I am truly devastated at Ann’s passing. Ann will know that I care – but she knew that anyway. Her soul and mine beat in the same rhythm of the universe – heart beat to heart beat, and not just then, but at this moment, too. Ann, I love you now and always will. Many of you have known Ann for a long time, most of you longer than me. However, my life was enriched by her presence in it. The Light that she gave of, so freely, illumined my pathway and brought joy to my heart. It proves to me that there are those who we meet and connect to in life albeit for a short time but, in that duration, they leave a mark behind which will last over aeons of time and throughout Eternity.

There are great souls who come into incarnation with a special purpose and Ann followed her Blueprint. To leave this world behind with such a great legacy is an inspiration to us all. There is no better purpose or intent.

Looking at Ann’s passing from a spiritualist point of view, I know that the timing was exactly right and how it should be. The Angelic hosts welcomed her with open arms as one of their own.


These words, Ann, I dedicate to you with love:

'You must remember that you are moving towards a new age, in which death will be unknown, We shall not think of people as ‘dying’ young or ‘dying’ old. We shall not think of death as a tragedy. We shall realise that when the work which someone has been ordained to fulfil in service to God is completed, the time for the imprisonment in the physical body is at an end. For an imprisonment it is.

When the moment of death comes, whether it is for young or old, a call goes out from the plane to which the soul belongs. For many days before the departure of the soul from the physical body, the soul is called during the hours of sleep to meet this group of people who know the soul, he (or she) will come back from sleep and say that he has dreamed of so-and-so, or he would describe perhaps a relative.

The arrival on the other side of the bridge is of great simplicity. When the call has gone and the soul has answered it, he is ready to cross the bridge as soon as the silver chord is snapped, and how free he feels when that chord snaps. There is no sorrow in the heart when he feels that freedom and manifests in light, when he has been held down and hampered by the force of the physical body. With joy he runs across the bridge and meets and embraces those who wait for him'.


Ann, you are back within the soul group of those who you love so much, and they welcome you back as one of their own.


Pauline ♥♥♥

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Comment by tree faerie darlene on October 2, 2012 at 2:37pm

thank you for your loving assistance to ann in her passing, jane! she was blessed to have you as a close friend... i did not know her for very long, but she touched my heart so much. and i miss her! but i know she is not gone, but just nearby like an angel.. or will be soon... being in more places than one to assist and give love, as she always did here.. but with less restrictions on her movement! wings for real. :) *love to you, pauline and jane* 

Comment by RaK on October 2, 2012 at 12:15am

Comment by tree faerie darlene on October 2, 2012 at 12:03am

omg... i did not know about ann. have been too tied up with my new job & school semester.  i have been thinking of her a lot lately, though, esp when i am near the grandfather tree (yesterday, i found a new face, that is mary magdalene... very serene. maybe that was something from anne-a message of sorts, of peace..,,a very peaceful face, blue, looking off to the east, just next to ganesha).. ann had left a  nice messages about ganesha face in the grandfather tree...before the lady in blue was next to ganesh, but she never looked at peace, but was sad, sometimes. now, she is). i never responded in time... ann is a sweet heart.. i am so sorry that she is gone. i did not even know she was sick. she welcomed me back at HH (after i had been away for over a year, mostly) with lots of love and open arms. so supportive of my blogs..she is really an angel. i miss her, too! ... but i know that she is not gone, as we are all thinking of her and sending love. she can feel it and gives us love back, too! i wish i had been here more often to know what was going on. hugs to you RaK and Trevor... i did not know her as well as you did, RaK, but know she loved you a lot! (she loved everyone!). she is/ was a real angel. i will miss her here on HH... but i feel that the tree was giving me a message of sorts in showing me the peaceful lady mary, as it was somewhat in the time with her passing. 

Comment by Tara Mary on September 30, 2012 at 7:09pm

A heartfelt gratitude and tremendous love for knowing Ann, on and off, over a few years.

The beautiful folks here would have shared a deeper knowing of this beautiful soul, and please rest assured, there is no such thing as death, just a stepping out of the physical vessel and returning to the Divine Home we all come from.  Home to her most High Divine Self.  Always a shock for those left behind, and I did not even know she was unwell.  Sending a mountain of love also to you all here in spiritual kinship as everyone goes through the grieving process.  Thank-you Pauline for your very loving words, and I share in everyone's grief.   Blessings of love and peace, Tara *~*

Comment by RaK on September 30, 2012 at 2:13pm

I talked to Ann  three weeks ago, when she was concern still about the reaction of people of her sending the  messages and I told her not to worry about that, that I loved her and we would see each other soon. In truth I was  expecting to have some extra money to fly her here for Thanksgiving, to meet the rest of us and to know in 3D the family that she so much loved. Everything is so difficult and I feel I have failed Annie, I did not give her hope enough , I did not protect her.

We were her only family, along with her dear friend Holly. I know she is in a better place,  but my heart yet to be resting, I have no words I need to cry. I am sorry!

Comment by RaK on September 30, 2012 at 2:01pm

My heart hurts too, Ann has been my companion sister for 5 years and a important part of  my own soul.

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