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A Xmas Gift For All

Here is a little something special for you all. The benefits are amazing. You can download the free programs that interest you. Also makes a meaningful gift to your friends and family. Once you feel the difference it makes, you will want to take it to another level. Use this link and save it to your favorites. Please pass it on……….The more the better.…


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Please help put an end to inhuman behavior/

I’m sure you have read about the situation of Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, the Iranian woman who is at risk of being stoned to death or executed for her alleged crime of adultery. It seems that I receive petitions almost on a weekly basis about women in other countries who are also about to be stoned to death. I think it is time that we recognize that we ought not to sit quietly by and allow 50% of the population in these countries to be treated so horrifically. The website…

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Daily Practice - Affirmations

I have been asked or guided to post part of my daily practice with the intent and hope that it may serve either in its entirety or any portion thereof. If a particular affirmation resonates with you after having read it, take a moment to breath it in deeply with the intent it be rooted in your…


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Opportunity to travel on the Mothership Ashtara with the Galactic Federation Of Light New Years Eve

Hi everyone,

I have been offered a linkup for new years eve... from the Galactic Federation. The invitation for this linkup has already been sent out to all who registered for The Celestial Project and I was asked to contact you all in case you are not on this email list.

The linkup is very special as all who receive it will have their communication with the Family of Light and teams of ascended beings enhanced, so their service work to the divine plan for peace on Earth… Continue

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Self Inquiry - Fear or - H1N1


Self Inquiry

This may not be very coherent or fluid, I seem to be all over the place and I am not going to stop. Excuses be gone! Fear of ridicule, be gone!

It all started with all the propaganda on the H1N1 vaccine. Boy what a reaction. “What right does anyone have to impose that we (I) be vaccinated?” So after I got through that one, I had to stop and ask myself what is so threatening about all this. Why does it make me feel so vulnerable?… Continue

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Will You Choose Heaven or Hell on Earth?

When we are looking for healing of the body, we are really asking for a miracle. A miracle is a change in perception, or thoughts in the ego mind. It is our distorted thoughts that distort our vision. Reaction of any kind comes from the ego mind. The reaction is to a thought, a belief. The ego feels like it is being threatened or attacked through the contradictions of “my” little story. So healing of any kind begins with a miracle, which brings the split or separated ego mind back into unity,… Continue

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Our Thoughts Make Us Suffer

February 08.09

My thoughts do not make of me who I am, rather, who I think I am. They are the reason I see what I see in the external world. (The situations or circumstances that I may label as my physical reality.)

Anything made out of fear is non-existent in Truth. Truth being the same or equal within the whole. When we believe the thoughts in our head, that have no meaning, other than the ones we have given to them, we (the ego) are separating ourselves from Truth.… Continue

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Tapping In, To Your Power (Strength)

February 04

You cannot see past the picture, if all you believe, is what you think you see.

We have given meaning to every-thing we see. Ex: visualize a spoon. Now ask yourself what it means to you? What is it for, its use, and its purpose? An obvious answer could be, "something to eat with". Question: Is that all it is? If the answer is yes, than you have limited the potentiality of the spoon. We do it all the time. We do not stop to question anymore. When we limit our… Continue

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You Can Always Choose Differently, Even In Moments Of Darkness

February 03.09

In moments of darkness and despair we may want to give up. Perhaps thinking, we are unable or unworthy of the task at hand. It is the obscurity in our vision and the feeling of separation, that we feel alone, that makes us feel that way. We have just lost sight of who and/or what we are in that moment. How long that moment lasts is up to each one of us. For we have been given free will. It is the ability to choose, at any given moment. The question then becomes;… Continue

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When I change the way I think, I change the reason I see what I see, the way I see it.

When looking at what would appear to be outside of myself (body) and consider it to be something else or “other” than myself, I am living in the illusion of separation.

Form would have us believe, that each thing we see, is different and separate. “One from the other.” Language and our need to label every little thing, so we… Continue

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Inspirational Moments: Do You Know That I Love You

January 21, 09 JK

Do you know that I love you?

How do you know?

I want to tell you that I love you, but how will you really know?

Are my words enough?

Is what I do enough?

How will you know?

Can you see me as I lie naked in the grass willing to feel the chill of the freshly fallen dew as it caresses my skin and know that to feel is my purpose.

Can you see the look of terror upon my face as I wade into uncharted waters… Continue

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