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Meditation - Research shows that meditation soothes the mind, enhances concentration, reduces anxiety, and lowers blood pressure and heart rate..
Deep breathing - The combination of deep breathing and movement increases chest expansion and encourages greater air flow, an increased amount stale air and toxins is exhaled from the lungs allowing an increased inhalation of fresh air.. The lung capacity is increased by stretching the intercostal muscles involved in breathing and releasing tension.. It also enhances blood circulation to the brain, which boosts mental alertness.. At the same time, the entire body is supplied with fresh oxygen and nutrients.. The deep breathing regulates the respiratory system, helping to treat respiratory ailments such as asthma, bronchitis, and emphysema..

Some Tips for Meditation

compiled & edited with love by

Spirits Ease

1 Wear loose, comfortable clothing 2 Set aside a special place for meditation
3 Meditate at the same time each day
4 Plan your meals around your meditation... You don’t want to have a full
stomach and be busy digesting, or an empty one and hear it growling!
5 Have water and tissues handy just in case you need them...
6 Sit comfortably, or kneel, rather than lie down, to avoid falling asleep... It is OK to prop yourself up and have your legs outstretched if you can not manage having them bent at the knees...
7 Relax with yourself, when thoughts present themselves in your mind picture them as a cloud passing by... let it float on by without hoping on and going for a ride... acknolege it and then let the thought just drift on by...

Color Therapy for Stress

- Blue is calming and helps to relieve anxiety - Orange is a mood lifter and will help you to overcome fatigue or depression
- Turquoise alleviates stress and tension
- White reflects energy and will protect you from negativity

Ways to Use Aromatherapy
- Aroma pots and light bulb rings use heat to send fragrance into the air
- Light scented candles
- Add essential oils to your bath water or body lotion
- Keep scented cotton balls in your desk drawer and glove compartment
- Add cinnamon and cloves to a saucepan filled with water and boil
- Add 2 drops of essential oil for every 2 ounces of sesame oil to make an aromatic massage oil
Words and Music, more Meditation Information

- Primordial Sound Meditation is practiced in silence This is a meditation technique which provides access the wisdom of the universe, which can only be found in the silence - Guided meditations are ones where a meditation instructor guides you into a state of restful awareness using voice and visual imagery
- Some meditations use music as a way of getting the mind and body into a very relaxed state

7~ The Crown Chakra or “Sahasrarapadma”
Located at the crown of the head
Opens up our spiritual connection
Color ~ violet
Mantra ~ Aah

6~The Third Eye Chakra or “Ajna”
Located in the middle of the brow between and slightly above the eyebrows
Opens up our wisdom
Color ~ Indigo
Mantra ~ Om (ohm)

5~ the Throat Chakra or “Vishuddha”
Located in the center of the throat
Opens up our communication and self-expression
Color ~ Blue
Mantra Hum (hoom)

4~ The Heart Chakra or “Anahata”
Located at the heart center
Opens us up to love and relationships
Color ~ Green
Mantra ~ Yam (yahm)

3~ The Solar Plexus Chakra or “Manipurre”
Located in the middle of the solar plexus
Opens us up to our will power and motivation
Color~ Yellow
Mantra~ Ram (rahm)

2~ The Creative Chakra or “Swadhisthana”
Located near our reproductive organs, about two inches below the navel Opens up our creativity and happiness
Color~ Orange
Mantra~ Vam (vahm)

1~The Base or “Root” Chakra or “Muladhara”
Located at the base of the spine
Opens us up to being grounded
Color~ Red
Mantra~ Lam (lahm)

There are many more chakras including several above our crown chakra, within our limbs and one that is below us in Mother Earth The one below us is called

*~ The Earth Star Chakra
Located about two feet below us in the earth
It purifies our negative energies
Color ~ A rainbow of Crystalline colors


In a seated position, with your spine straight (it‘s OK to support yourself with something and have your legs out straight if you need to), close your eyes and relax~~~ Take a few deep cleansing breaths ~~~ Start with the first chakra at the base of your spine~ Breathe in the color
red, and visualize red filling that space~ Silently repeat the mantra "Lam" while you exhale~ Continue this for a couple of minutes~ Now move to the second chakra, below the navel ~ Breathe in the color orange, and visualize orange filling that space ~Silently repeat the mantra "Vam" while you exhale ~Continue this for a couple of minutes~Now move to the third chakra, at the solar plexus~ Breathe in the color yellow and visualize yellow filling that space~ Silently repeat the antra "Ram" while you exhale~ Continue this for a couple of minutes~ Now move to the fourth chakra, at the heart center~ Breath in the color green and visualize green filling that space ~ Silently repeat the mantra "Yam" while you exhale Continue this for a couple of minutes~ Now move to the fifth chakra, at the middle of the throat~ Breathe in the color blue and visualize blue filling that space~ Silently repeat the mantra "Hum" while you exhale ~ Continue this for a couple of minutes~ Now move to the sixth chakra, at the third eye ~ Breathe in the color indigo and visualize indigo filling that space ~ Silently repeat the mantra "Om" while you exhale~ Continue this for a couple of minutes~ Now move to the seventh chakra, at the crown of the head~ Breathe in the color violet and visualize violet filling that space~ Silently repeat the mantra "Aah" while you exhale~ Continue this for a couple of minutes Now take some time to relax more deeply, and visually surround yourself in white light ~ Feel the light permeating your being and radiating from you at the same time ~ Breathe and become aware of your surroundings before slowly opening your eyes~ Stretch a little before going on with your activities...

Mantras, The Brain and Words
by Swami Jnaneshvara Bharati
SwamiJ. com

Effects of Mantra: For thousands of years, yogis have been teaching the value of mantra in stabilizing and clearing the mind, leading one to deeper spiritual awakening.. Modern neuroscience is also beginning to discover the relationship between mental functioning and the way words are used.. The following graphic is from the book The Secret Life of the Brain, by Richard Restak, M..D.. (©2001, Richard M.. Restak and David Gruben Productions, Inc..)..

Ways of using words or Mantra: Notice the explanation of increased blood flow (indicating increased activity) to the various parts of the brain, depending on whether one is hearing, seeing, speaking, or thinking of words.. Regarding thinking about words, the text points out that "thinking about words engages the limbic association area responsible for thought, learning, perception, and emotion.."

Cultivating higher functioning: This higher functioning (buddhi) is intentionally cultivated by yogis through the practices of mantra, meditation, and contemplation.. Not only do the yogis use mantra (ie, words), but often recommend focusing the attention on this frontal part of the brain as well, placing attention in the ajna chakra, the center accessed through the space between the eyebrows..

"Remembering" the Mantra: In Yoga Meditation science, different means of using mantra are prescribed.. The silent, inner remembering way of using mantra use considered a higher, more effective form than hearing, reading, or speaking the mantra (See the article Japa and Ajapa-japa).. Many benefits come from the proper use of mantra, including dealing with ways of thinking, ability to learn, ways of perceiving, and positive use of emotions (the four points mentioned by Dr.. Restak in the text above).. Collectively, these benefits set the stage for the deeper practices of meditation, contemplation, and prayer (See the article Converging Four Practices)..

Mantra is universal: In reflecting on the relationship between mantra and brain physiology, it is most important to remember that mantra is not a practice solely used by the Eastern traditions.. The use of mantra, word, compact prayer, or affirmation is recommended by virtually all religions and meditative traditions, although they might describe or use them in different ways..

There are many mantras, Each are beneficial..

Using Candles

Using candles is a simple and inexpensive way to alter the ambiance of your meditation room/area... Replacing artificial lighting with candlelight will lower the intensity of energies that are not consistent with being in tune with our spirits... Calming candlelight helps us go within and reflect more deeply on our lives.. Always always use caution though with open flames Make sure that your candle is stable enough not to tip over and set other things ablaze

Candles in combination with some crystals can magnify the energies of the crystal and enhance your meditation... For instance a rose quarts placed close to your candle flame will magnify the healing energies of the stone...

Meditating Using Crystals

Crystals can amplify energy and often placed in certain parts of the room.. It is a simple way to absorb the stone or mineral’s healing vibrations..
Meditation can be done without any props, but the use of crystals can help you focus....Meditation should be a time when your mind is clear and you connect with yourself...Any type of crystals can be used... The key is finding the ones that feel good to you

Step1~Begin by sitting comfortably, either in a straight backed chair or on the floor...Sitting in the Lotus Position is optional...

Step2 ~Set your crystal where it will be just in your line of sight holding your head up and looking straight ahead...

Step3~Focus your eyes on the crystal....Breathe in deep breaths through your nose and release the breath through your mouth.. Try to clear your mind of all thoughts..

Step4~Bring your focus back to the crystal and continue the breathing practice anytime you catch your mind wondering, thinking of everyday concerns...

Step5~End your practice by closing your eyes, taking a deep breath and allowing your body to completely relax

Meditation Using Mala Beads

There are many different kinds of these beads available and they are said to assists in staying focused during meditation ~ Those who meditate with them by repeating mantras generally repeat certain number of times......
Step1 Research before you begin... The Internet contains a wealth of resources on the use of meditation beads... Begin your research at the Health & Yoga Web site (see Resources below)....

Step2 Change into comfortable, loose-fitting clothing...

Step3 Relax, breathe rhythmically and let your mind go blank.. Repeat your mantra, if your favored meditation style uses one...

Step4 Hold your middle, ring and baby finger against the palm of your hand, leaving your index finger extended.... Allow your thumb to touch your middle finger....

Step5 Hang your rosary of meditation beads around the fingers held against the palm of your hand... Do not use your index finger to touch the beads.... Either the middle finger or the ring finger can be used as the primary anchor on which your rosary is hung.....

Step6 Allow the meditation beads to rest in your lap or on the floor, if need be, so long as nothing will obstruct you from moving from bead to bead smoothly.....

Step7 Begin with the "sumeru," or the summit bead, at the top......... The summit bead is easily identifiable on a rosary due to its enlarged size or special color.....

Step8 Repeat Step 7 until you reach the summit bead again..... Never pass over the summit bead and keep going..... If you want to continue to use the beads to meditate, move through the rosary of beads in the opposite direction until you come to the sumeru again....
Step9Move through the beads, one by one, in time with the draw of your breath or repetition of your mantra....

Meditation beads are generally inexpensive.... Avoid purchasing costly bead sets..... You'll be able to find them for less if you shop around.... Some people wear their meditation beads around their neck, like a necklace, at all times....They believe this helps maintain your enlightened meditative states at all hours of the day... Meditation is practiced to help achieve wakeful tranquility.....It is not intended to be a substitute for professional care... If you are receiving treatment or being medicated for your mental health, talk to your doctor before stoping any treatment program..

Sources used in part or in whole http://cloud-hands. blogspot. com/2007/11/health-benifits-of-tai-ch...

http://www. psmeditation. com/index. php

http://www. meditation-techniques. net/breathing-meditations. htm

http://www. srichinmoybio. co. uk/blog/meditation/the-benefits-of-u...

and by


forwarded with love♥ Spirit to Spirit


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