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It's Not too late to have a happy Childhood Krsna's pastimes set to music

These are some You tube videos that are easy to learn.

Sing them all day long while you do you chores and duties.


In this way you will understand that going back to godhead is not some fanciful dream---

you will live in Goloka in this very life right now.

No more being in the material world at all---

check them out learn them and feel the bliss.…


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Matter is Imperson Spirit is Person

How do we understand the difference between matter and spirit?

Matter moves according to prearranged rules that were laid down since the beginning of creation.

These rules were originally created by Lord Brahma who first realized these rules by performing TAPA.

When Brahma was born on the lotus flower

That emanated from the Naval of Maha Vishnu

He didn't know where or who he was.

When he realized he was seated on a Lotus that grew out of the water,



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Creation of a thought form-- Use of triangles in meditation

One person elects themself the leader

Then two more people join together with that one person

This creates three

the holy trinity

from the triangle all manifestation has been created

In the beginning is the magnificent Shri Yantra



Nine intersecting triangles

you practise tratik-- staring at the yellow triangle in the center

and you project your conciousness there

and begin worshipping the goddess the…


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Don't Give Up

If Krsna favors a devotee then he puts them under pressure and extreme difficulty.

Pure devotees have moral principles. They believe in fair play and honesty.

And the evil dark side seeks to torture those pure devotees for their honesty.

It is not a sin to suffer. To hurt others and cheat others is the sin.

This is the real reason that Krsna appears in the material world, to protect to His devotees from the suffering and torture they endure on His…


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Wake Up from the dream sleepers

How long will you sleep in the lap of the witch of seperation from one another ? Be different yet also be one be both and join together with your fellow healers.

You can be a lonely straw and easily broken.. But when you band together a whole bunch of straws you have a solid broom and its very difficult to break.

Alone we are a spark and easily blown out, but the more you blow on a fire the stronger it burns…


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