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Peace Day Preview Show

As part of the 100 Day countdown to the 2010 International Day of Peace observance, Peace Day Global Broadcast ( will post a two-hour preview of this years special event. The preview is broken in to 12 segments that… Continue

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Peace Builders of the Peace Day Global Broadcast.

This year's Peace Day Global Broadcast, themed around "Building Peace Through Sustainability," has attracted a holistic range of content providers who are capable of meeting many of the UN Millennium Development Goals. As "Architects of a New Dawn," you may know…


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Peace Day, Building Peace Through Sustainability

September 17th -21st at

Building on the success of the first ever “Peace Day Global Broadcast” in 2009, viewed by millions of people around the world, we are… Continue

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UN Peace Day 2010 Broadcast Sponsors

Building on the success of the first ever “UN PEACE DAY GLOBAL INTERNET BROADCAST” in 2009, which saw more than 2 million viewers, we are proud to announce the PEACE DAY 2010 event. Let us know if you'd like to participate, read the pdf attached to this page for complete contact, sponsorship, or participation details.

Established by U.N. resolution in 1982, "Peace… Continue

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Peace E-Currency ~ Futuro Peace Platform.

At the foundation of a sustainable & Prosperous society is it's economic model, it's socio-eoconomic model where economics defines society. The current industrial age model is exhausted, it has left with a withering planetary environment and a legacy of debt, to really create a sustainable prosperous society we need a sustainable economic model; the Information Age offers us that opportunity. Information eocnomies, use their own currency, trade, and exchange systems to… Continue

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Peace Day Broadcast

I just finished preparing the 1st ever United Nations International Day of Peace Global Broadcast, it begins today at 12:00 Noon (Sunday) in Los Angles, which is 3:00 pm in New York, and on the other side of the dateline it's 7:00 am (Monday, September 21st) in New Zealand! It will be replayed at midnight, and 12:00 noon Peacific (Los Angleses) Time on Monday September 21st, the official permanent International Day of Peace established… Continue

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U.N. International Day of Peace Gloabl Broadcast Information

September 21st is the UN International Day of Peace, and GetZooks along with, Culture of Peace, Unity Foundation, and others are planning on a 24 Global Broadcast for television, Radio, and Internet live stream ~ A Global Multi-Media Event.

You are encouraged to hold Peace Day Parties, they may even be a part of the broadcast heard around the world! If you're holding a Peace Party register it at…


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11th Hour Action: Balancing Profit, Planet, & People

The following Video is a response to the 11th Hour Action Video from Leonardo DiCaprio.

Humanity is in the 11th hour, we must begin to take innovative comprehensive action... across the board starting right NOW. Your video on Global Warming makes a good start, calling for cleaner energy production methods, and more education. Realistically, more is… Continue

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Water from Air - lets save the world!

Create water from thin air with an Atmospheric Water Generator. Never buy bottled water again. Save money and be sustainable using this unique and new water technology.

Never before has a product been offered with such mass appeal. A product that can literally change the world.

Visit this amazing technology at - if you purchase a unit then a donation will be made to… Continue

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Radio Show Guests WANTED for Peace Portal BTR Show

Blessings Friends,

We're looking for some New Dawn Architects who would like to be a guest on the Peace Portal Radio Network over BTR located at

If you have some special knowledge, a project, or soultion you wish to share please let us know and if approrpriate we'll schedule a show at your convenience. Our last shows provided global warming solutions, community interfaith solutions (see… Continue

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Peace Portal Radio


Join us on January 19th,20th, and 21st as Peace Portal Radio presents a three day special series on "The Information Age."

Over the three series show, we'll define what the Information Age is and means, the future it will most likely result in, and pathways for using technology to create a better, more sustainable world. Join our hosts, Victor Strange, the Charitable Director of… Continue

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Humanity & Technology, getting a Digital Soule

Blessings Everyone,

The Avatar Soules to make up the Free Digital Universe (FDU) are now staging at the charitable element of the platform. I'd like to invite those of the Humanity to first dibs on the Avatar username you wish, make sure to get the same one as you use here to extend your Digital Body (Self as expressed in Cyberspace) presence into the free space of the FDU - a place where humanity may meet on equal terms, transcending the competition of citizenry/nationality, and the… Continue

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About Money

Money as a medium of exchange has become truly the "measure of all things" in our world - it encompasses the measure of our sacred labor, and defines the rules (…


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Project Peace Portal

Peace Portal is a project designed to help fund, organize, and implement associated organizations working toward long term sustainable development. They Provide a space designed to encourage and reward acting consciously and cooperatively rather than egotistically and competitively.…


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