Peace Portal is a project designed to help fund, organize, and implement associated organizations working toward long term sustainable development. They Provide a space designed to encourage and reward acting consciously and cooperatively rather than egotistically and competitively.

Peace Portal is a open rallying point for those working to implement practical solutions that address our common planetary dilemmas.
We achieve our goals through:Industrial Age Dilemma

  1. Project Networking,
  2. Leveraging Information Age technologies, and
  3. Funding groups addressing a wide variety of disciplines.

Our goal is to expand sustainable development by connecting those in need with environmental technologies, educators, ICT tools, Market Access, Humanitarian Charities, and the Global Community.

The Peace Portal Humanitarian
Trust, in conjunction with partners in the Free Digital Universe virtual fundraiser, provide the granting money necessary to achieve our goals and support our Partner Projects.

Industrial Age economic model creates money out of thin air and requires the living people and the Earth pay the bill in labor and natures resources.
ImageWhen peoples labor pays the bill a debt crisisis eventually created with poverty the inevitable result; when nature pays the bill the environment is damaged. Only a few hundred years old, this economic model based on competition and conflict has left our children a legacy of debt and a withering planetary environment.

Other projects currently in development by the Peace Portal Association of Charities, Church Ministries, Spiritual Associations, NGO's, and corporate partners (whom for the most part are controlled by the charities as majority shareholders) focus on developing holistic sustainable sources of income for people in the developing world.

The ability to leverage Information Age tools that empower these individuals to directly access and profit from the global digital marketplace, along with sustainable development taking place, the opportunities are limitless abundance, healthy and happy living for everyone on planet Earth. It is possible.

Peace Portal and it's corporate partners in the global plan for easing the transition to the Information Age, in a sustainable manner, put together big groups like Doctors Without Borders with a smaller projects, charities, clubs, or Missionary groups so that as many ancillary and complimentary technologies as appropriate may be add to the capacity of the pre-existing established groups infra-structure. When we are allowed to truly cooperate, synergy happens - since governments are inherently structured to compete with one another, opportunities for cooperation across jurisdictional boundaries is generally meet with varying levels of Resistance (just look At Myanmar resistance to outside aid in the face of a catastrophe). We need a law forum, a place, where cooperation is rewarded and competition is set aside so we can address to the moral imperatives standing before us.

If you have a non-profit or charitable activity you believe should be added to the main Peace Portal website community - located at please drop a line to me here on this group e-mailing option; Open by invitation only at this time since those accepted also receive funding from the Trust and FDU Game. Global project launch is scheduled for July 25th of this year.

A public
Peace Portal Community Group is available on the ManyOne Platform, join us here!

We can also build one here at Humanity Healing if you like.

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