I went to a very powerful and beautiful mediation last night, to be in the center of the Grand Cardinal Cross energy that 's been shaking things up here on planet earth. As above, so below, they say...what happens on earth is simply a reflection of what is taking place in the heavens. Maryanne, our fearless leader,  is so talented and erudite, for she was able to put this very complex topic into words we could all understand. The planets involved, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto are slow-moving...this Cardinal Grand Cross did not just happen overnight.

These four planets have aligned "just so" at 13 degrees and have created a Grand Cardinal Cross, for the four astrological signs that are affected are Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn, representing the signs that help ignite change as well as the start of each of the four seasons. If you are tot tuned in to this phenomenon, reflect on how you've been feeling these past few months. Have you been stressed or anxious? Are those around you a little on edge? This has been a very tumultuous time for everyone on the planet, yet this is an opportunity for us all to see how we can grow from this chaotic experience, shine our own light, and despite our diversity, come together for the good of humanity. The image of the cross is profound, too, for when one is tortured on the cross, they are splayed open. That's what's happening during this time on the planet. We have an opportunity to raise consciousness for a better world.


I loved the story Maryanne told about the 100th Monkey. There were 100 monkeys living on an island. Some of the monkeys began washing their food in the water before eating them. On another island far, far away, monkeys began doing the exact same thing. The monkeys began washing their food before eating it, for they were tuned in to a collective consciousness. The same idea holds true with the Cardinal Grand Cross. If enough people start behaving in a certain way - meditating and living more peacefully, boycotting genetically modified foods, finding ways to sustain Mother Earth and her natural resources, then others will simply begin to follow suit. Old ways that no longer serve us here on this planet will fall away, with new ways of communicating, growing food, heating our homes, educating our children, treating women, and working through conflict taking their place. If we collectively send the vibration of peace and unconditional love into the cosmos, then that is what we will experience. War would cease to exist, if only we all stayed in this vibration.

My messages:

Deliver your message in such a way that

all ears can hear it, all eyes can see it, and all hearts

can understand it.

I'm workin' on that task, one day at a time, one blog at a time, and reaching one person at a time. I'm not sure everyone will understand the message, but that's okay for now; in time, they will. I love it that so many women are resonating with my personal story, one woman even telling me her angels brought her to my Little One page. How, I'll never know, but they  did. While my writing has been very cathartic for me, it has also created a tsunami of fear and anger from those who simply do not understand. I continue to write, though, for by speaking my truth, much healing will take place - for me, my family, and for those who are open to receiving the message. I have faith in myself and in my work; however, some days are better than others. Believe me, there are days I'd rather hide under a rock and keep my thoughts to myself, for fear of being judged, but onward I go. It's simply part of my mission in this lifetime, something that is deep within me, imprinted on the DNA of my soul.

I am also being asked to slow down and focus on going within, to get centered in my own heart chakra. I certainly do a lot of work expanding my heart chakra, through my healing work with others, but it's clear I need to clear some of my own unresolved "stuff", too. I am hoping that by working more locally, I can, indeed, slow down a bit. I'll be heading to Washington, DC this weekend with several of my intuitive Magdalene brood. I come with an open mind, only knowing that I have been called to go to this part of the country now for two years. I've gotten the message time and time again, with Civil War maps coming to me in the strangest of ways. There's something within me that needs clearing, some repressed memories of a previous lifetime in which I was chastised for my beliefs. Once this pain, anxiety, and fear is released, it can be transmuted for the highest good for all of humanity. I promise you this weekend will be one of transformation; this much I know.

As I walk forward on this path, this journey represents a rite of passage for me into adulthood. But you're in your mid-forty's, Little One, haven't you grown up yet? Surprisingly, no. I am a Renoir masterpiece in the works, constantly evolving and learning something new about myself - each and every day. I am a river that is constantly in motion, flowing endlessly toward the sea, never stagnant. I need to accept myself as I am - a woman who has been given the gift of healing, the gift of knowing that there is something far greater than me out there than just little ol' me. I am a healer, who has been working with many people - injured, suffering from anxiety, depression, and dis-ease. It's a blessing to be able to touch someone and to help their bodies heal - body, mind, and spirit. I do not take this responsibility lightly. It is an honor to do this healing work, yet I need to be healed, too. And that is why I continue to meditate, to go within, and to expand my horizons in many ways I never dreamed possible. This little sojourn to DC should prove to be very cathartic; I can feel my heart chakra cracking wide open all over again, just as it did for me when I went Home to France this past October.

When you pull away from the banks of the river and leave behind your old ways, it can be difficult for the ones who are left hanging onto the edge. Where the hell are you going, Little One?  It takes courage to move into the middle of the river, but like the one hundredth monkey, in time, others will follow my lead. And some may not ever leave the shoreline; that's their choice to live in that space of fear. For me, though, hanging on to ways that no longer serve me is not an option. I cannot remain stagnant and live my life for others, as I have done for so many years. It's time for me to step into my power, reclaim my gifts as a healer and speak my truth. It is liberating, for sure, to be able to do so, but I'm not going to lie to you...it's hasn't been a walk in the park. I am in the midst of breaking free from the chains that have held me back, and that makes some people around me squirm in their seat. Sorry about that. Not everyone is meant to stay within the lines, you know.

I'd like to believe that I can move forward in answering this call and still be a good mother to my three beautiful children. By doing so, I am setting an example that it is more than okay to pursue your dreams and follow your heart - especially for my daughter. My kids are certainly not in diapers anymore and are spreading their own wings, exploring their own interests and learning who they are.  Though I listen to the cries of others, I'm ready to take a chance and follow my soul's calling. Doing this healing work and this writing bring s me much inner happiness. How many mothers lose themselves and their own identity, simply because they have chosen to stay home and raise their children? Sadly, many.  I am quite sure many women out there would love the to pursue their own dreams, yet they are afraid of change, so they cling to the edge of the river, for fear of rocking the boat. Admittedly, change can be frightening. How will I accomplish this? How will I attend school or do this amazing thing? Who will drive my children to baseball practice or dance class? It takes a village to accomplish these daily tasks sometimes, but it all works out in the end, doesn't it?

And so the energy of the Grand Cardinal Cross will begin to wane today, but for me, it is a time of tremendous personal growth still to come. There is much that needs to be settled in my life and in my heart. This journey does not come without its pain, you know. Through quiet reflection and listening to Divine guidance, I am able to move forward on the path with confidence. As I am confronted by the voices of dissension, I know there are some who just don't understand this journey. This is my personal truth, my story, and I am meant to take this path that lie before me.

The next pieces of the puzzle are coming together. I do not know why I need to be in Washington, DC this weekend, but I will be part of the revolutionary change that's taking place down there. There's a big ol' march taking place, with people protesting a pipeline in Nebraska, asking the government to protect our fragile water supply and the land of the Native Americans. http://www.politico.com/story/2014/04/keystone-xl-reject-and-protec... Besides, I have never actually been to any of the monuments in our nation's Capitol. I'm excited to see them up close and personal, just like my kids have done on their 8th grade field trip. I sure picked a week to go, though, or did I? You see, this is all in Divine perfect order, for I am meant to heal my own wounds and those of humanity. You don't need to know what those wounds are, but I sure do. They are very real and need to be healed. I hope to overcome some of my own insecurities and fears this weekend.

And in the end of May, I do believe I'll put together another section. I know with all my heart that Tom Kenyon and Judi Sion are meant to help me with delivering my message. Perhaps these two twin flames will help me find a way to simplify it and deliver it to the masses; I do not know. I only know that they will are meant to help me, and that is all. I am grateful my friend invited me to be part of Tom Kenyon's sound healing in New York on May 31st. By the grace of God, and through the connection with her friend in France, we may just have the opportunity to meet Tom on this day; I do not know. I only know this: if it is in my highest and greatest good, then I know the angels will make this opportunity happen for me. That's how this gig works...I get to where I need to be by following Divine guidance.

With that, I have some packing today and work to to get to today, too. I wish you all peace in your hearts.


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