Only children are intelligent.

And if you retain your childhood,

if you continously reclaim your childhood,

you will remain innocent and intelligent.

If you gather dust, childhood is lost,

innocence is no more,

the mind has become dull and stupid.

Now you have philosophies.

The more philosophies you have,

the more you are far away from the Divine.


Emptiness means there is no cup left.

All the walls have disappeared;

the bottom has fallen down.

You have become an abyss.

Then I can pour myself into you.


Every destruction can become a creative birth.

If you are ready to die,

you can have a new life, you can be reborn.


Birth is just like death,

but the suffering is worth taking.

Out of the darkness of suffering,

a new morning arises, a new sun arises.

And the dawn is not very far when you feel darkness too much.



So don't try to escape from suffering-

that is the point where you can miss.

Don't try to avoid it, pass through it.

Don't try to find some way which goes round about.

No, that won't do.

Pass through it.


Suffering will burn you, destroy you,

but really, you cannot be destroyed.

All that can be destroyed

is just the rubbish that you have gathered.

All that can be destroyed

is something that is not you.

When it's all destroyed, then you will feel

that you are indestructible, you are deathless.

Passing through death,

consciously passing through death,

one becomes aware of eternal life.


-Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

Roots and Wings / Quotes from the First Talk

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