11:11 : The Diamond Grid and the "Sacred Heart" of the Planet

11:11 : The Diamond Grid and the "Sacred Heart" of the Planet

The Sacred Union of the Christos/Magdalena Energies
Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn

For Your Heart is the Creation matrix for the New Earth. It is from
and through your Hearts that you will create. It is in co-operation
with all the other Hearts on the Grid of Love that you will create
all that you desire Together."

Dearest Lightworkers, this was the message that we gave to you at
the 10:10 portal, as you moved through what we termed the "Diamond
Doorway" into a new and radiant level of consciousness. Now we can
say to you that at this time, on the 11:11, the Diamond Grid has
stabilized on Planet Earth. Because of your intentions and your
focus, you have healed and created this grid of Heart energy around
the planet in co-operation with Spirit and the Angelic Realms. The
work is complete. And now, because the Diamond Grid is stable, the
Sacred Heart of the Planet is once again stable and able to open out
and pulse with the love of the Source that comes to you through the
Heartbeat or pulses of the Great Cosmic Heart. Dearest Lightworkers,
we cannot tell you what joy is felt in the Higher Realms of Angelic
Love as we see the Sacred Heart of the Planet once more revealed in
Perfect Love. Indeed, the planet is entering into that blessed and
beautiful state of Sacred Union, where the Divine Feminine and the
Divine Masculine are in Perfect Balance.

This balance creates the power and the energy for the process of
Creation in a perfect and balanced way. Dearest Lightworkers, we
know that you have struggled to create in a balanced way, and that
has been because the balance was not there on your planet. The
mental or mind grid had become too strong, and those creations that
came from the Heart were not able to manifest in purity and balance.
And so, no matter how hard you tried, you never seemed to find that
path of balance and joy. But, over the past years of your
transformation, you have opened your Hearts and you have agreed to
hold the Heart energy so that the Heart Grid could once again become
a shining and beautiful reality on your planet. And we know, dearest
ones, how hard you have had to work in order to hold that energy as
it has connected up from Heart to Heart. We have seen how you have
opened your Hearts to the Divine Feminine and how you have opened
your hearts to each other. And so, you created a Shining grid of
Radiant Diamond Light that encircles the Planet, from Heart to
Heart. And, this Heart Grid which radiates Divine Unconditional Love
will be the Grid that will provide the foundation for the New Earth.
On this Grid you will create in Love and Harmony and with Divine

So, dearest ones, we celebrate with you the brilliant Diamond Light
and Radiance of the 11:11. We see this Radiance surround your Planet
as the Heart Grid is stabilized and takes shape once again. On the
12:12 of this Year...the Sacred Union or Marriage will be completed
on this Grid, and the Creation of the New Earth will flow out of
this Divine Sacred Union.

This will be a time of great power and joy - for the Balance will be
Held. The Balance will return. The Great Goddess or Feminine
Archetypal energy who holds the Balance in the Cosmos - Ma'at - will
once again hold the Balance of Love on your Planet. And, All Life
will return once again into a state of Balance and Divine Love. You
have made that Choice for yourselves!

Dearest ones, we will be giving to you a "Sacred Heart" meditation
in the next weeks which will enable you, as individuals, to work
with the Sacred Heart energies within yourselves, and as such, to
also work with these energies for the planet in preparation for the

At this time, we would just ask that you see the balance of
Masculine and Feminine energies on the Planet at this time as the
Balance returns. First, dearest ones, with the help of the Indigo
Children, you worked to establish the Christos of Christ grid on the
planet. This was a grid of pure awareness and Higher Consciousness,
that represented the Divine Masculine energies. It contained within
itself the energy of the Spiritual Warrior, and it enabled you to
reach for your Freedom to create beyond the limitations of the Third-
dimensional mental matrix, and to create from the power of your I AM
essence. It enabled you to connect with the Power within your being
and to open yourselves to receive more and more Light into your

And so, the work is done, and the Diamond grid shines around your
planet and the Sacred Heart shines with a brilliant radiance.

We ask you to see how the two grids, the Christos Masculine Flame
and the Magdalena Feminine Flame blend together. They are like
alternate pulses within that one heartbeat, and they come together
to create that perfect moment when the Two Flames of Love fuse to
Become One in the Manifestation of Source Love that you call
the "Twin Flame".

And so, dearest Lightworkers, if you ask, what does this mean for
you and your planet, we will say that it will mean that you will
begin to feel a softness and a gentleness and deep love returning to
your planet. You will begin to feel that flow of love and nurturing
that comes through the Magdalena grids, to lift your Hearts and
Spirits. The time of struggle will pass away, and you will feel how
you are supported and loved by the energy that flows from this new
Diamond Heart grid. Dearest ones, we ask you to open your Hearts at
this time! It is only with an Open Heart that you will be able to
connect with the Diamond Grid and feel the flow of the Heart energy
as it moves through you and surrounds you with the Love and Grace of
the Creator and the Abundance that comes through Love.

You will see this with the "eyes" of the Heart and not the Mind. In
time, the mind will come to accept the Love and Support of this
Shining Grid. It will come to feel the Love that pours from the
Sacred Heart of the Planet. And then, Humanity will awaken to the
Love within each and every Sacred Heart on the Planet, and then you
will Create a New Earth from that Love.

Dearest Lightworkers, this is your moment. Rejoice with us and feel
the Love and Support that flows to You at this time. You are
abundantly blessed!

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