An End to Second Class Citizens by Julie Redstone


By Julie Redstone

December 31, 2012

We are at the threshold of (a new) world, and our hearts are being asked, even now, to allow the door to open further so that the reality of unity and equality can become more real – so that it can become emblazoned upon every heart as it is written within every soul.

We, as a collective humanity, have given ourselves many reasons that were less than conscious for labeling people and separating them into groups that felt different from us, and have often felt justified in feeling about such groups that certain others were in some way ‘less than’ us. This was not rational, nor was it fully conscious, yet it was there. Whether those others were women, or African- Americans, or the disabled, or the mentally-ill, or those with intellectual limitations, or those with physical characteristics that did not conform to our sense of beauty, we have held many reasons for establishing ourselves as the standard for how human beings are meant to look, act, and feel.

Such a tendency has not belonged to any one society or culture. It has been part of all cultures, of all societies. For we have created and lived in a world where the principle of hierarchy of value as applied to people and the premise of the ‘survival of the fittest’ as applied to human affairs have held sway, and such principles did not and could not result in a more equitable outlook toward others. Such principles promoted a structural concept of a pyramid in which the many were at the bottom and the select few were at the top.

All of recorded history has been based on these premises. All wars have been fought on their foundation. All strivings for power between nations or between peoples have adhered to this understanding. Within all conflicts, each participant has striven to be the one who came out ‘on top,’ who proved themselves to be superior to the others.

Now, this perception must change. It must change not only because of the damage that has been inflicted upon large numbers of people because of the consequences of such ideas. Such damage was sometimes caused by outright violence and armed confrontation, but also in many cases by indifference and neglect. For it is the principle of the hierarchical value of human beings that allows part of the world to go hungry while another part is overfed and throws away food.

This indifference to the plight of others, no matter who these ‘others’ might be, should, in itself, lead us away from these concepts, for it does not correspond to our essential humanity. And yet our understanding of what our ‘essential humanity’ was has had to change, has had to grow, in order that a shift in perspectives could take place. The main reason that such a perceptual shift must take place, now, is that it is already in process. As a result, the older premises can no longer describe the reality that we are living in and are moving more fully into. They no longer represent the authentic truths of the heart and of the deeper self that are becoming available to many today.

These truths concerning the essential value of each individual being will, when they reach fuller expression, make it impossible for societies and peoples to continue to operate as if the effects of their behavior does not matter. It will make it imposible to maintain economic priorites that benefit one population while simultanouely undermining the wellbeing of another. As the heart opens, as the new reality of common Essence becomes known, and felt, and accepted as a premise for acting, indifference toward the wellbeing of others because they are ‘different’ from us and because they cannot benefit us in any material way will no longer seem valid as a basis for acting – for allowing them to suffer or to go hungry. It will no longer be possible, because it will no longer be real that they are different.

This world that we live in is emerging into a new reality, a reality that has never been seen before, one in which there will be no ‘second class citizens.’ It is hard to conceive of such a world, for we have never lived in it. There may be some indigenous tribes who have maintained such a premise, but it has not been transferable to the mainstream of the developing world.

We, humanity, are growing and changing because we must grow and change, and the populations of the world that are presently ignored will come to our attention not because their voices will be raised louder than they are at present, but because our eyes will be opened to who they are. We will see and know that they are us.

Such a world is coming into being, riding the currents of light-energy that are presently illuminating the Earth’s body and the people of the Earth as part of that body. It is coming into being, arriving in a way and time that is as yet invisible. Yet, beneath the apparent sameness of any situation that we witness, a new world is emerging, being constructed on a new basis of meaning and valuing. And it shall be for all who inhabit this world that the old values will no longer seem viable, and there will be a great longing to find a new expression of values that fit the new reality.

We are at the threshold of this world, and our hearts are being asked, even now, to allow the door to open further so that the reality of unity and equality can become more real – so that it can become emblazoned upon every heart as it is written within every soul. This is the world of human dignity, of human respect, of the knowledge that all are created by God and are part of a Divine Oneness that has no exclusions. Such a world is calling to us, asking us to take responsibility for helping to bring it into being.

May all be blessed at this time of great blessing.

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