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it is true i took time away from this community but it has been with me. gratitude to you all for your works here and beyond. peace love light be with you.

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In need of a mentor.

 I love that there is so much information available. I have no issues when it comes to other worldly teachers and helpers. Honestly I could use some help from a human such as myself. If you feel you could be this person please contact me. Thank you. <3

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A vision

Today I had a special experience that I would like to share.

Laying in my bed with my eyes closed I entered a state that I have not been in for some time. Starting through a bright gold color that is not in human awareness outside of the spectrum was shapes and writings long forgotten and lost that are now resurfacing and many others are becoming aware of. Then into a deep purple of royal attribute still outside of human seeing yet it exists, in waves as if it was water moving like…


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These times.

It is easy to get lost in the reality that is painted around us... thing is water colors merge when the rain comes then the sun dries it all and it is a blank canvas awaiting new artwork. This life is a challenge at times when we turn over our canvas to others. I am learning to just let go and let the day come as it does and the night. I am at a junction where I do not try to control the artwork that comes forth but to embrace what ever emerges from a higher power.

All my life I have…


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So much is happening and so much has happened. The sheer repetition is mind bogling. But a couple of days ago I had that moment where I looked in the mirror and saw beyond the outer and felt a joy I had been missing. Then it back to complications of humanity. I am not huge on the social interaction it is not the same for me as most. Seems I just like myself better without people around then again it is the toxic people that make me feel ill within and without and their insanity seems to be…


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Dreams do come true...

 Guess what? I will be attending college this fall! First I will be starting in human services then transferring to another college to become... a family therapist! So excited. I feel so blessed. Through everything, the storms, trials, and tribulations I have held onto a dream and it is becoming reality. For those of you out there down on your luck or feeling the pull hang in there! Great things come once you reach the other side of the mountain, most times it is not as high as it seems,…


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Greetings all!!!!

Yes it has been a great deal of time since I have time to write and check in BUT this time has been huge for my spiritual growth and development as well as mentally. Though I do not have tinme today, this moment to go into detail, I would like to send BIG TIME THANKS!!! to everyone that is working to take in all the negative influences and energy in this world to transmute it into love, kindness, and compassion. I am proud to be among you and know that the world is changing and growing in… Continue

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*This Girl* For my lovely!

*This Girl*

I have packed my running shoes, passed them on,

Now this girl is grown into a woman, I am ment to be,

I have travelled long and far, to be right back to me,

For someone to love me as…

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Greetings and Gratitude...

To all and every being who has done positive works! In my life and the lives of their own. It is easy to get caught up helping others and forget about taking care of oneself. I have learned that it is crucial for myself to take a breather and remember that one of the best ways to make change is in my own life and self, then the waves are set forth by my examples... So I would like to thank you all very much for the energy and love, as well as the guidance I have…


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Hardly any computer access.

Well I do not always have computer access so if you would like to keep in touch you can find me on yahoo messanger(via phone) lovelightspeace. Thank you all for your blessings through these trying times. I am hoping to soon have more computer access in November. As always love, peace, light, and Hope to all.



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Becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable....

Big changes happening in my life. If I ever had any doubts they would be gone for a lifetime. Light workers have definately been sending me messages, guidance, and waves of light and love. I am learning to overcome my mind sets in leaps and bounds, much appraciation and gratitude to all. If you are going through a hard time, prayer has helped me in my times of need, also learning to give to myself what I have always gave an abundance of to others, also living moment by moment. Forgiveness…


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Just a note to EVERYONE here, there, and everywhere.

I love you very much and have a deep appreciation for every moment that we exist on this planet together. Even the smallest effort on your part makes a difference for all of us, this planet, and our universe! So please never forget that I am grateful for you, you are a blessing to me.



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Embrace Death[prelude to change]

Since as far back as I can remember I had an affinity for death. Many have not understood my view on it, I have been bashed verbally many times for my acceptance of it. So as I lay trying to get some rest the words formed in my mind to help me understand my view and how to share it. Though it is my experience, my view, it belongs to all.

My estranged father passed away almost 10 years ago, two days before my birthday. He had heart issues and knew the time was…

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~ Vacation ~ Need a good laugh?

A man and his wife went on vacation to Jerusalem.

While they were there, the wife passed away. The undertaker told the husband,

"You can have her shipped home for $5,000, or you can bury her here, in the Holy Land, for $150."

The man thought about it and told him he would just have her shipped home.

The undertaker asked, "Why would you spend $5,000 to ship your wife home,

when it would be wonderful to be buried here and you would…

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** So amazing just had to share **

My "dreams" have been growing in intensity and movement the past few nights. They are usually long and full of information meant to help me and guide me. I feel that some of the information is intended for sharing so I will do just that....

* I had traveled to a between space/time there was a great wall of glowing colors before me that hummed and vibrated with beyond emotion. In the center of the wall a face(though it had no sure form) appeared to me and spoke. When I woke…

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Beings of Light...

In this day and age more people, even the scientific community are acknowledging the effects of energy on matter including the human species. Seeing as our brain and body communicate with each other in a way much like a circuit it should come as no shock(lol) that our thoughts can greatly effect our bodies as well as our minds. Even the saying "Mind over matter" gets thrown around alot.

For years people have tried to prove that what we eat, watch, listen to,…

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