoxa), a tree growing in Africa but whose benefits are…


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Flashback (Lifeforce part 2)

("In Search Of Lost Time" by bogenfreund)

« Lifeforce » is the story of a personal catastrophe, an individual end of the world, beginning from a state of inspiration and hyperactivity, through doubt,…


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Don't Ask : Don't Tell - or you'll get kicked out of the Military

Dear Humanity Healing,

Members of Congress are coming home in August. They need to hear from you.

Your compassion and conviction can have a huge impact.

Watch our video and then take action for equality.

We're counting down to the end of this Congress. With the 2010 election approaching, we don't have much time, and our lawmakers need to hear from us – right away.

Why? Because though critical bills may be moving in Congress, we need… Continue

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Filling In The Gaps

Filling In The Gaps

live your best life One reason people become unhappy is that they feel there is a large gap

between their current life and what they think life should be. People

want to feel and experience progress and when progress slows down,

people become still, stop doing productive habits and start… Continue

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Secret Of The Pyramids ...& more :)


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Think on This 7/29/10

Think on This ...
For, those things that are as hindrances or troubles MUST be turned into stepping-stones, and not stumbling-stones; else a soul falls backward rather than progresses.

Edgar Cayce Reading 2331-1

Added by Mark Seebach on July 29, 2010 at 11:25am — No Comments

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