In all my surfing around online, visiting the many profiles, blogs, pages and looking at the sites of others , I often see the term: It's Complicated. You hear it in conversations...

Whether they are talking about relationships, their lives, even their jobs, it's just easier to say "it's complicated".

Now, to hear Teresa [RareBreeze/SundayInJune] talk, I'm as complicated as they come...but I have fun being that way...I'll wear your rough edges off to a fine smooth sharp edge...unless of course someone chooses to run over me so that things are less complicated. But not so sure that would accomplish it.

Is it really complicated? Has our lives, our loves, our careers, our simply being who we are become so complicated, that we dare not express it to others because it would reveal too much of ourselves? At least, to understand who you are, and why you are to another would require engaging in talking, sometimes at length, to "explain"?

In this world of ours, we have let things become complicated and we feel over-whelmed. If we were to all decide to get together for 3 days of just having fun, cookouts, softball, getting to know each other better...and as much fun as we know it would be, based on our friendships and communicating here with each other, and our related networks of friends, some becoming more like family...we'd all of a sudden find it all very complicated. Gas, the trip, where would we stay, how would we get there, what to bring, who will show up, what about work, can I go, will I go....we'd create complication.

Let Go!

You'll never experience the "real you" by allowing complications to be your guiding force. Sure there's things that you face in daily life moment to moment...yet, by simply starting with some words and thoughts like..."this isn't complicated, it me understanding I want to be free to be be the real let the being I know I am to surge outward, and experience life." By allowing ourselves to act as if things are simple for the real you, power will surge from within, and that is used to find ways to be "un-complicated". Just remember..."UC". UC, [you-see], I AM a POWERFUL BEING...a powerful loving being. Life is fun, and meant for experiencing...meant for creating...meant for exploration...meant for loving.

UC...I knew you weren't so just wanted someone to hear what you were saying. The best way to to FEEL!


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Comment by KnightsIntent on June 19, 2008 at 6:24pm
I was going to make up a song to put here, but, it's complicated.

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