When I was very young, my parents got divorced. My mother got married after living with this person, I was opposed of the whole idea how can anyone just leave and then get married again, My father the last time I saw him was when I said goodbye to him.. at the age of 7 yrs old. Didn't know what was happening but, time past and mom found a friend, and companion, as soon as she was married I could tell that something was not right. He begun to drink, every weekend... sometimes it was when his kids were with us we all got to go fishing and had a great time... but, when mom and I were together he drank away like a fish in a tank....words, and actions that a child should not be exposed to..... well, I was, I felt like I had to sit and watch the action of what happened, or was happening.at times things were so wrong and no one could control this, I grew up to be afraid, but "NEVER" stopped praying and asking for protection...for us years come and went and continued I grew sick the doctors could not find a cure other than I was hyperglycemic, I used to pass out and nervous always... of what was going to happen to us on the coming up weekend... but it was a miracle, we moved, time and time of them being back and together .... we ended up here in this area.. for a hope that we would see a change. No, nothing change it only got worse, I was going to beauty school, hoping to make some money once I graduated. My grades started to fail, I failing all of my classes, one friend I made and helped me and took me aside ( he was my Angel ) ...he helped me and we spoke and he did as much as he could to help us move I came home and told mom I was going to move, I had found a room mate! she was very upset, she said it was not right for a young lady to move in with a guy, I told her I needed some peace in my life, heart, and soul.... I didn't or was not moving with him because I loved him but because I wanted to be free of all the years of sadness. I told her you have a choice of what you want in life, you could stay or go..with me.... its up to you... I will be back tomorrow to pick up my stuff. I did.. and came home to find the worst case, but it was the contrary. She had her stuff packed up. And we moved away... to my apartment ( Our Heaven) we lived there for some time, and moved close to family, before we knew she and him had divorced. Life continued till last week.. she told me to come to see her, on my way I stopped and, saw the phone number, she asked me to call and it was a man, I asked him who he was and he told me his name! I was speechless, I carried on with the conversation and he asked me if this was my mom's phone he had been looking for her, and found her .. now he wanted to connect and talk, I told told him that i could not believe it was him all of this time, calling...I have been beyond somethings in life and I think it makes you stronger and wiser, I took mom to him and visited, he was glowing, and so she ..... I sat and watched both of the two love's he held her hand and kissed it. He complemented her and then this came out...." I would like to ask you to forgive me" for everything I put you through..... he looked at me and told me the same ... he said, "we could of been a wonderful family: but the alcohol got a hold of me.... and destroyed me....us~ they sat down and looked at each other, ( he got married after he was divorced from mom and his wife died) ... he told mom you could stay here .... do you see my ring, do you remember who bought this for me? He was wearing her ring? if you don't believe in love ..... Wow! this is the most beautiful one I have ever seen. So, for now ... I will continue to pray for this two love birds find their way again........ Love is wonderful..
A love story indeed....

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Comment by Gabriel on September 1, 2010 at 1:51pm
beautiful story.
Comment by deZengo on February 27, 2010 at 5:50am
:-) Yes indeed. Love is the stuff miracles are made of!

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