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Think on This 10/11/10

Think on This ...
Watch, that ye be not overcome. Watch and pray, for as the Father giveth so does the understanding come as to what may be accomplished in the efforts of the self in relationships to others; and ye are the light bearers for Him.

Edgar Cayce Reading 262-26

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Beyond the 10-10-10 Stargate

To YOU Who Have Re-membered Your Beauty! From beyond knowing you emerge into being. Having released all that you were before you enter this new domain of life shimmering! Luminous. Transparent. Radiant, crystalline—carrying…


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Think on This 10/10/10

Think on This ...
. . . in thine own heart there comes those things that would make afraid. But fear is of the earth. The spirit of truth and righteousness casteth out fear.

Edgar Cayce Reading 397-1

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RSA Animate - The Empathic Civilisation (YouTube)

peace, love, light AND empathy =) to and for… Continue

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Pumpkin Festival

Dear Everyone

The streets filled with tourists from all over who came to view the pumpkins and experience the festivities. There was music but I didn't go to it (Friday). I did however walk downtown and view the pumpkins. I also took some photos which I will share with you here.

There was a Pumpkin Parade on Saturday. I watched the police drive by with their sirens wailing. There were a variety of floats from a hayride with children waving from the back of the wagon, to other things… Continue

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"Who AM I? "

Yes, the planets have influence especially if you let them. So does the TV and Internet news, if you allow them.

Reently I have enjoyted the book by Dr. Paul Brunton, who searched through India for the true sages and Yogis.

His search began in 1931 as he crossed India several times finally finding a true Yogi who was filled with love, wisdom and true to his path of seeking the Self…


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Efforts - Good one - Author Unknown

Dear All,

Good evening to all of you and have a divine blessed day ahead....

A giant ship engine failed. The ship's owners tried one expert after another, but none of them could figure but how to fix the engine.

Then they brought in an old man who had been fixing ships since he was young. He carried a large bag of tools with him and when he arrived, he immediately went to work. He…

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Alternative Answers: Demystifying Diabetes

Alternative Answers: Demystifying Diabetes

Diabetes is the result of a metabolic disorder in which blood sugar

(glucose) levels are above normal. A fasting blood sugar test

measures the amount of sugar (glucose) in your blood after you fast

for eight hours. Your fasting blood sugar is normal if it's 70 mg/dL

to 100 mg/dL.

If your fasting blood sugar is 100 mg/dL to 125 mg/dL, you may… Continue

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Think on This 10/9/10

Think on This ...

If it is held . . . as a cross, it will remain as one . . . with individuals where there is in their experience crosses to bear, hardships or surroundings that to them are overpowering, overwhelming, by slights, slurs, and fancies of the inactivity of a coordinating force. If these are held continually as crosses, or as things to be overcome, then they will remain as crosses. But if they are to be met with the spirit of truth and right in their own selves, they should… Continue

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Just a quick note, not a spiritual blog, as such, but be aware of someone called lindy wast, who wants ur email addy, then spins u a sob story of parents being killed in africa, and needing money for her family, over a million dollars! She/he/they pretend to come in love and play on ur heart strings. DONT give then ur email, DONT send them money, Please have more common sense than i did, i didnt give them anything, but my email, which i have now blocked, Dont fall for it! Helping humanity,… Continue

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Creating Heaven on Earth ~ New Earth

We have been taught by Christ

that the kingdom of Heaven is in our hearts.

This is what I have learned here on Earth....

That as we interact with each other


~ pure sacred love ~

Heaven on Earth

comes into being one person at a time.



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Multilethalead (Octoccata part 8)

("Label from a bottle of O·c·t·a·T·o·n·i·c" by Christopher Stewart, using a picture of William Henry Fox Talbot by Antoine Claudet)

The eighth and final movement of « Octoccata » is entitled « Multilethalead » and…


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10:10:10 Stargate Opening Webcast

Teleseminar: Phone or Webcast

10am HST, 1pm PDT, 4pm EDT

Approximately 1.5 hours

Recording available to all registrants

Register for Webcast @ www.RealityCrafting.com/Beth

The significance of this 10:10:10 Stargate opening is such that we, the Council of One, encourage you to power up your I AM Presence. In the alignment of your many selves with Your Self, then come into alignment with the I AM of All in… Continue

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Why is it that you are not channeling your Higher Self, your I Am Presence or your Own Source Being?

Why is it that you are not channeling your Higher Self, your I Am Presence or your Own Source Being?…


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What Kind of Day Shall I Choose Today?

What Kind of Day Shall I Choose Today?

Today I can complain about my health,

Or I can celebrate being alive.

Today I can moan that it is raining,

Or be joyful at all that grows from the rain.

Today I can regret all I don't have,

Or rejoice in everything I do.

Today I can mourn everything I…

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Think on This 10/8/10

Think on This ...
(Q) Please explain for me what is meant by "soul-mate" . . .
(A) Those of any sect or group where there is the answering of one to another; as would be the tongue to the groove, the tenon to the mortise; or in any such where they are a complement one of another--that is what is meant by "soul-mate." Not that as from physical attraction, but from the mental and spiritual help.

Edgar Cayce Reading 1556-2

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Music Makes the World Go 'Round

Tonight on Onefeather Journal Radio!

New Moon Music: A new series of shows presenting new music and the musicians who are committed to the evolution of human…


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Think on This 10/7/10

Think on This ...
Keep the mental forces in accord with own higher self, and rise above the conditions that would beset the mind, for if we would give of our best to those who depend upon us we must have bodies physically fit, and minds above the lower level. Do that!

Edgar Cayce Reading 3991-1

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Marimbariation (Octoccata part 7)

("Athletics tracks finish line" by Petey21)

« Marimbariation » takes its name from the brief passage featuring the marimba that leads this seventh movement of the « Symphony of Eights. »

Once the percussive instrument concludes its opening…


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Tips for Lowering Cholesterol

Tips for Lowering Cholesterol

1. Substitute 2 egg whites for 1 whole egg in baking

2. Try lean ham, Canadian bacon, turkey bacon and reduced fat sausage

and bacon instead of regular sausage and bacon.

3. Season vegetables with lemon, garlic, onion, chives or pepper

instead of animal fat.

4. Have cooked dry beans and peas instead of meat occasionally; or

substitute for part of the meat in… Continue

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