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Polaris Project : eNewsletter - Nov 30th, 2011



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The Speech about Muscle Fuzz - Why we do Yoga!

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HH STREETteam & SACREDspace Studio Support the Yoga FREEDOM Project


BENEFITING: Somaly Mam Foundation

EVENT DATE: JAN 01, 2012



Uniting the yoga community to raise awareness and funding to put an end to sex trafficking!


SACREDspace Studio TN, the Yoga Freedom Project and Off the Mat NY have partnered up with The Somaly Mam Foundation ( to create a global yoga…


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Meditation: Gifts of Gratitude: 7-Pointed Star Grid from Divine Mother's Cosmic Goddesses of Light

source material:

December 2011

Dear Friends,

Happy Holiday Season to All!

For our December Newsletter, we present excerpts from the 11/11/11 Stargate Gateway Portal Day Channeling…


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Ophiuchus Our 13th Constellation Logo


Ophiuchus Our 13th Constellation




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Essential Oils For Your Yoga Practice

Essential Oils For Your Yoga Practice

Essential oils are the pure essence of plants, extracted for their healing, cleansing and magical properties. The olfactory nerves in the brain work by transporting us, encouraging us or relaxing us through the power of scent. In order to benefit from all the rich aspects essential oils have to offer, it is important to look at each structural source as an individual and unique frame of reference. The therapeutic "signature" of each plant,…


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SACREDspace : December 2011 : The 411 on Yoga & Conscious Parenting



            Yoga can very easily become part of a conscious parenting roadmap to complete wellness for parent and child. Intentional Conscious Parenting shares ideas on raising…


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About the Internet and Censorship

Click here to sign your name:

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Why We Get Upset


Very good to know!




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Time honoured for healthy living .."Health Tips" - Part-1

Dear All,


Our ancestors have followed a number of simple time-tested methodologies as shown by our Scriptures, that ensure a disease free healthy and happy life.


Introducing a new section to share this knowledge with you all....


1. Yogurt: Set curd (yogurt) is considered 'tamasic'(Dullness). But Ayurvedic Shastra (scriptures) says, if one suffers from unstoppable hiccups, give it…


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Magicians Do Their Work...

From the Light Work Passages

Magicians do their work in this world, helping to create the illusions that most of us have come to rely on. More than that, there are also those who have chosen to practice these false impressions as a perfect truth. It matters not for all will be shown up in the light and when the veil is lifted and the truth is revealed there will be those who will bow before it and respect and honour it for its true value, the value they’d seen and recognised all along…


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Hyper-Consciousness - Wake Up World





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my Sister of the Inner Sanctum


she said, "live now, or you've never been born".

a message I received from my inner council some months ago.

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collaboration and consensus

I have one major rule: Everybody is right. More specifically, everybody—including me—has some important pieces of truth, and all of those pieces need to be honored, cherished, and included in a more gracious, spacious, and compassionate embrace.
—Ken Wilber

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Artist: Shefqet Avdush Emini: Here you can see more

Interlnational Artist

Russia 2013

Konya, Turkey…


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What is a Mystic?

What is a Mystic?


A mystic is not a mysterious person but is one who has a deep, inner

sense of life and of his unity with the Whole. Mysticism and psychism

are entirely different. One is real while the other may, or may not,

be an illusion. There is nothing mysterious in the Truth, so far as

It is understood,…

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Some thoughts...

The diversity of human emotion is played in the theatre of characters of form identifying with the personified characteristics delivered in the spectrum of scientific expansion. The brain functions as the power source to idealize forms and ideas into experience. As the heart evolves in the understanding of the function of mind, the void interlinks facets of communication with higher intelligences. Allowing one to evolve consciously into a new spectrum of reality. Yet the evolving…


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These are the things I have learned so far thorough all my life presented in a compact manner . Of course it is my own experience . Hope you'll enjoy it 




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Astro-Chakra Synergy System weekly reading 28 Nov - 4 Dec

After you read all the words breathe in the symbols into your sacral chakra for full integration.

Shared with love...

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The Day the Earth Stood Still-Galileo and the secrets of Hermeticism

The Day the Earth Stood Still

Galileo and the secrets of Hermeticism

By Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince
July 2011



Galileo’s prosecution by the Church for promoting the heliocentric theory – that the Sun sits at the centre of the Solar System encircled by the Earth and other planets…


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