Like ever flower born,
fully endowed to thrive,
our Blooming Dream Seeds
are being pollinated
by Beloveds near and far.

A Great Coming Together
of Divine Masculine and Feminine
energies is happening now:

Thought merging with emotion
Idea merging with action
Vision merging with Being-ness

Just for today ...

Pay attention to the pollinators
in your field of Dreams:

BEE-Loved's winging their way into your
heart this day, offering insight, resources
and connections to support your flowering
visions and dreams.

With appreciation, feel each arriving inspiration
pollinate and vivify the spiraling expansion of the
journey to Birth New Reality.


Blooming Humans are WE!


In our Garden of Illuminate Hearts, flowering
Dream Seeds are blooming everywhere.

As we open our Hearts to the Light of each day,
resonant projects, ideas and resources find their
way into our lives. These connections inspire our
growth, shifting our blooming ideas into fertilized,
viable containers for our visions, dreams and callings
to bear fruit.

Our inter-connectedness is a blessing beyond measure,
as we cross-pollinate and co-generate new possibilities,
choosing to Birth New Reality together.
"For all who are stepping forth into the field of oneness,
there is a clarion call sounding. This call is of the heart,
a wave of inspiration set forth to reverberate thru the
new planetary grid structure and one that will give us the
green light to create new openings, opportunities and
connections with others of like-mind and heart.
I am told that this group of wayshowers are those who will
"bring forth the blueprints of the celestial kingdom for the
creation of a new planet, a new way of being and a new
system of stewardship."
This is the year that we have the opportunity to co-create physically build something better, more sustainable
and with the intention of the highest good for all. This is the
moment where we apply our VISIONary leadership skills
and share our inspired ideas with others.
There are those already well-versed in these new creations...
which will be guided heavily by sacred geometry and the
electro-magnetic vortices which align all major power-centers
to create the ascendant grid structure for the physical planet...
and those with this sacred knowledge will be stepping forth to
offer their knowledge to those who require it.
"We are so looking forward to seeing your physical creations
take form, the building of a new world based on the needs of
the people & the planetary body as a whole."
~ Lauren C. Gorgo


42 Day Blooming Humans Journey
~ Here we grow, Beloveds!

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