All the frequencies within our Universe and beyond

All the frequencies within our Universe and beyond

As We keep on integrating new energies, we might notice older energies coming up within us again.

There is a reason for all this and I have made a picture to sort of explain how the frequencies within our universe are divided at times. Or we
think they are divided this way.

universal frequencies

Now it is just an example of the effect of focusing on being in just one range of frequencies.

Our universe, and all universes beyond it contain every frequency.

And they are not like many think, close to earth lower frequencies and the higher you get you go into higher frequencies.

All frequencies as a matter if act exist in every part of our universe and beyond.

The universes are not layered within dimensions as we understand them, every dimension exists in the same place as each of the other

I have made some pictures of this here.

dimensions layers

dimensions real

Now as the focus is so much on just being love and light you can see in the first picture that it is only part of you that you will awaken.

We have given names to frequencies, but in fact they are just feelings, and within every frequency we can feel these feelings.

Within the love frequency, there is hate, anger, sadness and everything in between. You can love a person and hate them at the same time; you can
be angry at a person and love them at the same time. For example, if
you have children or another loved one, you can be very angry at them,
but you still love them.

Within the universes it is not about frequencies, it is about being all that is.

This is why you cannot fully awaken to every part of you unless you integrate and become all frequencies.

How are you going to integrate a past life experience if this experience is based on anger and love. If you only integrate the love part you might
miss the lesson that is within the experience.

As we go more and more to a place where we start to see the real being behind the person, this is where we find the balance within all these
feelings. It doesn't mean you have to like every person in the human,
it doesn't mean you can't be angry at a person in the human world. As
long as you can also see the real being, you know that is it just
emotions, feelings, that belong to the human experience and from that
point you can either chose to stay within those feelings or not.

What would the world be like if you cannot be angry at a person? I see it for myself as I have a young daughter and she can do things sometimes
that make me angry. I can get angry and from there go into what is
behind her behavior.

But I still get angry and sometimes you just have to, as it seems to have a little bit more effect at times than just saying, oh dear I don't like
what you are doing could you please stop that. Children are exploring,
learning and they need to learn that these feelings can come up as they
feel them within themselves as well. I love to see the free expression
within her as she can get angry, and is allowed to be angry. I am there
to support her in understanding the anger, but I would never say she is
not allowed to feel it as it is part of her human experience.

This is the same for us as well, we get angry when we see something like animal cruelty, someone being mistreated and all kind of other
circumstances that can make us angry, or sad.

Why are we denying those feelings?

Why are we trying to get rid of those feelings?

When we look at them and see it from the point of the bigger picture view, all we see is energy, either low or high frequencies, but still energy.
And this energy is mixed as I get angry and still love my daughter.

And if I look from an even higher point of view, I don't even see a difference within the frequency of the energies. They are emotions,
feelings of the human being that I am.

As within the universe they are all within the same place, they all work together, they are not separated in different parts, or can be located
within different parts of our universe. They are just what is, they are
frequencies that make up our universe, energies that make up our

All I notice is that when I move closer to source the energies are moving faster, they are not dense like they are close to earth. The energy
particles seems to be farther apart from each other and moving faster
as they have more room to move.

It has nothing to do with light or dark. It has nothing to do with hate or love.

They are just that, frequencies, energies all working together. evolving, and expanding.

This is why I think it is so important to know that by just being love and light you are missing out on many other parts of who you are within

Within spirit we are everything, not just love and light.

The whole concept of light and dark is a concept that we made up to have this learning experience on earth, to have duality thinking.

There is the choice of each being to work with each other or against each other.

Nothing to do with being light or dark.

Petra Margolis

November 20, 2010

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Comment by Eve Livaditis on January 29, 2011 at 8:00am
Hey all - Gary, I see some of your points but think you're being a bit harsh...Ashana does sometimes confuse the reader with typos and bad grammar...but essentially what she/he is saying is right, according to proven quantum physics. When those famous experiments were done on water, with thoughts and intent creating frequencies/vibrations of love (high) and fear/hate (low) which then affected how plants grew with the water and how crystals formed in the water, it became a well-established fact that thoughts and feelings were pure energy in different frequency ranges. And that is essentially the secret of the universe, which Ashana has tapped into. EVERYTHING is energy, vibrating at different speeds/intensity. Even modern-day physicists have said that different dimensions exist everywhere at the same time, not in different levels of the that extra terrestrials may in fact be existing in our living rooms, we just can't see them as they are not in our frequency range and thus are in a fourth or fifth dimension, not in our generally third dimension (which is only limited by our beliefs and conditioned reality). And I agree that we shouldn't just be in Love mode, as its unrealistic, if we naturally feel anger then we were designed and meant to feel anger to have the richness and fullness of human experience, and also to be able to feel the difference when we feel happy and loving as opposed to sad or fearful. But I think what needs to be mentioned is that we should always aspire to be in the Love frequency range, ie. feel the anger and then release it, as it is not healthy to continually be in a low vibrational state, as this is the state that is closest to death! (ie disease cannot exist in the human body in a high vibrational state). Life is much more enjoyable and worthwhile when we are MOSTLY in the higher Love frequency range.
Comment by Tae Seelaya on December 16, 2010 at 3:19am

Thanks for this information is help me alot.

Comment by Kim B on November 22, 2010 at 5:59pm
Hello everyone! after reading the replies that have come through I am saddened that no one have used there discernment in the information given....thought is what has held us has science.....we have the ability to rise above our limitations....the answers are within all of either resonate with what you read or not....bantering is not apart of loving eachother and respecting others progress in how they presume their own excistance and lifes journey. where is the learning in this.........acceptance of others and their personal journey. Many blessings to you all, may you find the peace within and the courage to love all for who they are and what their beliefs are. And show discernment........much love & Peace Kim
Comment by Gary Val Tenuta on November 22, 2010 at 5:27am
Hi John -

"WOW Gary - Seems to me as though your disillusionment is with yourself, having witnessed so many different perceptions of Life from other people and not found satisfaction. Or maybe you are satisfied with your perception of Life - good for you, but don't try to IMPOSE it on others."

I have no reason to be disillusioned with myself. :-)
And I hope you didn't think I was attempting to "IMPOSE" my perceptions on anyone. I'm merely expressing an opinion just like everyone else is doing.

"Life is all about our individual search for understanding and it comes to us in differing ways - hence the differing religions and scientific perspectives."

We can certainly agree on that one. :-)

"Science after all is not qualified, nor capable of placing a judgement upon intuition because it is not geared up for such a task - but intuition is very much a part of the human psyche and needs to be respected."

I don't remember intuition being brought up the discussion. I agree that intuition is part of the human psyche and it has some intriguing implications. Philosophers have loved debating the intuition topic for thousands of years. Also, regarding the idea that science is not geared up for the task of judging intuition, actually a number of scientifically designed experiments to guage the relative merits of intuition have been undertaken over the years.

"If "New Age" is not for you don't knock it but be content with your own perspectives and go in search of like minded people where your contribution will be understood and enjoyed."

chuckle ... I'm laughing because many of those "like-minded" folks are actually within the New Age community. I recognize that I may not fit the typical New Age profile (if there is such a thing), especially because I tend to exercise a fair degree of honest skepticism (not to be misconstrued as "debunker") and discernment.

My education in the social sciences provided me with a real respect for what's known as the "scientific method". It's a specific and well established set of protocols that has produced amazing results in many fields of research over the years. On the other hand, as an experiencer of the "strange and unexplained" and fairly well-read in esoteric studies, I also recognize the limitations of that method.

I pretty much live by two mottos:

"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy" (Shakespeare)

"My own suspicion is that the Universe is not only queerer than we suppose, it is queerer than we can suppose." (J. B. S. Haldane, British geneticist and evolutionary biologist)
Comment by Gary Val Tenuta on November 22, 2010 at 4:19am
Hi Ashana,
Yeah, the typos made it a little difficult. But I'll give it a shot. :-)

"Frequencies and feeling/emotions and interconnected because to each feeling or emotion exists specific assigned frequency."

Okay, I'm game. Let's say you're right. Where can I see a chart that shows the "assigned frequency" for each emotion? If this is true then such a chart must be available for study. I'd be interested in knowing what unit of frequency has been established for measuring emotions.

In other words, as explained in a Wikipedia definition for "frequency", we find that for cyclical processes, such as rotation, oscillations, or waves, frequency is defined as a number of cycles per unit time.

In physics and engineering disciplines, such as optics, acoustics, and radio, frequency is usually denoted by a Latin letter f or by a Greek letter ν (nu).

In SI units, the unit of frequency is the hertz (Hz), named after the German physicist Heinrich Hertz: 1 Hz means that an event repeats once per second. A previous name for this unit was CPS (Cycles Per Second).

What is the frequency unit for measuring emotions?

"That frequency exists in corresponding dimensions. And that is why on Higher Dimensions does not exists Lower vibrational frequencies and Lower vibrational emotion."

How do you know this? How does anyone know this? I suspect the answer is probably that the information comes from some channeled entity. If so, it's important to realize that channeled information can only be accepted as a matter of faith because it can't be proven to be fact. (See my article: Channeling: An Alternative Explanation)

"Emotion of Love has highest frequency and emotion of fear has lowest vibration - all is in between. Thus applying higher vibrational energy on Love can be healed love vibrational emotion. But not forever - unless consciousness has been changes and seized generating lower vibrations."

Sorry, I can't quite figure out exactly what you're trying to say here.
Comment by Catherine Mascrès on November 21, 2010 at 8:17am
I can imagine that if I love, I emit certain energies, certain colours, certain frequencies. And more. If I hate they will all be different...
Comment by Gary Val Tenuta on November 21, 2010 at 7:38am
I've read this kind of thing before and the problem is always the same. The problem is the use of the word "frequency". In this post, for example, the problem comes up at the very beginning. The chart shows "Hate", "Anger", "Sadness", "Love" and refers to them as "frequencies". The word "frequency" is meaningless in this context. Hate, Anger, Sadness and Love are emotions, not frequencies.

The word "emotion" refers to biochemical reactions to external stimuli. For example, someone does something that you told them not to do. Your "emotional" response of "anger" is caused by a specific chemical released into the brain as a reaction to the incident.

The word "frequency" is something different altogether. Frequency refers to the number of patterned movements of something within a given unit of time. For example, the number of vibrations of a sound wave within one second.

Therefore, statements like "Our universe, and all universes beyond it contain every frequency" don't really make sense. Contain every frequency of what? Frequency is the calculated measurement of movement within a given unit of time, as I explained above. Stretch a rubber band between two points and pluck it. Record the movement on video. Play the video back in slow motion and count the number of times the rubber moves back and forth in, say, one second. That number is the vibrational frequency of the plucked rubber band. Frequency is all about measurable movement or vibration. Emotions can't be measured by frequency.

Petra even finally recognizes this, herself, when she says "They are emotions,
feelings of the human being that I am."
Yes, exactly! So why dress it up in some nonsensical New Age babble-speak? Is she trying to sound profound, like she has some deep understanding of how the universe works? Does she think it makes what she has to say sound more credible? It just tends to weaken her credibility, in my opinion.

Then she says "We have given names to frequencies, but in fact they are just feelings, and within every frequency we can feel these feelings."

Huh? Again, more babbling. She recognizes that she's talking about emotions because she says "they are just feelings". But she's still stuck on that frequency thing which makes no sense. And after all is said and done, what is the message here? That we all have a range of emotions and we should be aware of that and not try to ignore some of them? Come on. Is there anyone here on this site who doesn't already know this? It's like something from a 9th grade book on basic psychology.

Am I being too critical? I don't know. Maybe. After decades of immersing myself in esoteric subjects, attending channelings, healings, conferences, lecture presentations, and the whole bit, I've become more and more disillusioned with much of the New Age movement and with some of the people who have risen to the top of the popularity pyramid within the New Age community. The community is so rife with charlatans, quacks and con-artists that it becomes a real challenge trying to sift through all the tripe just to get to the stuff that actually has some meat on it.

Yeah, I know. I'm sounding like a curmudgeon. Maybe my "frequency" is off kilter. I'll go have a cup of tea and turn on some mellow jazz. :-)
Comment by Kim B on November 21, 2010 at 3:46am
Thank you Petra....your diagrams say it all....much love and grace
Comment by edward guay on November 20, 2010 at 9:07pm
hi l feel that lm blocked in the centre and would reki help to restore?thanks ed
Comment by paul francis maupin on November 20, 2010 at 7:44pm
Thank You for the nice explanation,
Love and Light

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