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REKI A healing service for LA HUMANIDAD Aug 23 ' 06 2: 43 PM for everyone

Published by Dr. Erik Espinoza - Centre for comprehensive medicine - Guatemala

Our hands means the heart of the Galaxy. They are part of that dimension, or are that dimension. Many think that hands are only for receiving, but have the greatness of giving beyond themselves, until the universe is full of so many possible hands. The universe is so wonderful and… Continue

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Think on This 12/26/09

Think on This ...
Do not rail at anyone. Do not hold grudges. Do not hold ANY of those tendencies that have so long made for disturbing conditions in the experience.

Edgar Cayce Reading 1311-1

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Containers of Infinity

We exist in an infinite stream of energy, the divine energy of creation. All of nature is teeming with this infinite energy that we as humans are intricately connected to. However, due to the nature of separation consciousness and the human ego’s insistence that the physical world is the sum total of reality, most people believe that they are cut off from the infinite energy of creation. Since our thoughts and beliefs determine our experience of reality, the infinite universe mirrors a reality… Continue

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God Himself came into the world and took abode in an infant….


... through Bertha Dudde - 24.12.1963

God Himself came into the world and took abode in an infant….

Remember My coming into the world with gratitude and joy, for it signified for you an act of immeasurable love and compassion, a light came to you which was intended to illuminate for you the path out of the spiritual darkness of night.... an era of utter hopelessness came to an end for you humans and a new period of development began....… Continue

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The Twelve Holy Days*

The Twelve Holy Days*



A belief commonly prevails that December 25th, celebrated as Christmas, brings to a close the spiritual festival of the mid- winter solstitial season. This is not true. It only marks the beginning or the entrance upon a period of deep significance. That period is the twelve-day interval between Christmas and Twelfth Night, days which embrace… Continue

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By Kathryn Williams, Divine Coraline

It’s 7 a.m. on Saturday morning and your phone starts ringing. Who could it be but your mom stressing about the latest doomsday email forward in her inbox? You roll your eyes and thank the good heavens you’re not a worrywart like your mother- until three days later when you find yourself losing sleep over what you’d do if that new computer virus did wipe out your hard… Continue

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Meat the truth


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Marty's Christmas Day Message


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Tale to Understand - The Power of Prayer

Dear To All,

Good evening to all of u and have a divine blessed Christmas, divine, harmony, happiness filled 2010 ahead…..


Louise Redden, a poorly dressed lady with a look of defeat on her face, walked into a grocery store. She approached the owner of the store in a most humble manner and asked if he would let her charge a few groceries. She softly explained that her husband was very ill and unable to work, they had seven children and… Continue

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~MySpace Angel Report~*~Today In Our Search For JESUS CHRIST~


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Think on This 12/25/09

Think on This ...
The joy, the peace, the happiness, that may be ours is in doing for the other fellow. For, gaining an understanding of the laws as pertain to right living in all its phases makes the mind in attune with Creative Forces, which are of His consciousness. So we may have that consciousness, by putting into action that we know.

Edgar Cayce Reading 262-3

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thank you in purple Pictures, Images and Photos Continue

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Happy Cristmas and Peaceful New year

Wish you calm and peaceful ending of year and Sucesful New year :) There is one song I wish to share, its in this webplayer. Song called: March for Justace :) enjoy

Find more music like this on Warrior's of the… Continue

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The infant Jesus....


... through Bertha Dudde - 24.12.1953

The infant Jesus....

A Saviour was born to you, the Redeemer, Who descended from above in order to set you free and bring salvation to you. You humans suffered utmost adversity for you were held captive by Satan, you were in his power and lacked the strength of will to free yourselves from him.... Your souls were ailing and a Physician had to come to heal you; a strong Saviour had to come to release… Continue

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News Flash!!! Humanity Healing Christmas Party Caught on Film!!!

Unbeknown to the revelers at the Humanity Healing Christmas Party, secret cameras were documenting the festivities. Chris, Liane, Charlie, Debbie and Stefanie started off the evening with some seasonal carols.

Send your own ElfYourself…

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Think on This 12/24/09

Think on This ...

Remember, healing--all healing comes from within. Yet there is the healing of the physical, there is the healing of the mental, there is the correct direction from the spirit. Coordinate these and you'll be whole! But to attempt to do a physical healing through the mental conditions is the misdirection of the spirit that prompts same . . . But when the law is coordinated, in spirit, in mind, in body, the entity is capable of fulfilling the purpose for which it enters a… Continue

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Christ and the Coming New Age

Christ and the Coming New Age

The energy of the Christ last came in the Age of Pisces, "the sign of the Divine Intermediary." The Christ's major work, some two thousand years ago, was the establishment of Right Human Relations. The Principle of Goodwill, invoked by Humanity each year at the June Full Moon, is the way this work will be implemented and completed.

The Christ came in Pisces, saying, "I am the Light, I am the Way" and heralding the birth of a… Continue

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Living in a time, and society that values fast pace, production, action, and movement as a way of life produces results that usher people into a state of being dead while breathing. It is a strange disconnect experienced by millions of Americans who seem to work harder and harder and suffer deep assaults into their souls. Being a super power implies several things at once. The first thing an outsider assumes about our American lifestyle is… Continue

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Buy Food and Get Paid


Listen to last night’s Corporate Conference Call and hear for yourself:

Paste the link into your browser and turn up your speakers



The Grocery Store of the Future is No Store At All...


Here are… Continue

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Think on This 12/23/09

Think on This ...
It is not what one says that counts, but what one is!

Edgar Cayce Reading 524-2

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