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Let’s Exercise your Manifesting Muscles!

Do you sometimes feel like a manifesting coach potato? While you may have already manifested some wonderful things you wanted in your life, there is another level of manifesting you can experience. This next level starts with training your manifesting muscles; which are like any other type of muscle and will get weak when not exercised regularly. Some indications that you may be suffering from flabby degenerating manifesting muscles are vague intentions, feeling stuck in the same…

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The 3 Step Recommitment Ritual

So how are you doing with manifesting the life you desire? Are you having fun? Perhaps you have embarked on your Manifesting Journey and somewhere a long the way you have gotten side tracked. Maybe you got distracted by something more appealing, an offer you couldn’t refuse, or just sat down by the side of the road to rest, and now years later you’re still waiting for someone to pick you up and take you to your dream life.

If you feel that you have strayed from…

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3 Secrets to Increasing Your Financial Frequency

Secret #1 Send out the signal of abundance. Think of your body like a radio tower. What signals (ideas/feelings) are you sending out about your future financial situation? You thoughts are like boomerangs and return to you whatever you’re sending out. Just take 5 minutes to listen to what your head is saying and your heart is feeling about your financial future. Imagine what it would feel like to rest in the experience that for the past 10 years of your life you have had billions of…

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How to Abandon Laziness and Go For Your Dreams!

What do you fantasize about doing with your life? Who do you really want to be and what do you want to have manifested? How often do you fantasize about that ideal dream life your heart desires? The act of replaying your "Dream" is the first important step on the road to manifesting it. Dreaming is engaging your imagination to create a feeling with a situation that makes your heart SING!

A dream that works for you is one which is very clear about what you want,…

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How to Let the Universe Handle the “How”

As a conscious manifestor, your role is to clearly ask the Universe for what you want to manifest. Yes, the clearer your request is, the faster the Universe can support you in manifesting it into reality. The best news of all is that you do not have to figure out HOW you are going to attract, create or manifest whatever you have requested from the Universe.

This is the Universe’s role. You can simply set your intention of what you want, and just let go, relax,…

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How to Hold the Perfect Manifesting Intention

The key to consciously manifesting what your heart deeply desires is learning how to find the balance between your intention and your attachment to the outcome. A strong intention for something to manifest can lead one into getting overly attached to making or forcing their desired outcome instead of co-creating it with Divine Intelligence.

Letting go of the attachment and holding the feeling of your intention for several minutes consistently is how things…

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How do I elevate my game?

The center of our universe of consciousness is simply where we place our awareness. Therefore, we become the prime creator of our own inner universe once we consciously engage our evolution through self-healing. Any lifetime could have become the "master player" on the game board, but *we* chose it to be *this* lifetime. We can know this because you are reading this article now and I have written it using a body experiencing time in the year 2008.

The process of…

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Dimensions of time and erasing incarnations

Through bravely embracing our pain, holding it in our awareness and reclaiming our power associated with it, we can unravel the hidden fragments of our minds that extend out into other incarnations which exist solely as a means to process the pain. Once every trace of the fragmented pain is reclaimed and brought into full conscious awareness, we will no longer "need" the other lifetimes that were created only for the purpose of bringing the hidden pain into the light of awareness, and…

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A bigger picture view of Karma & "Re"incarnation

Because our consciousness is unimaginably vast, it will compensate for our refusal to embrace the pain of our past experiences in such a way that the pain can be explored, understood in the context of creating wisdom, and eventually transmuted so that the pain AND the energy that was used to suppress it are freed up to be used in unlimited modes of expression.

For example, a person who was molested as a child will usually suppress the memory of the experience…

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Things to Consider in Choosing Products for Brainwave Entrainment

Stress is a major part of our lives. It is something that we encounter in our day to day activities. Some kinds of stress are actually beneficial to us, especially those that will keep us motivated. However, there are also forms of stress that will bring about negative effects in our lives. Such kinds of stress when neglected could lead to certain ailments or even depression. Therefore, it is always best to know certain techniques to counter the effects of…

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Tips to Achieve Deep Relaxation Meditation

More and more people are looking for ways to learn deep relaxation meditation.
This is because there are a lot of effects one can
derive from such an activity. The main purpose of this kind of activity is to
reach a certain state in which it will provide you with deep relaxation,
relieving you of the stress that you…

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Embracing Pain as a Tool for Self - Transformation

Every person on Earth has lived through painful experiences. Pain and emotional suffering seem to be unavoidable on this planet, but what purpose do they serve? Is it possible that we actually choose to experience pain and suffering in order to overcome them? If that is so, then how do we overcome our pain and what will life be like without the emotions tied to our past holding us back? Hang on tight, because we're about to go down a quantum rabbit hole, and if…

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The 2 Types of Brainwave Entrainment

There are two general types of brainwave entrainment frequencies available in the market today: Binaural Beats and Pulsed Tones (known as Isochronic tones).

Binaural beats have been around for a long time, but they are being
replaced by pulsed (isochronic) tones for numerous reasons, of which…

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Creating a Superior Brain through Brainwave Entrainment

Did you know that your brain can be exercised in order to make yourself smarter,
have better memory, learn new information faster and be happier
overall? People all over the world are doing exactly that, and so can


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What You Need To Know to Master Your Mind

If you're wondering how to do this, there is a KEY to mastering the mind. The KEY to mind mastery is finding the center of your body, mind and consciousness....and staying there. Being devoted to it, especially when those 50 crazy horses pull you towards that velvet rut that keeps you stuck in victimization, righteousness, or pretending to be powerless. Now how does one change such deeply embedded habits? With one…

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There is a KEY to Mastering Your Mind...

Mind mastery is something we all would like to achieve, yet it's probable that only a few of us actually will. And why is that? Mastering the mind is like training 50 wild untamed horses with only one good rope and some sturdy cowboy boots. It takes a raw willingness to face the impossible each day, to meet your worst demons and greet them with a courteous "Hi, how are you doing? Would you like some tea?". It means…

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Success Doesn't Come to You... You go to it!

There are many ancient secrets behind the science of manifesting. The
first is that NOTHING is by coincidence or accident in this world.
Everything you experience is a manifestation from your thoughts,
intentions, and at the level your bodymind is vibrating. We attract and
create our experience based upon these three…

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Intention Homework To Manifest Absolute Success!!

1. Determine what you want to attract to you.
Do you want a new job? What kind of job? Do you want more money? How
much money? Do you want more peace in your life? Just pick one goal or
desire that you would like to manifest.…

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There are Basically Two Movements of Consciousness: Love & Fear. Love is Allowing What is and Fear is Resisting it

For today, I invite you to begin the process of attracting
what you want into your life faster and easier. First, start by
deciding what you REALLY WANT to manifest and practice holding that
thought AS IF it already manifested. Hold that thought for longer
amounts of time everyday this week. See if you can hold it for…

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If we don't change, we don't grow. If we don't grow, we are not really living. Growth demands a temporary surrender of security

Most people just wish something would change. They send out wishy-washy
energy with their words, thoughts and feelings, thus they get back
mediocre results and feel like a failure because they "tried" and worked
soooo hard to manifest their dreams. When you are focused, clear and
passionate about your desires (and…

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