Sing for me Muse
of the magic of the twins
twin towers ancient
sharing the same hill

Together they were built
together they were raised
the same stones built their bodies
the same stones raised their souls

Yet somehow it was fated
by the thunderers infinite will
that the lightning seed descended
with a gap between the two.

Sing now for me Muse
sing like never before
of the beauty of her face
of the beauty of her soul

In the water she was born
in the whiteness of the north
on an island huged by fog
fed by ocean breezes
loved by the mother of rains.

And the Hours came and went
through a gate between the clouds

and the graces danced in rythm
to the beauty of the girl.
And the Hours came and went
and the daughter danced along
tossing her golden hair
in a swirling spiral dance.

And the breezes danced and fed her
And the trees danced along
and the nymphs of borreal watters
wattered the misty land.
And the land bloomed and blossomed
and the daughter blossomed too.

Now, oh Muses of the mountain forests
sing to me a different song.
Sing to me of the wandering cloud.
Sing to me of the wandering beast

And you oh lost king on the island of cover
the favor of the sweet gods you still await
looking at the heavenly dance of harmony.

But don't cry, oh traveling beast
glorious son of stone, lionhearted soul
for you shall taste the juice of you sweet life
when finally you reach the far off dream of home.

But the dream of home was hidden beneith stone
as a black scorpion in patience weighing
the hour when with its sting will again wound him
and even if the black swirling serpent sheds its skin
I don't think it'll heal his wound again.

Only dolphin, the varied, the wandering beast
breathes in deeply, skipping in the foam
trembling the deep abyss like Scylla
who from the hard rock meditates the tearing
and the frightful rending bonds of lonelyness.

For the much desired companions were lost at sea
others wounded by hard iron vessels
which with noise and rage cover the sea
others by hard beauty-killing hunger
And as Sun set in the waves of Ocean
Quick dolphin, in his desolate lonelyness
bore a rending cry that echoed in the deep

And the wanderer again took human form
remembering gold ring-womans island
and the horrid journey to the house of Hades
and swiftly took again the form of the wandering beast

Sing now to me Muse of a daughters love appearance
how from the purple sea Bluer appeared
bringing cool watters in appearance of love.
It was Hermes lyre, a turles' shell
that played in harmony as a resemblance showed
waking ancient memories of the heavenly dance.

But Strife envied that loose bond
and swiftly flew to the marine house
and shook the king, sweetly sleeping.
See that mortal, worldshaking Poseidon
how from his chthonic cave is violating her?
And swiftly Earthshaker rose and grabbed his trident
He shook the roots of earth and the sea was stired
and all the watters of the soul covered Bluer
As within a sieve which mother shakes in force
the unlike are parted from the unlike which leave
and others sit elsewhere for others are heavyer

So did the heavy cover the winged loves
and the sea was darkened and became purple again
As Cypris could not stand such stiring of the being
and left in search of the Graces and the dance of harmony.

And the wanderer fought with huge waves
and the storm didn't calm swiftly its stiring
but rather dragged him back to Humpgraces' mouth
who always sucks sea into her bottomless stomach
far from the gentle abyssal blissfull ones.

But the wanderer was hasty and hung from a fig tree
which grew from a rock hard and wavestruck
and he stretched well gazzing at this stretching beast
a false form of self in the wattery mirror.

And Humpgrace sunk and the waves were calmed
and the wanderer swiftly jumped into the sea
and again took the form of the ocean going beast
and reached an Euboean shore where Sandy was dancing
together with the rythms of the sweet voiced Graces.
And there were Oceanids there, seals, sea-goats
who in good mood played with misty scales.

And wherever the Graces, there is Aphrodite
with her golden thrice-complimented gifts
But the Hours came dancing the Autumn dance
and the sea was stirred in its natural rythm
and the wanderer once again jumped in the wave
and took for one more time the beastial form
and danced harmoniously in the foams of nature.

And the crafty son, in the turbulant waters
Settings of the Seaer, of the purple hair
he who is shiny-honored, who holds blissfullness
for those who respect him, as they gaze upon him
Blooming in waves, shaking, on his golden chariot,
hugging his blissfull wife, queen Amphitrite
ensouler of the sea, water hugging moon,
he swam in rythm, awestruck by her form.
Her body all the creatures that fill the sea of life.
And as he gazed upon her she spoke with a myrriad mouths

This form which you have taken, dancer of the waves
this spirit of the sea, known to you as dolphin
is the one that brought me home, to my husbands loving arms
when once he came in search of me, bearing a blissfull word
I was at the shores of those mountains to the west.
Where a giant holds the sky, known by the name of Patience.
So said Amphitrite, queen of the endless sea
her form shattered in the myrriads of water creatures

And the wanderer swam along, trying to keep the beat
till he came to a hidden haven, a blissfull natural port
where the watters gleemed and shined beams of emerald light
Here was the home of Proteas, who holds the sourse of nature
an old man many formed, but truthful and unlieing.
He was sleeping on a sandy shore, seaweed instead of hair
the wanderer sneaked upon him, with the confidence of skill
He grabbed hold of him and held him with a passion.
The old man took many forms, creatures of the deep.
He turned into a lion raging in his anger
He turned into an otter, playfull but full of tricks
He turned into a black flower, beauty filled with sorrow
He turned into a sea-goat, horny and hard footed
He took on many forms, till he turned into water
and spilled into the haven, gleaming emerald light.

What is this owmen? The wanderer stood and thought.
What is the old man saying with this emerald radiance?
And he sat and gazed into this water of radiance
and he gazed and he gazed till a form appeared.
The face of a woman dancing in the rain.
The body of a woman swimming in the waves.
The Graces danced around her, flowering her hair
the breezes blew upon her, streams of golden sunbeams.

What is this endless beauty, the wanderer thought
what is this endless woman whose hair the Graces flower?
What divine womb bore her? What fiery seed?
Is she real? Or is this but a dream?
What happy land is honored so, to have her dance upon it?
He looked in the water mirror and saw a land of fog
He looked in the water mirror and saw a land of rain
What land is there so blessed by the gods of rain?
What land is there so blessed by the gods of life?
No such land exists in this closed sea.
No such land exists from Syria to the pillars of Heracles.
It is certainly a far off land, loved by the north wind.
How can I ever reach this land swimming in the sea?

So were the wanderers thoughts as Sun bathed in Ocean.
And as he was submerged in the horrizon,
taking with him the beauty of the emerald radiance,
the wanderer shed a teardrop into the shaddowing waters...

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