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Concentrative Meditation Techniques

Concentrative meditation is a whole class of meditation techniques. In most meditation techniques, you are concentrating on one single object. This could be a candle flame, a visualized object, a word or phrase, a chant, the breath and more. When the mind wanders, you just keep going back to your object without judgment. 

In mindfulness meditation, you are typically also practicing concentrative meditation. However, when the mind starts taking you away from the object, you…


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Guided Grounding Meditation Technique for Healers

This grounding meditation technique will connect you to your own body and help you dissipate all mental chatter. It's a visualization exercise that will work as a powerful prep for any meditation technique. The exercise is especially effective for preparing for healing work. You are connecting with the core of the Earth and the starlight. The final stage connects your healing hands to your heart center. …


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Encourage Meditation at Work with Meditation Rooms and Wellness Hours

I often stress the importance of building a momentum of peace in daily life. Some employers understand exactly what I mean. These are the companies that implement meditation rooms and wellness hours policies. 

A meditation room is a room where employees can go to reconnect. They may do so for a few minutes a few times per day. There may be guided meditation CD's or just a simple place to recharge and/or pray. 

Wellness hours is a strategy that encourages stress…


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How to Meditate Deeply in Hectic Circumstances

Do you want to experience deep meditation that is bulletproof? Here are some tips. 

The first thing that you want to remember is that small actions that contribute to inner peace go a long way. Actions that contribute to peace include stretching, prayer, calming visualizations, reading text that inspires the soul, singing that favorite hymn from church, yoga poses and deep breathing exercises. 

Dedicate at least 30 seconds to five minutes out of each hour to…


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Enter a Theta Brainwave State in Seconds with a Simple Visualization

I'm a big fan of Vianna Stibal and her work with Theta Healing. She created a whole system of applications for the Theta brainwave state. These include psychic work (it makes psychic readings surprisingly easier to do), subconscious belief replacement, Law of Attraction manifestation work and physical and emotional healing. 

Here's a visualization that achieves the same effect as Vianna's more elaborate visualization. It will slow your brainwaves to somewhere between 4 and 8…


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Do You Run? Try Running Meditation

So many normal activities can be turned into meditation techniques, and running is one of these things. 


Runner's high is the experience of meditation during running. Many people experience it and don't make the immediate connection between the two.


Objects of focus vary in meditation. In running meditation, you are focusing on the breath and the sensations of the body while running. This is the immediate physical reality, and you are concentrating on that…


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How to Do Zazen Meditation - 8 Steps

Zazen meditation is the main technique in Zen Buddhism. It's a mindfulness meditation with an emphasis on harmonizing breath, mind and body. 


Zensters are really big on posture and building a physical foundation for meditation. 


How to practice Zazen


1. Get in a sitting position. It can be any of the following. 


Half lotus or full lotus (traditional in Zazen, but not medically sound for a lot of us)


Cross legged…


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What is Bhakti Yoga? History of an Egalitarian Spirituality

During the Vedic era and through the first few centuries AD, Indian spirituality was a monopoly that belonged to certain castes. It wasn't until after the Bhagavad Gita that spirituality became accessible to women and all people of all castes. 


Bhakti Yoga was the radical notion that the stringent rituals of the priestly castes was not necessary. All one must do is develop a personal relationship with the Higher Power. 


Yeshua, aka Jesus, introduced this same…


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Moon Gazing Meditation - Trataka Technique for Intuitive Development

Video below. The moon gazing meditation is an excellent technique for those who are developing their intuitive abilities. This is a Trataka (fixed gazing) technique.

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Breath Counting Concentration Meditation - Beginner and Advanced

Breath counting meditation enhances every spiritual discipline as well as the ability to focus on daily work tasks. Here's the beginner's method plus a more advanced method. Video and article…


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Secular Atheist Spirituality without God or Religion

I'm not sure how many in this metaphysical community consider themselves Atheist, but here's something that many Atheists seeking some form of spirituality can connect with. Atheism has more in common with mysticism, than, say, evangelicalism. Many mystics don't care about belief in God. The path is all about direct experience of the depths of human consciousness and even testing these subjective experiences empirically. …


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How to Practice Mindfulness Meditation Plus a Few Tips

The article and video below describe how to practice mindfulness and mindfulness meditation using a few different methods. There's a small handful of  variations, and they are pretty much covered here.More: How to Practice Mindfulness Meditation

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Guided Deep Breathing Meditation Technique for Accessing Inner Stillness

Video below. This is a deep breathing meditation technique that combines diaphragmatic breathing and meditation. There's an emphasis on accessing that deep inner stillness behind the thoughts, emotions, etc. This is the place where happiness comes from. We just have to access it on a regular basis. …


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The Preposterous Claims of Militant Skeptics

Ever been told you have no right to talk about spirit, intuition, etc or that you're delusional for doing so? We're going to debunk the debunkers here. This is a fun piece about the fundamentally flawed assumptions some members of the skeptical community base their attacks on.

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How to Stop Thinking So Much and Quiet the Mind

Thoughts are addictive. They suck us in and lead to new thoughts. It never seems to stop. Here's an article and video about how to stop thinking too much and quieting the mind using ancient methods that can be integrated into daily life easily.…


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Guided Loving Kindness Compassion Meditation

This is a loving kindness meditation that awakens your capacity for compassion. It may bring up a lot of emotional baggage. Just hang with it and realize that you are letting go of stuff that doesn't need to linger. You may even feel anger. That's A-OK. It's purification. …


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How to Open Your Third Eye Chakra - Guided Meditation

Opening the third eye chakra is not a one time activation. It's an ongoing awakening process. You'll experience lots of "openings". In this guided meditation, we start with a Theta brainwave state so that it's easier to work with the chakra. Video and article:…


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The Different Types of Meditation Techniques and How to Choose One

There are many types of meditation, and some get confused on how to pick a technique that they can connect with as a unique individual. Here, we go through all this stuff. The Different Types of Meditation Techniques and How to Choose One

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Tips for Super-Effective Meditation

Hi. I posted this on the Jedi group on mindbodyandthespiritworld which is also on the ning network. I felt like this was worth cross-posting on this network.

While I'm not busy, I'll add a little blurb about what I normally teach as a meditation trainer.

When you take out the linguistic and cultural differences between spiritual and stress reducing techniques, you have only a small handful of techniques.

As for the meditation portion of a given practice, the main… Continue

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