Sure Fire Way To Motivate Yourself - Write It Down

A Sure Fire Form Of Self Motivation
Author : Donald Yartes

Put it into writing.
Psychologists have long found that not only do all ideas increase in strength through repeated reading and listening but also by validating each thought in writing. The written word seems to solidify the idea into a particular choice. Once a choice has been identified as valid, then the process of activation can proceed. Because of our ability to transfer ideas into writing, we are able to apply an additional force for steering toward brighter horizons. Reading and listening are input senses while writing is an output sense. You own any and everything you write. The words become a visual record of your thoughts which transfers thought into a workable solution that can be communicated to others.

Make it a habit of putting your thoughts into written notes. This strategy of capturing thought leads to innovation and innovation leads to invention. Everyone need to reinvent themselves once in a while for renewal if nothing else. Personal written notes are a sure-fire form of self-motivation because it helps us to think through or brainstorm a problem. It brings a problem into an evaluation stage for acceptance to activation or rearranging. If you adopt this high-level principle on all levels of life's involvements, such as: social, spiritual, financial, mental, and physical you will become the balanced person you should be.

When you begin to consider your goals as a possibility it is only by writing down every detail that you can achieve what you set out to do. Writing clarifies your thoughts and puts them into a perspective of accountability. You can hide thought from the world but the written word is for everyone to see and judge. Only notes – comments on paper, have a lasting effect on our lives as they can be referred to time and time again. Thoughts slip away at the least distraction but written statements become account documents for future generations.

Planning and Action

Many of us wait a lifetime for an abundant pasture where the grass is greener and taller. We wait for success to come and embrace us with its sweet freedom but alas, success is only an figment of our imagination. It is a creature of the mind, prowling, purring into our ear of lavishness and exhilaration. Why does it slip away? Why is it so hard to grasp? But wait, you have not planned or made any preparation for success so why indeed – should it visit you? You have not taken any action or planned for success to be a partner or guest. Fleeting thoughts is no resting place for success for the bed is made and it is empty. Without writing down your intentions they are no more than smoke in the wind. They are not real, and success only becomes real in a real world.

I think I can doesn't cut it; you have to bring thought into the reality of the world and then be willing to act on it. Planing your actions reduces the possibility for mistakes and increases the probability of success. Planning also prepares the way to success. Every project, highways, skyscrapers, dams, all have to be written into a blueprint before they can be built. You can't talk a skyscraper into existence but you can write it into reality. Creative innovations are great for conversation but they can never make the transition to reality without first being converted to paper.

Make a personal strategy planner to prepare for your goals. Plan what you are to achieve – how you will achieve it and when you will achieve it. Be specific in your plan. Identify your goal, list all possibilities, good and bad that will effect your quest and then act on it. Writing something down is not worth anything without action. You must plan and act, plan and act, plan and act. Over and over until the goal becomes a record of your achievements.
Develop policies and procedures for achieving each goal. A policy might be that you are not going to do anything unethical while a procedure would be a written statement of a step-by-step plan for a defined result. Take the goal and break it into segments that are easy to obtain. Evaluate each step before going on to the next step and soon the steps turn into a finished goal. None of this can be achieved without first committing to writing it down.

I have people tell me how they appreciate my writing and I appreciate them saying so. But it's when they put it in writing as a testimonial that it can be shown to others and valued. A written testimonial can be viewed on-line by thousands while the spoken word can only be heard by a few. So why not spread your ideas by writing them down and let others see who you are?

You are now on the road to pursuing your hidden dreams. All of your life you desired and dreamed without any direction, but now it has come to light, your dreams can come true. You have only to put it into writing and act on it, that's all, how easy is that? Do it, today – no more delay, no more excuses, just write your plan and put into action. NOW!

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