A Limited View Of Life and Hawk's Eye

A Limited View Of Life and Hawk's Eye

I know that sometimes we may have a limited view of some areas of our lives at certain points in the journey. Sometimes when we come to this point we don't know how to gain a broader perspective.

Hawk's Eye is a stone that helps to provide an "aerial" and more objective viewpoint of one's situation. This stone, also called Falcon's Eye helps us to gain perspective, to see (and face) situations fully. Hawk's Eye is the stone of vision, insight and psychic awareness. It allows us to see the overview clearly and unflinchingly, as from a Hawk's eyes. This stone is often used to balance pessimistic behavior and therefore dissolves negative energy and the thought patterns associated with it. This "all seeing stone" allows perspective on any situation and it can help gently attune the Third Eye and will enhance psychic abilities such as clairvoyance. It helps us to look at an emotional block that may be buried deep in our psyche. This versatile stone can be used to heal earth energy and helps us to become grounded when used at the Root Chakra. This stone should be used for those who want to blame others for their problems and are not able to look at their problems directly. Hawk's Eye can be found in colors including:

Blue: Deepens meditation. helps us see the truth (self, others, situations) in order to grow. It can help gently attune the Third Eye and will enhance psychic abilities.

Gray: is the color of individuals. It gives off the impression that you are self-sufficient and have good self-control and prefer to be uninvolved. Gray is associated with independence, self-reliance, and acts as a shield from influence. However, gray gives off a negative feeling and can make a person who is around this color frequently, feel lonely and self-critical. Gray takes on many of the characteristics of black and white since it is a combination of the two.

Green: Helps strengthen the heart and our emotional connections between the Heart Chakra and our mind. This has a strong connection to nature.

Folk Remedies: This crystal is recommended for improving circulation, bowel movements, legs and a psychosomatic feeling of a stiff neck, frozen shoulder or pit in the throat (Plum Pit Qi).

Feng Shui:Hawk's Eye is used primarily in the Southeast (Wealth) corner as it attracts abundance.

History: Hawk's Eye is a variation of the quartz family, (SiO2). When quartz becomes imbedded between the fibers of crocidolite, the process results in two crystals; blue, green, gray crystals called Hawk's Eye or the golden brown crystal called Tiger's Eye. Found primarily in mines in South Africa, it has recently been more and more difficult to get tiger's eye here. Alternative mines include those from Griqualand West. Hawk's Eye (and its variations) where used by Roman soldiers in battle for protection. It's appearance was thought to be all seeing due to its appearance as the "eyes of a hawk or falcon".

Andrew Pacholyk, MS, L.Ac
Thrapies for healing
mind, body, spirit

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Comment by Joe on September 30, 2009 at 3:20am
The Blue Hawks Eye is one of my favorite, I carry one in my pocket and have several where I sit in the house. Very good vibrations.
Thank you for the information. I Love all types crystals and stone.

Peace, Joe

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