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If you give an Apprentice some Fairy dust…

Here I am at 49 just getting back to where I began as a child, seeing and believing in Fairies. Yes I am a confident man, in myself and my abilities. Why then should I want or even care that Fairies are real and in our world. Hope, is a good reason, that they are here gives me hope that humans have a chance to live in a world of peace and happiness.

I do have the sight that allows me to see supernatural beings. Most folks do they just reason away the special things that happen in our…


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We Live in a Magical World

By, Walks With Thunder

As we walk though life we filter out so much of it. It is theorized that our eyes take in 80,000 pieces of information and sift that down to 20,000 useable pieces of information. I suppose it’s like the sense of smell, if a fragrance is there long enough we don’t notice it anymore. We are used to not seeing the magical and wonderful in our lives that we don’t actually notice when it’s right in front of us. When we do notice we just…


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The Prosperity Blessing.

Most of us want it, we try to Feng Shui our way to it. I have heard of folks putting coins in the corners of your home to attract monetary prosperity. There are some who say changing the position of furniture in a room can make that happen as well. Of course you can always pay a few hundred dollars and buy the latest secret of prosperity on late night TV. This year I even gave myself a prosperity blessing.

What I found out about prosperity is not a secret. You can just make up your…


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From the Editor: I first met Andy (Walks with Thunder) last fall when I interviewed him for the paper. It was a usual day for him, you know – clearing the weather, doing healing, and telling stories. For me it was the remarkable start of my friendship with him, his shaman grandfather’s spirit, and the presence of the thunder spirits in my life. Over this past year, I have heard many testimonials, thanks, and reports on healings &…


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The Spirit of a Thunder Spirit

By Jai Tiger Deardorff, Editor

The Blue Star Gazette

One of the great blessings that I have in my work is meeting so many different kinds of people expressing a diversity of work that in its great common heart has one purpose. Sometimes as I travel to meet people, I am not sure what to expect.…


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Testimonial to Changing The Weather 101

When I was new at this weather control ability I had a friend in Canada email me and ask for my help, here is a copy of her email:

To: WalksWithThunder; Gray Buzzard; Can’t dance (Their names changed, mine is the same)

Subject: Kelowna fires

Hi Shamanic friends:

My friend in Kelowna tells me they lost another 200 homes last night to

fire. On a suggestion from her shaman in town (his name is Preben) I did a

journey last night to help calm…


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Changing the weather 101

As many of you have noticed our weather has been changing on its own. If we can believe a man who claims to have invented the internet, our planet is in trouble. Our recent category 5 Hurricanes and record numbers of tornados as well as record high temperatures would all seem to support a growing trend that could actually make me believe a politician could be right about the weather. Then again I am not used to trusting that sort of person and can take care of the weather with the help of my…


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