The only problem with sadness, desperateness, anger, hopelessness, anxiety, anguish, 
misery, is that you want to get rid of them. That's the only barrier.

You will have to live with them. You cannot just escape. They are the very situation
in which life has to integrate and grow.
They are the challenges of life. Accept them. They are blessings in disguise.
If you want to escape from them, if you somehow want to get rid of them,
then a problem arises --
because if you want to get rid of something you never look at it directly.
And then the thing starts hiding from you because
you are condemnatory; then the thing goes on moving deeper..
into the unconscious, hides in the darkest corner of your being where
you cannot find it. It moves into the basement of your being and hides there.
And, of course, the deeper
it goes, the more trouble it creates --
because then it starts functioning from unknown corners of your being
and you are completely helpless.

So the first thing is: never repress. The first thing is: whatsoever is the case is the case.
Accept it and let it come -- let it come in front of you. In fact,
just to say 'do not repress' is not enough. If you allow me, I would like to say, 'Befriend it.'
You are feeling sad? Befriend it. Have compassion for it. Sadness also has a being.
Allow it, embrace it, sit with it, hold hands with it. Be friendly. Be in love with it.
Sadness is beautiful! Nothing is wrong with it. Who told you that
something is wrong in being sad? In fact, only sadness gives you depth.
Laughter is shallow; happiness is skin-deep.
Sadness goes to the very bones, to the marrow. Nothing goes as deep as sadness.

Confront life. Encounter life. Difficult moments will be there
but one day you will see that those difficult moments gave you strength
because you encountered them. They were meant to be.
Those difficult moments are hard when you are passing through them,
but later on you will see they have made you more integrated.
Without them you would never have been centered, grounded.
The old religions all over the world have been repressive; the new spirituality of the future is
going to be expressive. And I teach that new spirituality...
Let expression be one of the most fundamental rules of your life.
Even if you have to suffer for it, suffer.
You will never be a loser. That suffering will make you more and more...
capable of enjoying life, of rejoicing in life.


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Comment by Diadrj Calia on September 12, 2012 at 9:40am

the problem arises sometimes when we are passing through it and we get stucked there mostly for not seeing solutions, because our ego cannot stand something or just accept things as they are or because it's still difficult for us to forgive ourselves and others or just because we think we should just live directly the 5th dimension, and unfortunately we still are not there....

Comment by Diadrj Calia on September 12, 2012 at 3:40am


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