(Medicago sativa) 1989 Woodland Health Books

Alfalfa is a wonder herb. It is one of the most widely research herbs in the plant Kingdom. It is a non-toxic plant and has the ability to eliminate toxins from the body, as well as reduce damage caused by radio-active material. It is an excellent cell cleanser. It has the ability to decrease blood cholesterol levels in animals up to 25 percent. It has been proven as an excellent food supplement that can help in almost all. diseases of the body. It is one of the most nutritious and beneficial foods known to mankind.

Alfalfa has been used for many years by the Arab Nations. The early Arabs found that their horses had much more stamina when they were fed the alfalfa and the alfalfa products. The Arabs saw that it gave theirhorses so much more energy and stamina, with the ability to run longer and farther in the desert without water through the use of alfalfa, so they decided to use it for themselves. They came up with a stronger nation, warriors who were feared more than most of the other warriors in the desert. They were able to overcome many of their enemies due to alfalfa added to their daily diet.

The pituitary hormone herb is alfalfa. In maturity, sometimes the incorrect production of the pituitary hormone causes the disease called Cushing's disease. Its symptoms are similar to Addison's disease, as are its causes, the one marked difference being the rapid deterioration of the female reproductive organs, similar to what happens during the change of life. The fat type will be the result, with fast, excessive weight gain, problems with menstrual period (scanty or irregular), the inability to carry a baby to full term, and extreme nervousness and fatigue. (Heath In The Space Age, by LaDean Griffin.) LaDean Griffin said, "A few years ago I became especially grateful for alfalfa when I learned that it is a pituitary hormone. My oldest daughter learned she was afflicted with terminal Cushing's disease (lack of pituitary hormone). Having learned about hormone herbs, I tried to find the proper herbal cure. I studied all I could find about the pituitary gland, and finally determined that no one, not even the old herbalists, could give me the answer.

Medical science seemed to be just as confused and I cried and prayed for some time. One day the answer came loud and clear–alfalfa. This seemed to be so simple, so I continued to pray. One day, while I was quietly meditating in a warm tub of water, the answer came again. This time I was able to put together all the things I had studied. ACIH is the drug used for Cushing's disease, which has a protein molecule. At last I realized that alfalfa has a protein molecule as well. The whole thing came into clear focus in my mind, and I knew that alfalfa was the answer I sought. My daughter took alfalfa tablets, twenty daily for three months, and when she had her next check-up, her hormone balance was perfect. She was also taking other related hormone herbs, but alfalfa was the herb which brought the disease under control. The doctor told her, “Whatever you are taking, you’d better continue with it.” She was later able to have a baby, her first child at 33 years of age.
Frank bower called the “Father of Alfalfa:”, discovered that alfalfa contained eight essential enzymes. This has been confirmed by scientists around the world.

Enzymes in Alfalfa

LIPASE - a fat splitting enzymes.
AMYLASE - breaks down starches.
COAGULASE - clot blood or coagulates milk.
EMULSION - which acts upon sugars.
INVERTASE - which converts cane sugar into dextrose.
PEROXIDASE - which has an oxidizing effect on the blood.
PECTINASE - it forms a vegetable jelly from a pectin substance.
PROTEASE - which digest proteins.

Enzymes are catalysts which hasten thousands of different reactions that take place in all the cells of the body; digestion is only a small fraction of what they do. The lack of enzymes in the body can be a predisposing cause of disease. Our immune system, bloodstream, kidney, liver, spleen and pancreas use them. They are necessary for us to think, see, hear and breathe. This is how important alfalfa can be to our health. The only way we can preserve and replenish enzymes is by eating raw foods (alfalfa being the king) and by taking enzyme supplements. Enzymes are destroyed in the cooking process. If we eat mostly cooked foods, we are predisposing ourselves to disease.


Alfalfa Pain and Weight Loss

Alfalfa contain a rich quality, quantity and proper balance of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, chlorine, sodium, potassium and silicon, These elements are vital for the proper function of the various organs in the body. One nutritionists told me of a man that came to see her, who was in a great deal of pain in his shoulders and overweight. She muscle tested him to see how many alfalfa he and he needed forty two capsules. He called the next day and said that he was out of pain for the first time in days. He had been on drugs, but they would not stop the pain. After taking the alfalfa for three days, he had lost seven pounds. He told his wife that they were going to do whatever the nutritionists said to do. Alfalfa is valued for its chlorophyll content. The chlorophyll, molecule is made up of a web of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen atoms around one single atom of magnesium. In comparing this design with that of the hemoglobin (human blood) of our red blood corpuscles, we find a similar web of elements girdling an atom of iron instead of the atoms of magnesium. How close to human blood can we get?


Sickle-Cell Anemia and Chlorophyll

I met Ron in Kansas City, Missouri, He is a Certified Registered Reflexologist, Iridologist, and Herbalist. He is a very caring and giving person. He told me of a friend of his, Art Still, football player for the Kansas City Chiefs at the time, called him from the hospital regarding his nephew. A three year old with sickle-cell anemia. The doctors wanted to give the body a blood transfusion. They did not want a blood transfusion, they were not only afraid of AIDS, it was also against their religious beliefs.

Ron had worked in a hospital along side of doctors, as an orderly for years and had seen this very same thing. Ron felt that the problem was not a lack of blood, but more of a circulatory overload. The problems were that Sickle-cell does not go through the spleen once it gives up oxygen to the body. The cell flattens out, but looks rather normal to the doctors and becomes a sickle-cell shape and does not move through the spleen especially when the person is cold. This was in the winter time, when the child had gotten cold. The cold weather causes the veins to shrink, and then the capillaries get small and the cells can’t get through the spleen, and it backs up. The little three year old was having a very bad attack. Ron, in a round about way threw out the suggestion that they use ringers lactate solution, a substitute for blood, which would slick the blood up so it could go through the spleen, and into the rest of the body to do it's job. lf they would have given him a transfusion it probably would have killed the boy. The doctors gave him the ringer Lactate solution and then cleared up the immediate problem.

The little boys blood count was very low, it dropped to three or four. Ron suggested that they give him chlorophyll, to bathe him in it. They bathed him in it, and had him drink some. Just bathing him in it brought his blood count up. They did not have much success in getting him to drink it, he was crying and upset because of the whole ordeal. The chlorophyll did the job, the body absorbed it through the skin.


Alfalfa as a Survival Food

There is a story of a father, mother and some children who were in a concentration camp where the food and living conditions were far below standard. People were dying from malnutrition, but this family found a small clump of alfalfa growing in the corner of the concentration camp grounds. Each day they would share thoroughly a spring or two of the alfalfa and found as a result that the entire family felt strong and healthy. They would beg others there to do the same, but were laughed at and ridiculed. However, they continued eating the alfalfa (new growth coming on continually) as long as they remained imprisoned in that area: When they were released they were in good health, while their friends who had refused to follow their advice had either died or were very sickly and suffering from, severe malnutrition.

Alfalfa's Benefits

  •  Contains hea1th-building properties, all balanced for complete absorption.
  •  Helps assimilate protein, calcium and other important nutrients.
  •  Beneficial for all ailments because of its vitality and nutrient properties.
  •  It is rich in chlorophyll.
  •  Acts as a body cleanser, infection fighter and natural deodorizer.
  •  Breaks down poisonous carbon dioxide.
  •  The richest land source of trace minerals. Kelp and alfalfa together assure the body of a balanced mineral supply. Illness manifests when minerals are lacking.
  •  Acts as an excellent spring tonic.
  •  Eliminates retained water.
  •  Reliever of urinary and bowel problems.
  •  Helps in treating recuperative cases of narcotic and alcohol addiction.
  •  Helps to neutralize Cancer through its enzymes.
  •  Contains enzymes that digest fat. Helps on a program of losing weight.
  •  Removes poisons or the effects of poisons from the body.
  •  Neutralizes acids, helps in arthritis.
  •  Keeps teeth in strong condition.
  •  Stops muscle spasms and cramps within minutes
  •  Serves as an activator for the pituitary hormone, especially when used with licorice and black cohosh.
  •  Helps to lubricate the machinery muscles of the body by providing them with strong nutrient saturation.
  •  Permits the stomach to process food better, thereby allowing greater nutritional assimilation throughout the body, thanks to its eight digestive enzymes.
  •  Relieves minor pain in the central nervous system.

Can you see why alfalfa is called the wonder herb? An alfalfa plant in your garden would supply fresh salad greens or a healthful "green" drink to add to other vegetable juices all year round. In the winter it is wise to have alfalfa capsules, alfalfa tea and to sprout your own alfalfa for use in salads ..

Athletics and Alfalfa

Dr. Christopher told of a story while lecturing in one of the eastern states. A young man approached him and told him of an experience he had recently. He had been trained in the martial arts including karate and etc. by a "black belt" instructor. After a period of time black and blue welts would rise on his body wherever he had been kicked or hand struck in these exercises.

His instructor gave him a small bottle of capsules and told him to, use these several times a day, which he did, and was thrilled and amazed at the results. When he ran out of them he noticed that the black and blue spots which had left while using the capsules had started to appear again.

He went to the instructor and wanted to, know what the wonderful formula was in those capsules, and could he obtain some more of them, regardless of price, because of their great value to him. He was informed that the miraculous capsules contained only one ingredient-- "ALFALFA".

Alfalfa is rich in vitamin K. Bleeding disorders can occur when this vitamin is lacking. The use of anticoagulants, aspirin and anticonvulsant drugs have been known for years to cause internal bleeding. Alfalfa will supply the vitamin K needed to protect the body from modern medical drugs.

Specific Uses: Stomach and blood; benefits bladder and prostate; helps in chemical imbalance; rich in trace minerals lacking in the average American diet; cleans blood in toxemia in pregnancy; neutralizes uric acid for arthritis, bursitis, etc.; useful as a food to prevent cholesterol accumulation in the veins; cleans, builds and strengthens the body; saponin properties clean deep in the cells and bind serum/cholesterol, radioactive deposits and toxins in the system for elimination; eight digestive enzymes in alfalfa provide better digestion and assimilation; alkaloid in the leaves strengthens the central nervous system; rebuilds decayed teeth; beneficial effect on pituitary gland; relieves pain and inflammation.

Vitamin and Mineral Content: Rich in chlorophyll, protein, vitamin A, E, K, D, B6 and U. Also rich in calcium and trace minerals. Contains high amounts of phosphorus, iron, potassium, chlorine, sodium, silicon, magnesium B1, B2 and B12. Has 8 of the essential amino acids.



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