Have you ever just wanted the benefit of being able to lay down and go
to sleep, to sleep? Evidently, I don't have such a luxury, or at least
I haven't in a long time.

Generally, when I do go to bed...and there's no set time, just when it
happens. I take awhile to relax and start to go into meditation. Not
really my regular way of meditation, but a clearing of the mind, of the
chatter - all the tons of thoughts streaming in. Once I get to a point
of near stillness, almost projecting I become so light...as in astral
projecting...I can feel myself hover and vibrate.

This is where more times than not, as I become more centered within that
I sometimes, well, a lot of the time...receive what I can only call
"downloads" of information. But then, I'm not so sure it's just that, or
even that, so much as it's a "knowing" that comes.

At times, it's as if I'm giving a speech about some topic, in such fine
detail, and so powerful, some part of me looks on with my mouth hanging
open in total surprise. I understand fully something that I had only had
pieces of before, or been guessing at based on other data. If I could
just take one of these times and put the entire thing into a book, it
would no doubt be thousands of volumes in length. I'd settle for just
consciously being able to remember it all. Before, I would have jumped
up and scribbled notes that I wouldn't be able to read, just trying to
catch pieces to recall later, and missing other parts because of it.

The one last night, this morning rather was too incredible to just know
I had the information, now the knowing, within, and could draw off of it
as needed. So I wanted to share some of the pieces as I recall them, and
in that context, I'm sure that within yourself, that central place we
share, will fill in the knowing.

I was going to call this: " How To Raise The Dead & Heal The Sick" -
"The Complete Guide To Incredible Backyard Parties To Impress Everyone".
However, that seems out of place, and to some, inappropriate.

For those of you who grew up in the various aspects of the Christian
religion, and have only used the short version of the book called the
Bible to refer to what the Christ [teacher] said or did, are missing 99%
of the information. In fact, the part that is covered is not complete,
and sometimes twisted around. You should venture into further
information and research should you like.

Let's get one point out of the way...he was a man, who became a teacher,
by learning, and then doing, applying what he had learned. He didn't
learn so much from books, although he read what he found...he traveled,
much of the near and far east. He studied everything...and by study, I
mean, he applied what he practiced, much like any of us who move into a
path of learning, coming to understand, by applying and seeing that it
works, or in some cases, it doesn't.

Right now, you have learned and experienced many things, yet you do not
stay with those things that lead off a certain path...not because they
be uncomfortable, but because you have applied the information, and it
does not fit with results. Captains of ships have to ever apply
correction to their paths because of the curve of the earth, currents,
and other factors. You must do the same on your path, and you do.

The "teacher" simply applied what was working, and he found results. He
kept refining this process as he learned more. He was "living" what he
had been learning, not talking about it...not telling others about it,
not even writing a book about it...he simply went out and did it.

I use humor when and where I can. it is a key that unlocks the shields
and blocks sometimes found in us all. I go through the back door. We
interact with people all the time but we knock on the front door. If we
are lucky, or we spend some time, we can get closer and closer to
another. You can not find what you are looking for "out there". You've
heard that a lot. The only way to know another is to go within, and
there is where your both the same...THE SAME ENERGY. There are layers of
this of course, but the further you get to the most central point, there
is no difference in who one is, and who the other is.

You have only to go within yourself, and once there, to simply think of
the other person, and your conscious awareness will expand to this area.
You're inside looking out. You can now experience the other person. You
can know their thoughts, their concerns...even their fears. And no, from
this vantage point...you don't peek into bedrooms and dramas...that is
in the outer layers of the personality. There is no connection to that
because it is not static.

You see, consciousness is everywhere...it is all things. Because you
choose to create yourself a body and download "some" of yourself into it
so you could experience, and learn...you became unconscious to
everything else...yet it's still there, just waiting for you to remember

When you go within, you access the bigger part of your consciousness,
which is also part and parcel to other beings around you. Space, time,
and distance have no impact here. When it is said we are all connected,
this is the place it is so. We are really looking at ourselves
everywhere. Just like it goes over in the "Conversations With God"
series of books...God could not experience himself/herself/itself
without a reference point. You can not look in the mirror without a
point of reference from which to see/experience. So we/God, created for
ourselves "bodies of experience". Now we have a reference point for a
purpose...to learn more about ourselves and what we are all about. In
that, we discover that we are the pure essence of Love.

You are experiencing that, right? Right?? The only way you would not be
doing so is that you've let what we call the ego, or personality be in
charge. And since these were only created to interface experience, they
have no power to do anything else...yet we allow it to be so.

We send Love, and energy, and prayers, and a host of other things we do
to heal, and offer good will and thoughts. They do work, yet, allow me
to introduce that there is an easier, more direct way here. Just go
within. Now go, by thought, to someone needing healing, expand your
awareness...in this you will even be able to see and feel, or observe
what the true nature of the affliction is...you will "Know The Truth".
Didn't the "teacher", when he healed, or drove out thoughts of lack
[demons], see the truth? Even the thoughts saw that he knew them...he
saw right through, and could call it by name...he saw the reason, and
gave another thought. You dissolve negative thoughts by replacing them
or flooding them with more powerful/positive ones. This too is how you
change the world, by flooding the negative thoughts you encounter or
hear about with a flood of Loving ones directly into them.

This is how you heal...and you can also read the book about the Sylvan
method that Jose used to be able to enter into another's body, locate
the illness and not only report back to what it was, and where, but
could change it...heal it.

Now, how much more could you do once you understand these things? By
going within, where your awareness and full consciousness resides, you
could "raise the dead", IF you decide to do so. You see, being within,
and expanding to include the consciousness of the one who has past [the
body], you can understand "their" experience. They rejoice, and so will
you, because you have "come again into yourself"...[in heaven/the
fullness of your consciousness]. Should there be an agreement "with
yourself" that it would be good/loving to do so, you would raise the
dead...nothing to it.

The ego can raise nothing...and as much as someone would want to or
desire to raise a loved one, for themselves or another, it could not be
so. The ego has no such power. The power is in the agreement with
yourself in that greater expanse within, with now includes the "being"
who has merged back with the whole. It may well be that the experience
of their life/body is done, and rejoicing takes place....there is no
loss...only Love. If taken from this place...any loss can be understood
in it's greater context. If you only knew....if only you knew...

So, in your healing and Loving efforts....use the "back door". It's
always open and it is spring.


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