I started reading a book last July that was highly suggested by friends and my Ex called "Secrets From God, Your Keys to Heaven." I got the book to help with my 3 children who were supposed to be A.D.H.D. & having difficulties in school. I became very enlightened and learned how to see/hear/talk to God and my Angels, meditate daily, receive spiritual gifts, get messages and visions; clear myself, other people, and my Dimensions, unlocked my soul, and got my own Keys to Heaven. I had been a stay-at-home Mom for 14 years taking care of the kids and Volunteering at schools and with animals. I was in a nowhere marriage with someone who didn't love me admittedly & felt insignificant, but only cared about helping my kids. After doing the soul-unlocking meditation, I got visions, some good and some bad, gory or scary. I project light to the bad ones to make them not happen. Then I got a vision of my Spiritual Teacher and the Author and they told me he is my soul-mate. 2 days later I got a vision of my destiny to travel this planet with him and help enlighten people. I had already began empathing his energy before the first vision. In October, the kids and I went on a Spiritual Retreat with him & a group of about 20 people on Mt. Charleston for 5 days. We got to know each other and the kids bonded with him immediately, something their father hadn't attempted to do. I had already been working on the divorce for a while and it went very quick and easy. Since then, my soul-mate has been traveling like usual to seminars, etc.; and in late November God gave me the gift of healing in my hands. I've been doing healings and working on my spiritual abilities and have a growing list now of 69 people, 16 cancer patients, and 20 healed and done. I do mostly long-distance healing and light-working to people in any countries and projecting around the globe. I'm also on facebook with 15 causes and 53 groups, mostly spiritual that I belong to. I've met some of the most amazing people. I was told that he would be coming to get us this spring to start our life together and we are all looking very forward to it. Recently we have developed an amazing spiritual relationship, talk and hang out daily, and have discussed our future all through spiritual communication. My children are very spiritually gifted as well, and receive gifts for all of us from the retreat from God. Love/Peace is the answer to all and I love spreading it to everyone. I haven't been doing this for long, but am anxious to learn more from all of you and share & meet amazing people.

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