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God Never Disposes

Many a time we face situations that are far from our expectations. It is sometimes said: "Man proposes and God disposes." But i have a different take on this issue. God never disposes; H/She is so intensely loving that nothing but the 'good' of the child could be the divine design.

Just pause, and offer your heart to the Divine Light to disclose to you the deeper purpose and intention for the unpleasantness in a particular phase of life. You will see that from within the inner voice…


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Live Your Ideal!

My greatest JOY is working with the street children of Calcutta who embody the Bliss and Purity of our souls. They are the ones living on the streets braving the scorching sun or the lashing rains or the biting cold have survived and live daily life with so much positivism and joy and never complain to God why He has been so unkind to them!

They are my teachers, my gurus. They teach me the highest principles and ideals that are in scriptures for to me they represent the stark…


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Turning Our Life Into A "Live" Experience!!!

We all have been practicing (doing practice) for quite sometime. Now is the time to access the next level of awakening to ‘live our practice’.

‘Doing’ often results in being ritualistic. 'Living' most often leads to revelation. 'Doing' could be mechanical, another act of regular routine, robotical, but 'living' is vibrant with the elixir of life, it springs from the root of the being within.

When we live, it is like we are seeing our most favorite celebrity on…


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Your Aura Decides Who You Are

Let us not forget that we are essentially vibrational beings of light, that is aura, and our Karma or our thoughts and deeds are creating the aura that we carry, invisible to untrained eyes, but visible to Beings of Light, ascended Masters and Angels. We receive what we receive on the basis of our aura, and that is how we are identified, not as black or white, rich or poor, educated or illiterate, Indian or American, Hindu or Christian, it is our aura which decides who we…


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Coming Home to Our Self

Meditation is the magic key that unlocks the treasure house of our sacred shrine in our own Being. Once a person realizes the futility of searching and controlling the outer in vague efforts to be successful, happy and peaceful, then comes that turn around! The seeking now comes home! Now we are closer to our Self than ever.


Because we moved away from our Self, we were unhappy, now we are coming closer to our Home within, we start to feel the aroma of our soul. The fragrance…


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Are You Suffering from the "Not as good as someone else" Syndrome?

Most of us hurt ourselves and put the blame on others. A little heart searching will show how we belittle our own selves, feel guilty, and at times suffer with 'not as good as someone else' syndromes. A simple logic is, if we don't respect ourselves, love ourselves, forgive and release our past,  we will continue to carry the poison within, and create the wrong vibratory field to attract the devils from the world and then curse, "Oh! God, Why me?" 




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Is Compassion the Same as Love?

As you begin to rise above your lower instincts and stop living for the sake of selfish desires, you start feeling the pains and agonies of others. An inner process of expansion has begun. Your ego is melting.

When selfishness melts, you flow with compassion because true compassion is the natural state of your being. Without being blinded by your small self, the ego, you are able to see beyond apparent evil manifestations. You become more sensitive to light. You begin to see light…


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Grow, Grow, Grow!!!

The Life is ever new like a running creek! Nature is recycling everything all the time. She is the dancer who never rests. Her dance is creation; preservation and then recycling back to creation!! Nothing is destroyed. I am not the same person that I was yesterday, nor are you!! Billions of cells are renewed, trillions of atoms are recycled.

But “I” the witness has not changed. Knowing your Witnessing Self as the quintessence of Life, embrace all the change that would help you…


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Moving from Seeking Attention to Paying Attention!

After having travelled to many countries and meeting people from different cultures and traditions, I see one thing in common with humanity; everyone is fishing for "attention", doing everything to draw the attention of others.


We are all so used to feeding ourselves through the appreciation and attention of others, as if our existence depends upon how much the other recognises our worth. We have grown in age, crossed the phases of life, but still our…


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Your Turn Is Right Around The Corner

As we look out of the windows we see people who have touched peaks of success and are celebrities. When we see this it is important to watch, and ask ourselves "What is the feeling in my heart?" If we appreciate another's success and fill ourself with thoughts of our success (in what small measure it is today) then we are inviting the energies and the angels who will work to make our life filled with dreams come true. We have a great mindset if we are not jealous of others' success, but know…


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Bliss Is.........

There is gross difference between pleasures and bliss. Pleasure is born out of sensual interaction with the objective world. It is sense bound, hence, limited and transient. Though very exciting to begin with it always ends in pain and sufferance. Bliss on the other hand is the aura of the soul or the spirit within. The gateway to the realm of bliss is spiritual awareness. It is mindfulness, it is meditation, it is prayer and gratitude, it is unconditional love that gives birth to the…


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Christ, The Universal Master

As the world prepares for the celebration of the advent of Jesus the Christ my heart sings the praise to the Master, who was truly a servant of his followers, his compassion like fragrance of fresh bloomed lotus, his love like a warm hug of most loving father-mother, his presence, as the very soul of one's own Self, always available to one who seeks the Light that he embodies. May we evoke that Light in our hearts and allow it to spread and heal the suffering humanity, millions and millions…


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Mindfulness Is To Be Non-Interfering!

Positive thinking is not always wishful thinking. Look back! Many of the wishes that you had were fulfilled and with each fulfilled wish some agony came that is possibly still persisting! True positive thinking is to grow in consciousness of living in the moment and accepting things as they are and not as how you wish them to be.

You have been trying to fix your life and the life of others; now move one step up. Practice being the witnessing self and accepting life as it is without…


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MIndfulness: A Rational Approach to Mysticism

Mindfulness is the call of awakening! It is a call of the inner world to come closer, to peep into the space within, where lies the solution for all the agonies of life. My understanding of mindfulness is that it is the most rational approach to the world of mysticism. It is to go through the path of psychology to the world of cosmology, to the world of eternal existential delight. Yes, you and I are born for it. Born to help each other to be mindful of the very purpose of human birth in a…


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The One You Feed!

I was deeply touched and moved to read a wonderful teaching from and Indian (Cherokee) chief, which i thought i would share with all of you, for it has a message that can completely transform our life from resistance to acceptance to transcendence.

“An old Cherokee Chief was teaching his grandson about Life.”A fight is going on inside me,” he said to the boy. “It is a terrible fight, and it is between two wolves. One is evil; he is anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed,…


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You have rights to duty but not to rewards thereof

Mind has a tendency to feel depressed if the outcome is not as per our plans or expectations. But let us take note of the Wisdom “You have rights to duty but not to rewards thereof” -Gita.

If we find time to sit quietly and connect to Divine within, then we will learn to trust in the infinite intelligence of the Divine and put all our heart into our efforts and leave the results to the safest hands of the Universe. True success is when we are no longer clinging to results but…


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Grow in Trust, Glow in Trust

As one travels the arduous path of Spirit and Light, it is a must for any seeker to move from Untruth to Truth. To do this one must be consistent, devoted and committed to the Truth Within.

Trust is not the output of the ego mind; it is the fragrance of the Soul or Spirit. At first you may not trust God or the Universe; you may not trust that the Divine only wants what is best for you. But you will gradually grow in trust, glow in trust, as you will come closer and closer to…


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Stop Calling It Meditation....

The heart of meditation practice is to do only that which you are doing - to be there, where you are. We have various interpretations of meditation all over the world and the practitioners keep adding to the list of the different techniques that could be adopted for meditation. More than a technique, it is an art. It is highly individualistic and original. Every practitioner of meditation is indeed individualistic and original. No one in this world is like the other. That brings about the…


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No Co-incidences, only God-incidences!

There is nothing like coincidence in this world of perfect mathematical precision. Everything happens for a purpose. The wise ones see the happening as the peripheral dynamics of these ever-changing phenomena of life and remain untouched by them; this is purely a state of being in perfect harmony with the nature, with the forces of the Universal Principle.

To be wise is to be a witness. Witness of all that is in ever changing flux of life. Meditation over a long period of time…


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