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Just In case you received one of these emails


I am coming today to tell you all what has been happening with me. I am very sorry I have to notify everyone about this.

Many years ago when I divorced my second husband and moved to the East Coast, one of my stepsons went crazy.  He could not accept the fact I could not live with his dad anymore.

Both of the stepsons are schizophrenics and both have been in the Mental health system for a while. One is completely…


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OMTIMES Experts is Live_Next Week's Workshops




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Have you tried Scalar Energy?


Thank you for reading this message.

I invite you to experience …

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Aggressive Surrender

By Karen Berg…


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Who Are the Nephilim?


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Fragrant Aids For - Past Life Recall

by June Kaminski, MSN…


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Awareness: The Key to Personal and Planetary Healing

Written by Bonnie Glass-Coffin Ph.D. & don Oscar Miro-Quesada 

The key to personal…


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Humanity Healing Under attack.

Dear Members,

I guess everyone knows that this community is an extension of our International Outreach and our contribution to the betterment of mankind, including the sharing of friendship, inspirational material, healing and knowledge. For years, since 2007 we have been working nonstop to take our concepts of a better world, beyond the general concept.

 As  many of you may also know, we have projects in Uganda, Pakistan, and Nepal. On those places, we deal with the dark side…


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Embrace the Astounding Strength of Kindness

Written by Karen Casey |

Three things in human life are important. 

The first is to 
be kind.      

       The second is to be kind.  



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What Are False Memories?

Written by Christopher French, Goldsmiths, University of London | 

Recent …


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Old Soul in the New Energy

by Bob Mangroo

OM Times 

Since December of 2012, planet Earth entered a new energy and a new consciousness. As we look at the world today, it is tempting to think of it as dark and falling apart. We are,…

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Fault-Finding and Judging Others: A Missed Opportunity to Love

Written by Thubten Chodron 

In order to stop pointing out others' faults, we have to work on our underlying mental habit of judging others. Even if we don't say anything to or about them, as long as we are mentally tearing someone down, it's likely we'll communicate…


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You Don't Have to Find Your Path, You're Already On It

Written by Karen Maezen Miller …

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Transforming Lives: Dealing with Emotions and Feelings

Written by Khenpo Kharthur Rinpoche

I am very happy that you have come here to the monastery to meet with me and talk about dharma and the World Peace. In the Tibetan tradition, the high-flying bird -- the hawk -- which you saw circling above the monastery, is also a very good sign.

I came to the United States twenty-two years ago. People…


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Decalcify and Detoxify Pineal Gland – The Third Eye

by Mystic Banana 

Nowadays, production of instant foods…

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You Can’t Escape Having Both A Dark Side & A Light Side


Written by Ragini Elizabeth Michaels |

Max pulled up to the Center for Global Public Relations. In thirty minutes he’d flip his inner switch and step on stage, stoked and ready to address an assembly of educators with…


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Choosing To Be In the World, But Not of the World


Written by Wayne Teasdale | 

Without doubt, there is great value in spirituality that…


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Humanity Healing Rescues Ugandan Albino Child from Ritual Sacrifice


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Moving Beyond Fear: How Does Fear Dominate Your Life?

Written by Susan Sosbe |

We must understand our fears if we really want to move on because that understanding is the prerequisite to self-knowledge, which alone is the only requirement for a harmonious relationship –…


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The Point of Life Is To Love: Moving Outside Our Safety Zone

Written by don Miguel Ruiz Jr. 

I have experienced a lot of life since I first started to apprentice in my family’s traditions. I have felt the ups and downs of life—from confrontations to harmony, from feeling anger and fear to happiness and love. I have learned…


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