A message of self-responsibilty and peace.

Namaste all of my fellow brothers and sisters of creation. I realize that you are on a spiritual path, and my words may be hard for you to fully realize their importance. I know that it is the tendency for most of us, realizing that we are spirit animating animal form, to understand the evils of this world. For we are beings of light and love, living in harmony with all that is on many dimensions. Let me state, that in my opinion, we are all HERE and NOW for a reason, if not, we would not be HERE and NOW. It is the WHY that confuses us so. I ground light into Gaia on a daily basis; it is my want and need to be helpful and efficient to assist the mother in her ascension, I also mend ley lines to this end. I patrol the astral, and pursue The Beast and the Hidden Hand, not to destroy (but I must admit, that is how I started out), but to defend the weak and protect the innocent; to bring them back to the light, their rightful place. The father calls us all home. I have taken a oath as a man of earth to the Creator to serve the greater good. So be it.

Let it be also known, in my opinion, that we all started from source, and that we are all great and magnificent spiritual beings, timeless and eternal: all equal under god; who does not want worship, only friendship and to be thankful for the blessing given to us. The blessing of free-will, and to create our own reality thru thought, feeling, and intent. The secret is that you all have within you what you desperately seek outside yourselves for. You already have it. It is your birthright if you are reading my words. Then why you may ask, is the world full of war, evil, and selfish agendas? Because we let the few of those opposite polarities deceive and control us all, feed off of our creative energies to create misery and suffering. We allow it, either thru fear or ignorance. Please do not be put off by this statement, for unless you understand why, the truth will never set you free. Let me also state, with the blessing of my Creator, who lives within me, that much energy has been invested into this dimension of existence, that in reality, all that seems solid and real around you is light, slowed to appear that way by the shared consciousness of all that dwell here. Enormous power. With great power, comes great responsibility. Let it also be known, that with that power invested here, all that you do here transcends into higher dimensions, affecting all that is. I begrudge you not if you feel I am being untruthful in any way. It is your right. You have free-will, and it is not my place to judge. If you feel truth in my words, please give the following information your highest awareness and respect, step up to the plate, and make the world a better place thru divinity and self-responsibility. Accept your power HERE and NOW, and live without fear. It is your right to be here, and there is much to do before we ALL return home. From the deepest, most caring and loving of my being, my best to you and yours.

Much peace, light, and love.

From my beloved brother of creation, a man of earth choosing to answer to the name of Sam Kennedy.

Broadcasted January 31, 2010

Hour 1:

Hour 2:

To my friends, fellow patriots and lovers of freedom worldwide,

Some time ago I promised a final remedy to enslavement at the hands of corporations posing as legitimate government. Well, the time has finally arrived. This is the most important email I have ever written and it represents an end, once and for all, at the source, to the swat teams, arrests, foreclosures, garnishments, seizures, tax prosecutions and hardships which result from failing to pray to corporate institutions or exhibit evidence of subject-class citizenship.

This Sunday night at 8 PM on TAKE NO PRISONERS (Republic Broadcasting Network), I will be joined by the leaders of the freedom movement for the high honor of bringing you – without commercial interruption - an end to economic warfare and political terror by March 31, 2010. In two months, we can, and will, be free, with your assistance.

The Restore America Plan is not a patriot scheme. IT WAS PROPOSED TO US BY THE MILITARY MORE THAN A YEAR AGO. Having developed the necessary tools, we are now ready to execute the plan beginning Sunday night.

If you truly desire to restore the posterity and end your problems once and for all, I invite you to tune in Sunday Night, and more importantly, to contact every one on your freedom email list. Sunday night we begin the methodical process of reinhabiting the original de jure institutions (which never ceased to exist) of the free American republics quickly, quietly, efficiently and peacefully, and without the need for re-educating the unconscious public or loud proclamations that are sure to evoke resistance and violence.

Very simply, the Restore America Plan will reverse the wicked deeds of 1933 and 1865 BEHIND THE SCENES, with the same cleverness the bankers used to remove money, law and dignity, and without disturbing the peace. We, the sovereign People, will be in charge as the ONE AND ONLY LAWFUL AUTHORITY ON THE LAND. Not just in name, but in reality.

Even if the plan had not been proposed by the military, the very nature of re-inhabiting the lawful de jure institutions of government is itself the victory we have all been seeking. Actors throughout the United States Federal Corporation understand they must ultimately defer to the de jure authority on the land when properly assembled and credentialed in sufficient number.

And so does the military –which is why they made the offer. The responsibility is enormous – and so are the risks if we fail. THE MILITARY HAS CHARGED US WITH THE HIGH RESPONSIBILITY OF ENDING THE SPIRAL TO WORLD WAR III being orchestrated by the Rulers of Evil. Never have men borne such responsibility. We are the last best hope for mankind. Essentially, we have been asked to provide the military with an alternative to a corporate CEO as their commander, and to re-inhabit all the de jure institutions that have been pre-empted from governance.

And…we…will. Folks, it is time to step-up to the plate. It is time to be part of the solution instead of the list of perpetual victims. Your future and the future of your children are in YOUR hands. A line has been drawn in the sand. If we fail to come together and accept responsibility, there will be no one else to blame. There will be no more excuses. The future IS ours to create. Either we seize the brass ring or slink away into obscurity.

That is what we are bringing you Sunday night on TAKE NO PRISONERS at 8 PM Eastern time. No less than a moment of epochal importance in the world history. That is why the network so graciously dropped commercial messages. All of the details and materials have been planned, worked-out and implemented from first presentation to enforcement. We are ready to close the deal. I hope you will join me and my very special guests for this live commercial-free broadcast.

TAKE NO PRISONERS is carried live every Sunday night at 8 PM EST on FM stations around the nation, on Shoutcast (using the free Shoutcast application on iPhones and other handhelds), and live on the internet at:


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Comment by Gregory James on February 23, 2010 at 11:46am
Namaste my fellow brothers and sisters of creation.

Dr. Sam Kennedy:

"To our friends and courageous patriots everywhere,

We thank you for your kind words after last night's broadcast of TAKE NO PRISONERS. Apparently the nation was mesmerized by the response already received in very high places to The Restore America Plan.

If you have friends or family who don’t quite understand the importance of the Plan to save America and the world from catastrophe, or fellow patriots who are addicted to being in opposition, we suggest downloading the broadcast and motivating them to give it a listen (links to the download follow).

They will hear, from the horse’s mouth, how the EYES OF THE ENTIRE WORLD ARE UPON US, as tragic events unfold around the globe. They will hear about troop activations and offshore positionings. They will hear about troops who are rejecting the call to martial law. They will hear how the people in power are NOW ACTIVELY SEEKING THE SOVEREIGN PEOPLE to save the world from disaster.

And if they still have any doubt that THE MARCH 31 DEADLINE TO AVOID CALAMITY IS VALID here’s a Citibank alert notifying customers of withdrawal restrictions to begin April 1...

“Effective April 1, 2010, we reserve the right to require (7) days advance notice before permitting a withdrawal from all checking accounts. While we do not currently exercise this right and have not exercised it in the past, we are required by law to notify you of this change.”

thaniks to a listener, here are links to the broadcast:

Hour 1

Hour 2


Folks, in a few short weeks, every republic will have a duly seated de jure grand jury and chapter of the Guardians of the Free Republics. Then just SIT BACK AND WATCH THE PLAN UNFOLD as the era of illicit corporate governance comes to an end.

Thank you for reading and would you please CIRCULATE THIS EMAIL FAR AND WIDE.

Peace and Grace to all,

Tim Turner
Tom Schaults
Regan Dwayne
Sam Kennedy



P.S. Here are links to the January 31, 2010 broadcast sent in by listeners:

Hour 1:

Hour 2:

You can also download the broadcast or listen on the internet at:


Or listen in real time at:

http://educationcenter2000.com/The Final Remedy_Sam Kennedy.htm

Dr. Sam Kennedy
Republic Broadcasting network
The Save America Crusade



- Ending foreclosure and bank collection actions immediately (our first and seventh directives)
- Ending tax prosecutions immediately (second and sixth directives)
- Ending invasions, prosecutions and detentions for fictitious crimes against the state that lack an injured party other than insurrection, treason and frauds against the United States (third and eighth directives)
- Ending molestation on the byways (fourth and ninth directives)
- Production of sovereign identification and passports that do not proclaim subject-class citizenship (fourth and ninth directives)
- Restoration of the trappings of proper de jure governance (fifth and tenth directives)
- Restoration of the common law of the Land (third and eighth directives)
- Reigning in of the admiralty color-of-law venue to the high seas (third and eighth directives)
- Restoration of the proper de jure judicial institutions such as the district court of the United States and the one supreme Court as constructed and restrained in the Constitution for the United States of America, c. 1787 (Phase 2, thirteenth through fifteenth directives)
- Re-absorption of the de facto judicial aberrations such as USDC into the de jure institutions (Phase 2, thirteenth through fifteenth directives)
- A PERMANENT TERMINATION OF TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENT OUTSIDE CONSTITUTIONAL LIMITATIONS beginning with voiding of the Downes v. Bidwell monstrosity (Phase 2, eighteenth directive)
- Arrest and shackling of the District Court of the District of Columbia (Phase 2, sixteenth directive)
- Recognition of sovereign status in the police databanks of the land (fourth and ninth directives)
- A lawful and orderly removal of the corporate state as the ruler of every aspect of your life.

All to be accomplished – with your help – BEHIND THE SCENES, lawfully, peacefully, without violence and without risking civil war."

The choice is and always will be yours. You hold within you, a image of all creation. May you choose wisely, I stand, for peace for all that is, and I do not stand alone. My best to you and yours, many blessings.

Much peace, light, and love.


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