I am laying on my bed comfortable and relaxed. There is a dinner plate sized round light above me.

This light is on a track and has a soft diffused light which is kind to my eyes. It moves on the track and scans my body from my feet to my head and back to my feet. It hovers and stops at each of the chakras. It stops for a moment and then moves until it is over my Core Star where it begins to pulse and as the light gets stronger I begin to feel vibrations deep within my being. I feel my cells being shaken and adjusted. The light moves to my Thymus and again it intensifies until I feel the vibration deep within my cells. I am being adjusted and activated on a cellular level.

The light travels down my body and stops. I look to the left and in a mirrored surface I see a face. I think it is my face and then realize it is not me. It is an ancient face with large slanted eyes and high cheekbones. It has a long thin straight nose with tiny nostrils and a thin small mouth. The cheeks are sunken the skin colour is like no colour I have seen but very pale. The eyes are kind, compassionate. This is an old friend and I am not afraid.

I hear my daughters voice in my mind"if you want to get off follow me"

She leads me telepathically along corridors and we creep stealthily through rooms where people are sleeping. I know these people are actually much smaller and lighter than the bodies they inhabit. I realize the ship is shaped like a Torus and when we get to the middle it is filled by a huge stream of light and my daughter tells me to step into it. I am afraid and so she floats up through the light and grabs my hand and pulls me into the light stream. We float gently to the ground and I am home.

I somehow know that as we float through the light we are moving through dimensions and space and time. I am amazed that she can ride the light but she tells me she does it all the time and I realize that she is a guide.

I awake the next morning feeling lighter and brighter than I have in a long long time.

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Comment by vikki fosdal on September 19, 2012 at 6:21pm

I think so Pauline. The feeling has stayed with me too.

Comment by vikki fosdal on September 16, 2012 at 4:38am

Ann the feeling has stayed with me and has really helped as my Mum passed away this week and although I am sad and will miss her it feels right. It is her time to leave. I have had dreams like this at various points throughout the past 20 years which is why I think it felt like an old friend.x

Comment by Ann on September 15, 2012 at 8:41pm

It sounds as if you were perhaps astral traveling Vikki?  Has this lighter feeling continued to stay with you & have you have any subsequent dreams since this one?  An interesting story indeed

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