Are We Living During The End Of Times?

All we have to do is watch the news or read a newspaper to realise that
these are the very difficult times we knew were coming. For those of you
who are keeping an eye on what’s driving the world rapidly mad, it is
increasingly difficult to keep yourself in a state of equanimity when so
much triggers you to react. But... We are also at a most interesting
and crucial period in our racial and planetary history-a period unlike
any which has preceded it.

Can we turn
our dreams into our reality?

Yes, we all can, but ... given the current state of planetary, local and individual affairs, has
humanity already reached this point of disillusionment?Is humanity
prepared to let go of the materialistic, selfish and separative
attitudes that are responsible for the misery, the suffering and the
problems of our modern life?

Can humanity avail itself of the opportunity of this Aquarian Age to create a better civilization based
on spiritual principles and values basic to the general welfare of all the people?

Can they embrace such principles and values as universal goodwill, justice,
cooperation, love and unity? A continuously growing international group
of us are throwing the weight of our spiritual development and the
light of our souls in support of this beleaguered organisation.

Napoleon Hill used very wise words:

What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.

so let's investigate that further. Are you ready to challenge and
redirect your vision? Are you ready to take your future to the next level?
In my heart I know that all our readers would love to know what they each can do
individually, to support the intent to be the change we want to see in the world.

Can each of us make a difference?

Yes, each individual is an energy force, a divine creative being that is not seperate from anything or anybody.
Therefore currently, the seeds of this unfolding are demonstrated in philanthropic, goodwill, welfare and non-profit movements that are increasing daily. Our intent is to spread the universal message to everyone, no matter what religion, philosophy or belief they hold dear.
From an energy point of view, we are all united, and connected. Every uplifting and positive event we create, we do in unity as well as anything that is destructive in its nature.

"As fields of energy we are concerned about the appropriate use of energy, that is with impeccability."

Victor Sanchez, The Teachings of Don Carlos

Our intent to dynamically "force" the energy of the will-to-good into the world is the most important decision anyone can make. It can significantly aid in the needed preparatory work, before 2012. The required work of unity must be done on the mental plane. Instead of criticising each other's methods and techniques, and insisting on the exclusivity of our chosen ways, we can practice loving understanding and harmlessness.

Harmfulnes is not the darkness of evil, it is the darkness of unknown. If we fear the unknown, this fear contributes to us experiencing limited experiences. We are all active intelligent beings, so let's use our
intelligence, our love and wisdom, and let's be the light that shines in the darkness of the unknown. Evil does not lurk in the darkness of unknown, evil only lurks in the dark recesses of fearful minds.

Join us in the great invocation of all times.

This great invocation is a reminder of what your plan and purpose is. It is the map in your genes that motivates your inspiration and your direction. Ignoring this invocation means denying yourself the opportunity of immense growth.

Each awakening stage goes together with a certain development within each individual,
therefore at these times of transformation, each person is responsible for having the motivation to awaken to our soul awarenss in this life time.
Having this intent will produce an increased stimulation of the intellect upon the physical plane. This is happening NOW! The unfolding of humanity’s knowledge has brought us, for example, mass education with
its focus on information, facts and intelligence. The internet!

Each individual pulses to a certain combination of Light determined by their present conscious state, therefore the more 'light' you emanate through your everyday thoughts, the more others will be drawn to the specific
colours present within your energetic field. Yes it takes focus, but above all, embracing your will power and by having a dedicated intent will result in you attracting better and better solutions!

One of the most exciting spiritual things taking place in the world today is the use, in every country, of the word FREEDOM. It’s one of the most important Soul qualities that anyone can strive for.

Humanity needs to be in control of their own WILL AND POWER energy, in order to evolve towards the next initiation. Not one person gains this Freedom simply by being nice to animals and people. Being a good person is not enough. You must understand that there is much more to the role of Spirit than trying to lead a good life in your human body. As you recognize additional levels of your expression in subtle words, you will
know what I mean by using your power for the GOOD OF ALL.

As planetary citizens, united in consciousness, we must must learn to be creative in our methods of communication. Most of all, we must learn and strive to transform ourselves beyond our perceived limitations. We must trust in ourselves enough to plunge into the worlds of the unconscious, the spiritual, and the unknown. For it is there that many answers await our discovery.

Earth’s Ascension in the Light is unfolding in Divine Order. The New Earth, in all her splendour, is already pulsating in the Realms of Cause. As you read these words, please ask your I AM Presence to take command of your heart and mind, so that you will perceive this information through the eyes of an awakened soul.“

We are all standing at the doorway of great changes, in your personal as
well as your community lives” .

Before Ingrid could touch the keyboard the screen reacted instantaneously.

“The best for you is to be fully in your present moment. The joy you feel is the key you must cultivate. This relaxed flow that feeds you is an ecstasy of inner bliss which is the
eternal presence within, has always been there! Such a state of
consciousness will allow you to enjoy the speeded-up energy currents,
and it will heighten your awareness.

”These words were extracted
from Ingrid's journal:
The Awakening Clan
by Nadine May

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Comment by Kanika Sharma on July 9, 2010 at 3:06pm
Hello....i really appreciate your intention as well as the motivation u have spread through this blog.....
I pray for the happiness of every living being in this universe

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